10 home remedies for toothache

Toothache can be a pretty boring experience for those who suffer from this disease.

Whatever the reason for this situation, it is something that affects us greatly. Sometimes this type of pain can cause fainting due to the intensity of the discomfort.

In this article we will review some of the most effective home remedies for toothache as for calming this sensation, although to treat the cause, it is necessary to consult the dentist.

    Home remedies for toothache relief

    There are many home remedies for toothache. Below we will see a list of options that we can use that will give us better results if we apply them well.

    Depending on the degree of involvement of the grinding wheel, the level of pain experienced by the subject may vary, but in any case, it should be clear that these remedies are only a temporary solution and you have to go to the dentist to see what’s going on. These homemade methods, while effectively relieving pain, do not permanently solve the problem. After a while the pain returned, and perhaps to a greater extent.

    1. Mix mouthwash and alcohol

    Gargling with a mouthwash and certain alcoholic beverages generally relieves toothache, given the properties of alcohol. What happens is that the gum absorbs this mixture and relieves the pain; the higher the alcohol content of the drink, the better.

    2. The juice of a lemon or mint extract

    These are easy to get, you probably already have them in your house and you don’t need to go out for them. The process of using can get a bit complicated because it should be applied exactly on the affected area to be able to achieve the desired effect.

    3. Black tea

    With the black tea method, it will also be necessary to apply directly to the affected area. First of all, one of these black tea bags is heated, as if we were preparing it for our regular consumption. Applying this liquid to the grinding wheel generates relief thanks to tannic acid which contains this.

      4. Garlic

      It is one of the ingredients that brings the most benefits to our overall health. It is known that garlic contains many properties which help our body in various aspects; for example, it promotes circulation and is good for fighting water retention in the body.

      For toothache, chewing a clove of garlic for an extended period of time generates pain relief in that part of the teeth. After that, you need to gargle with a rinse, not for the toothache, but to counter the breath that leaves the garlic in your mouth.

      5. Onions

      The onion is par excellence a source of protection for our mouth. Chewing onion chunks for about three minutes a day helps keep it healthy against bacteria that cause bad breath, among others.

      For toothache, this home and natural remedy is used in the same way as garlic. Chop a medium-sized piece of onion and chew it. causing it to stay in the area of ​​the affected grinding wheel.

      By gently chewing the onion, we will gradually feel our toothache subside.

      6. Parsley

      Due to its properties, chewing the parsley plant relieves the symptoms of pain caused by dental problems. Its high iron content will also be beneficial.

      7. Hydrogen peroxide

      For this method we will need a cotton swab in hand, which we can wet with hydrogen peroxide to then apply it directly to the area where we have pain. Thanks to its antibacterial and clarifying components, it is effective in combating this disease.

      8. The keys to smell

      With this ingredient, there are two ways to use the method. First of all, it could be applied directly to the gum where the affected wheel is located; as a second alternative, you can boil water and prepare gargles with fragrant touches.

      9. Cider or apple cider vinegar

      This is another ingredient that we can apply in a number of ways, by using cotton swabs and sprinkling vinegar directly on the affected area, or by gargling with this liquid.

      10. Application of cold

      Put ice cubes in a handkerchief and place this handkerchief on the cheek where the affected grinding wheel is located; never place the gel directly on the skin. This solution works as a local home anesthetic, And is very effective. It is one of the most famous home remedies for toothaches.

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