“The Devil’s Alphabet”: the new and dangerous viral game

The behavior of young people is often misunderstood by adults because they are generally more likely to take risks or engage in risky and daring behaviors.

In recent months, the behavior of some adolescents has raised alarms in several countries following the horrific game called “Blue Whale”, which some media report this would have been the cause of the death of at least 130 young people.

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But this dangerous phenomenon associated with the use of social media and challenge chains is not the only game that worries the authorities, but a dangerous new fad seems to have burst into the lives of children and adolescents with great force. ., This is what we know. as the “Devil’s Alphabet”, a dangerous viral game that causes serious injuries to participants.

Voice of alarm in Spain: self-harm in adolescents

Although the blue whale game created a big alert in the middle of the world, the devil’s alphabet game became known in Spain, specifically in the town of Mieres in Asturias, when mother of eight-year-old boy noticed her son had two deep wounds on his hands and similar in appearance in both limbs.

At first, the child avoided constant questions from the mother, worried about the facts, and the latter refused to answer on the cause of these marks. However, after his parent’s insistence, the child ended up confessing to him that the origin of these injuries was in a dangerous and painful game called the Devil’s Alphabet.

The Devil’s Alphabet: What Is It?

This game, in principle, does not endanger the lives of the little ones; however, the pain can be very severe. The game has a simple operation, as the participant has to recite the alphabet aloud, but instead of saying the corresponding letter, he has to verbalize a word that begins with that letter. For example: now donkey, rocket, chocolate, dentist … so until you get to “z”.

As the participant speaks the words, another person is responsible for scratching the outside of the hand with their fingernails. Depending on mental agility and how quickly the words are pronounced, a person may take more or less to complete the alphabet. If you are stuck with a letter, it will have more and more intensity in the scratch. The wounds that occur as a result of this act can reach great depth and take several days to heal.

Also with sharp objects

Just when just a few weeks ago the media was talking about the Blue Whale affair, this new game appeared. It may seem child’s play, maybe a little more abrupt; However, authorities are already talking about cases in which chains have used sharp objects to scrape, for example scissors. This worried many parents, especially in the Asturias region where the first case was known in Spain.

According to the local newspaper “La Nueva España”, the Association against Bullying in Asturias (ACAE) sent a message on social networks stating that “the rules of this game are sadistic. In some cases it can happen that ‘a person who leads the group and chooses the victims to join a club or group. The same association declares that it does not want to create an alert, but teachers must be warned and observe if there are any students with such injuries to their hands.

Police have not yet received any complaints

Since there is still recent information circulating about this game, some people doubt its credibility.

As it is possible to read in some media like the Spanish television “Four”, it was a friend of the mother of the Asturian child, and not the authorities, who decided to alert the case via Facebook and the ‘Association Against Bullying – Events (i.e. the same post that asks teachers, parents to be vigilant for signs of this disturbing game). In fact, according to the national police, he has not yet received any complaints., Although he indicated that he could act ex officio in the centers which present the problem if necessary.

The blue whale, the previous one

Just a few weeks ago, we echoed one of the most talked about phenomena in recent months, the game of the blue whale. A game made a lot of noise as several deaths were claimed due to the suicides. One of them was a 10-year-old girl who was taken to hospital with concussion and other injuries after being thrown from a window in Kirishi, Russia. According to various sources, the total number of victims of this game is over 130 people.

The first cases of this phenomenon, which would later become a global phenomenon, occurred in the territory of Russia and in some Central Asian countries such as Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. The game consists of participants who have to go through different tests (for example, tattooing a blue whale with a knife or jumping into the void from great heights) which increase their danger and severity. In total, there are over 50 tests, and the last is suicide.

This game has gone viral and according to various media, the curators use different hashtags in Russian which translate as: “blue whale”, “sea of ​​whales”, “I am in the game”, “wake up at 4:20 am”, among many others. Among the youngest, it has become a social phenomenon due to its presence on social networks.

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