Buteyko breathing: what is it and what are its benefits

Breathing is an essential element of human health and the way it is carried out can decisively condition our physical and mental health, even helping us to overcome certain psychological disorders.

Medicine and psychology have studied over the last century the best forms and modalities of breathing, obtaining very effective strategies whose implementation has proven to be truly therapeutic.

The Buteyko Breathing Method is one of the most widely used breathing strategies used today by psychology professionals to teach people who want to overcome their psychological problems of all kinds.

In this article Let’s see what exactly the Buteyko breathing method ishow it works and the main benefits it has for human health.

    What does Buteyko breathe?

    Dr. Kostantin Buteyko led to the conclusion in 1956 that healthy people exhibit a different rhythm and frequency of breathing from those developed by people with a specific disease or psychological disorder.

    Specifically, the physician observed that sick people tend to breathe more with their mouths open and their respiratory rate is higher than people who don’t have any type of serious illness.

    This phenomenon led him to develop a breathing technique based on his clinical observations, the main objective of which was to teach patients to control their breathing and manage it more effectively in order to learn to inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth automatically and continuously.

    This theory was developed in line with his theory of carbon dioxide disease, which claimed that in chronic hyperventilation, the body exhales more air than it inhales, thereby producing excess carbon dioxide. .

    This excess carbon dioxide was linked at the time to many diseases and adverse physiological effects that caused problems in the person both physically and psychologically.

      Benefits of Buteyko Breathing

      Some of the main positive effects and advantages that we can currently find with the implementation of Buteyko breathing are:

      1. Reduction of asthma

      A study carried out in Germany in 2021 showed that implementing the Buteyko breathing technique works effectively as a treatment for children with asthmaaiding and enhancing the effects of other forms of therapeutic intervention with which it is combined.

      After 3 months of training in 32 children, it was possible to verify that the dysfunctional breathing pattern characteristic of asthma was reduced to a more functional and efficient breathing modality.

      In addition to this, this study was able to verify that the children succeeded in increasing the time of controlled pause between breaths, which indicates a greater level of breath control.

      2. Uncovers the nose

      One of the basic exercises of the Buteyko method is to uncover a very blocked nostrilwhich helps us to breathe better and thus reduce or eliminate anxiety states (keeping in mind that it is normal to breathe better through one orifice than the other depending on the moment).

      This exercise can be done daily as long as we notice that one of our nostrils is blocked.

      3. Decreased anxiety states

      Several surveys have also shown that after a period of testing and training, people who presented anxiety states or anxiety-depressive pictures reached alleviate symptoms through the daily application of this breathing modality (although fear alone does not “eliminate” the disorder).

      Integrating this type of breathing into our daily routine will also cause its practical application to become more and more automatic, thus promoting relaxed states away from anxiety, stress or discomfort.

        4. Promotes Relaxation

        In the same way, the Buteyko method can also be practiced if we do not have a specific psychological disturbance, simply to achieve states of relaxation and calm breathing.

        This breathing methodology can help us reach states of intense relaxation, balance between mind and body and also to realize meditation sessions daily for a few minutes that we need to rest or regain energy.

          5. Improved sports skills

          Scientific research has shown that continuous training in the Buteyko breathing method applied to young footballers leads to better sports performance and greater aerobic resistance.

          In addition, this technique also promotes a decrease in resting heart rate and blood pressure.

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