The 12 Best Health and Wellness Websites (in Spanish)

When we talk about health, we often refer to it as opposed to illness, a state of balance and well-being, both mental and physical, that can be experienced both objectively and subjectively.

In addition, health is a concept often associated with happiness. and quality of life.

    The Best Health Websites You Should Be Following Right Now

    New technologies have made it possible for many people interested in health to find information on this topic anytime, anywhere. But is all this information valid and useful? Unfortunately no! Well, some websites are not rigorous enough or have reliable information.

    For this reason, in this article we have put together a list of the best health websites, so you can feed the knowledge they share and you can enjoy a healthier life.

    1. Psychology and the mind

    According to the Alexa ranking, Psychology and Mind is one of the most visited pages in the field of health, with more than 20 million monthly visits, And is Google Spain’s 8th fastest growing website in 2016.

    It was born in 2014, thanks to three students from the University of Barcelona, ​​authors of the book “Psychologically Speaking”, by Edicions Paidós with the aim of bringing psychology closer to everyone.

    Psychology and the Mind Facebook already has over 1,200,000 followers, where you can find articles and videos on a wide variety of topics related to mental health, interpersonal relationships, educational psychology, work and sports. and, of course, general well-being. Psychology and Mind is a portal where you will have the best strategies and tips for coping with life, and if you are a student or professional in psychology or educational sciences and want to get scientific information and the highest grade on behavioral science, this is your place.

    2. the perfect place to find healthy recommendations and remedies. It is aimed at all audiences and aims to contribute to improving the well-being, both physical and mental, of the population in general.

    Readers of this site can benefit from useful information on illness, psychology, lifestyle advice, healthy eating, and exercise. Its content is clear, simple, comprehensive and rigorous, because its data is based on scientific evidence. All articles are of high quality and are written in non-technical language. A highly recommended website.

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    3. MédicoPlus

    If you are looking for a website that tackles science, health and medicine with the utmost rigor and reliability, you must know MédicoPlus. This website, created by a group of young Spanish science presenters, tackles all kinds of topics related to medicine, biology and science from a scientific point of view and in a simple and understandable language for any user.

    It was born to be a reference in the scientific community, as a portal that can serve as a reference for doctors and researchers who need information on the most diverse subjects, but has gradually become a place intended for a wider audience. ,

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    4. StyleNext

    A study called “Patient Profile and Behavior 3.0”, conducted by DocPlanner and Doctoralia, found that 68.5% of users who perform online medical consultations are women. For this reason some websites target their content to this audience, and of all, La Guia Femenina is one of the most popular.

    This website shares knowledge on topics that may be the most interesting and inspiring for women today, including health and wellness.In the Women’s Guide you will find all the information and tips for leading an active and healthy life.

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    5. Medline

    Medline is a classic, a portal that contains all kinds of information about medicine and health. It is in fact a specialized website, which contains articles and multimedia content more aimed at professionals in this sector. It also offers tutorials and interactive games to learn in a fun way.

    6. Web queries

    This web portal on health called Webconsultas is aimed at all audiences, To participate in disease prevention, promote healthy habits and improve people’s quality of life. All Webconsultas articles are written by professionals from different health-related disciplines. This site also has a health office and symptom identifier.

    7. Vitonics

    Vitónica is a website that focuses on fitness, nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, And is one of the most visited blogs on the Internet. On this portal you will find workout routines, healthy eating tips, injury information and much more.

    8. They are natural

    Natursan is a site that deals with different topics related to health; however, much of the content on their website is for nutritional advice and diet. It started its journey in 2008, and since then it has been one of the best-known health websites.

    9. Ephesians

    The EFE agency is one of the largest press agencies in Spain, Which was founded in 1939. In Efesalud it is possible to read the latest research and news related to well-being and a healthy lifestyle. It is also possible to find articles on diseases, their prevention and psychology.

    10. World Health Organization

    The World Health Organization is an organization that manages prevention, promotion and health intervention policies around the world., And has an online magazine. This website contains information on recent research, reports, data and statistics, which are of great importance to researchers.

    11. Assistanceworld

    If you are looking for information on home remedies, illness, first aid, pregnancy or weight loss, Mundoasistencial offers you quality articles, without technicality. You can also find videos and much more.

    12. Clinical Forum

    Hospital Clínica de Barcelona is one of the most prestigious hospitals in Spain, And has a website that belongs to an interactive program for its patients. It is possible to find texts written by prestigious specialists in this field. It includes multimedia content and it is also possible to use a forum to view questions.

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