How effective is psychiatric care online?

The fields in which mental health professionals work are increasingly diversified, responding to the need to respond to new needs and intervention opportunities detected.

It is therefore not surprising that the popularization of Internet use has had a strong impact on both psychiatry and clinical psychology. Nowadays, it is common to have therapeutic support via digital platforms such as those that offer video call services, and for good reasons. In this article we will see what they are the main aspects of the effectiveness of online psychiatric services, And why it is beneficial.

    How effective is the online psychiatric consultation?

    Faced with an innovative model of psychiatric intervention based on the use of new technologies, it is normal to first wonder about its degree of effectiveness. In the end, the more there are differences compared to the “classic” working model, face to face with the patient, the more chances there are of changes in the results obtained.

    However, in practice, the effectiveness of online psychiatric care is the same as that carried out in health centers. It is true that there are specific limitations, such as the inability to use the necessary instruments with some patients, but in many cases having a computer with Internet connection is sufficient, and in these cases the benefits obtained by the patient is comparable to that of face-to-face care.

    It’s not that surprising, after all. It is true that at first glance there appear to be many differences between an in-person visit and an online session; however, they are generally about the same. Today, the transmission of images and sounds in real time is of good qualityAnd so, from a patient’s perspective, making video calls this way is comparable to sitting across the doctor’s desk. Neither aspects of verbal language nor nuances of non-verbal language are lost.

    What are the advantages of this mode of intervention for patients?

    These are the main benefits that online psychiatry brings from a patient perspective.

    1. It saves time

    How patients save travel time, they can allow you to include these sessions in your schedule easily, without having to rearrange the agenda. This is very useful both for those who live in poorly equipped urban centers and for those who have many hours of work.

    2. It is more accessible to people who cannot move too much

    Many people appreciate very positively that they do not have to go to the health center, whether due to health issues or financial constraints (especially if they live in poorly connected areas). With online psychiatric services, all you need is an internet connection with the ability to keep video calls, Which is very common today.

      3. It allows you to have quick queries

      Often the only thing a person seeking the help of a psychiatrist needs is to dispel any doubts about how to proceed with treatment.. In these cases, online psychiatric care is a very good option, among other things because it allows you not to have to wait for the doctor in the region to see you in your center: you can choose a greater number of specialists in psychiatry.

      4. Provides discretion

      For some people it is very important have the utmost discretion when speaking to health professionals. As you do not have to leave your home to receive psychiatric care online, this is guaranteed with this type of service. In addition, as with face-to-face sessions, all information shared with the professional is treated confidentially.

      5. Helps not to interrupt treatments

      As with online psychiatric services, it is not necessary to always be in the same place, it is easier not to interrupt treatment due to travel or overtime in the office; each session can take place in different places, as long as there is a quiet place, which offers privacy and where there is an Internet connection.

      Are you looking for psychiatric care on the Internet?

      If you would like to receive professional assistance via the online format, you are welcome to contact our team of professionals. Fr Advanced psychologists we have been caring for patients for over 20 years and have a large team of mental health experts providing psychotherapy and psychiatry services; we assist both in person at our center in Madrid and by video call, so that our work is accessible to everyone. To see our contact details, go to this page.

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