The terrifying case of the cannibalism of Armin Meiwes, who murdered and ate a stranger

Acts of cannibalism, those in which individuals eat human flesh, have occurred throughout history in different cultures or peoples. The two main causes of this phenomenon are: survival, that is to say the situations in which it becomes necessary to feed on other human beings in order not to starve, or different rituals or sacrificial ceremonies. but IIn the modern world, very few cases of this type of behavior occur.. In today’s article we are going to review the terrifying and famous story of a character who, after posting an ad on the Internet, managed to eat his victim, who willingly adhered to this macabre act .

First of all, it should be mentioned that throughout human history isolated cases of cannibalism have been described, usually consumed by people with severe mental disorders such as schizophrenia. There have also been reports of cannibalism due to drug use, such as that of 2012 in the United States, in which Rudi Eugene was shot for attacking and attempting to eat the face of a vagrant. If you want to know more about this shocking case, you can read our article: “Bath Salts: Discovering the Terrible Cannibal Medicine”.

How the facts happened

The event that we are going to tell about today took place in Germany, and its protagonists are Armin Meiwes I Bernd-Jürgen Brandes. Armin posted an ad in an Internet forum where he was looking for someone who could swallow. The text was not very long, but rather simple. He said: “We are looking for a young man, between 21 and 40 years old, who wants to be devoured.” Although many took this as another joke, Brend-Jurgüen reached out to Armin.

When they stayed, Brandes had a few drinks, had an intimate relationship with Meiwes, and then Meiwes slit his throat leaving him to die bleeding.. Before he died, Brades had his killer cut his penis in one bite after he was dead. Meiwes tried but couldn’t, so he used a knife to cut it. He then tried to eat the piece of meat, but since he couldn’t eat it raw (it was impossible to chew it), he cooked the Brades member. Apparently he didn’t like the taste and ended up giving it to his dog. But it all happened with the consent of Brades himself, who granted his wish to die and have someone eat his flesh.

The story of cannibalism didn’t end here, as Meiwes guarded Brend’s body after cutting it. He ate it slowly, and after a few months he hung a note on the forum that said his dream had come true and the pieces of meat were running out. She was therefore looking for a new victim to be able to do the same with her.

A user, concerned about the writing, contacted the police who, in 2002, arrested him.

You can watch the video of this story below:

Who is Armin Meiwes

Armin Meiwes was a computer scientist born in the city of Kassel (Germany) and lived a very lonely childhood.

His father was a tough man who lost interest in his son and paid no attention to him. When Meiwes’ parents separated, he was only eight years old. Her father then left the family not to contact them again. Later, while his son Meiwes was on trial, he told the courtroom that despite everything that had happened, his son had always been a good toddler and got along very well. But that he became obsessed with the story of Hansel and Gretel, especially the chapter in which a witch fattened them up and tried to eat them.

A childhood of cannibalistic thoughts

When his father disappeared, he made his mother become both father and mother. She punished him and yelled at him in public and accompanied him everywhere. In the absence of the father figure, Meiwes created an imaginary brother named Franky, with whom he shared his cannibalistic thoughts.. Franky was his way out because he listened to her, which his mother never understood.

At the age of 12, Meiwes began to fantasize about eating his friends, believing that they would be a part of him and stay with him forever, a desperate solution for an only child who felt very lonely and misunderstood.

In 1999 Meiwes’ mother passed away and left her a huge mansion in Amstetten, which belonged to her family. With no close family, no one to have an intimate relationship with, and now without her mother’s supervision, she built a shrine in the house. According to police reports, there was a plastic mannequin in the mansion keeping him company.

Totally lonely and isolated, develop a keen interest in adult films through the network, Especially for those sadomasochistic contents which included torture and pain. Thanks to these communities, he found refuge in discussion forums. There he began to design his story of cannibalism.

Another macabre story that has become famous: the case of Carl Tanzer

Another terrifying story that has come to be known is the case of Carl Tanzer, a radiologist who met a sick woman and took care of her. When the woman died, Tanzer exhumed her body to continue having sex with her. He was able to rebuild his rotten body to continue to maintain his human figure. If you want to know about this shocking necrophilia story, you can check out our article: “The Famous and Macabre Case of Carl Tanzler of Necrophilia”.

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