Goodbye cellulite with AWT shock waves

Cellulite does not respect the age of womenAs it can appear puberty itself up to 50 or 60 years and the weight is not critical, as it also becomes visible in thin women.

The effective, fast and safe treatment without side effects are the AWT shock waves from Storz MEDICAL, Technology that achieves the aesthetics of the medical field, with research, studies and proven quality.

The causes of cellulite

Cellulite is a skin disorder that affects 9 out of 10 women, neither more nor less than 90% and the causes are very diverse. From hereditary factors, although this is not always a consequence or a determinant, but genetics provide a predisposition, especially with poor circulation.

Another cause is hormonal factors, as sex hormones are responsible for the topographical distribution of fat throughout the body and cellulite is believed to also appear due to its influence when hormonal alterations or imbalances occur, especially in puberty, pregnancy, menopause, not to mention premenstrual. syndrome that exerts significant fluid retention.

They are also influenced by hygienic lifestyle habits, little exercise or sedentary lifestyle, stress, Also toxins … Tobacco itself is at the center of its formation, because smoking causes massive formation of free radicals that enter the body with each breath and according to the latest studies, it is believed that the production is triggered by MMP (matrix metalloproteinase) enzymes that destroy collagen fibers, refine the skin and leave cellulite more visible.

And of course the food which is the main cause of overweight with the consequent accumulation of fat. A diet too rich in fats, carbohydrates and sugars combined with little exercise, is a cocktail that ensures excess fat and if given the hormonal and organic conditions, can eventually turn into cellulite.

Phases of onset

It forms in phases and settles locally. The first phase is the process of tissue inflammation, the pressure on the circulatory and capillary system. The second phase begins to become chronic and accumulates toxins with chemical reactions that thicken the connective tissue.

The third phase is the most severe, producing pain from friction or pressure, The tissue becomes fibrous, thick and closes in nodules.

AWT acoustic waves fight cellulite

Storz MEDICAL’s new AWT wave technology produces a mechanical stimulus that awakens cells so that they reactivate all their functions from the same fibroblasts, recovering their initial activity in a natural cell reset effect.

AWT waves do not “kill” or eliminate cells as with other technologies, but they eliminate water retention, reservoir, edema and they empty the area to reach the same cell nodule to loosen and restore the cell to its natural and original texture, removing the fibrosis and hardness that has formed.

Attack the symptoms

Storz Medical works on different parameters of cellulite, drainage, adiposity, sagging and pain, As it eliminates it with its shock waves, as they are also applied in sports medicine, rehabilitation, orthopedics … And the most spectacular is that in 5 sessions of 30 minutes per session we observe results that can measure -with BodyMetrix, which does an ultrasound of the tissue to observe the decrease in adiposity.

The results are spectacular in all cases of cellulite, age and cellulite formation phase, because in 5-6 sessions effective results are obtained.

For 2/3 months, the cellular energy transferred by the shock waves to the worked area will continue. It is recommended to do one maintenance session per month to maintain the results.

  • The price for an AWT shock wave session starts at € 60.
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