9 keys to making smart decisions

Are you one of those people who take a moment every day to decide what clothes to wear? When you go out with a friend for a drink, do you always let the other person choose the place? Is going to a free buffet a hell of a deal because you have so much to choose from? Well read on because you are interested in what I am about to tell you.

With this article I intend to help you learn to make smart decisions and end the bad habit of indecision be at peace and content with your life.

    Improve when making decisions

    Note that one of the things we do the most in our everyday life is make decisions. From the moment you get up until you fall asleep. And your life is a direct consequence of that.

    When we think about making decisions, we usually think of big transcendental decisions like studying philosophy or math, or whether or not to marry my boyfriend, etc. But throughout the day we take a lot more. Breakfast toast or cereal, going to work by bus or on foot, etc … And on many occasions, what makes the difference are these little decisions.

    Common mistakes when making decisions

    Part of inefficiency in decision-making is related to the habit of not knowing how to recognize a series of errors. The main ones are as follows.

    1.focus on what you reject

    Don’t look at what you stop earning, what the economy calls the opportunity cost, but in what you can earn if you go for this option. That way, you won’t fall into the dreaded paralysis of analysis, which is nothing more or less than not making decisions to overanalyze.

    2. Delay decision making

    We become procrastinators. Leave for later what we need to decide now. If you wait for the moment when everything, absolutely everything, is ready, clear, and without risk or uncertainty, you are never going to make a decision. To avoid this error, set a deadline for resolution and meet.

      3. Be afraid of making mistakes

      Mistake is part of the process of success. Successful people are very wrong. What happens is that they get it wrong early on, young, cheap, and only once for everything. This is the idea. You are going to be wrong if you are. And these mistakes will be great masters for you. Hence, you lose the fear of error.

      Before continuing, I would like you to write down on a piece of paper at this point a question that you need to make a decision on. I want this article to be as useful as possible to you and to serve you as little as possible, for the most immediate doubt that you have.

      Do you already have it? Let’s go!

      Suggestions for making good decisions

      To improve your decision-making ability, follow these guidelines.

      1. Establish what is high priority and secondary in your life.

      The first one begins. And often we don’t put the first one before making a decision. And we make decisions based on the secondary goals of our lives.

      I recommend you to do a list of the most important things in your life. 5 things. And rate them from 1 to 5, depending on their importance. And when you have to make a decision, ask yourself how it affects these 5 things. In order. If you favor them you will make the right decision, if you do not promote them you will make the wrong decision.

      2. Implement firewalls

      Firewalls will be limits that you will not pass when making decisions. Or what is the same, you make the decision, before you make the decision. With this, you avoid making the decision hot or getting carried away by emotions. like that, you protect yourself.

      Example: Going to a job interview knowing that less than X money, more than X hours or less of X responsibility, I won’t, I won’t accept it.

      3. If you made a bad decision, let go

      Jump as soon as possible. Life is too short to insist on things that don’t get you anything. Sometimes we make a bad decision and expect it to change. We are stubborn. And I’m going to tell you something, with each passing day, how you’ve invested more, time, money, resources, emotionally, every day it’s harder for you to make mistakes.

      This applies to both a book you started reading that you don’t like, a class that isn’t what you expected, or a relationship that isn’t fulfilling you.

      4. Accept the worst-case scenario

      Evaluate what is the real worst possible scenario to make the decision. I specify that it must be real, because there is no need to dramatize either thinking you ended up under a bridge. And like I said, this is important, because if you are warned of the worst possible scenario, you accept it and you can face it, then you don’t have to be afraid to make that decision.

      5. Simplify and stay with 2-3 alternatives

      Instead of thinking about 50 possible options, try to narrow them down to 2-3 as much as possible. The fewer options we have, the less our mind will be dispersed and therefore, we will make better decisions.

      6. Use the “hot coffee” technique

      If you have very hot coffee on the table, what do you do? Wait, let cool for a few minutes then take it. Well with decisions that seem urgent we can do the same.

      Example: A colleague comes to see you and tells you that you must already decide on the date of the vacation or your wife asks you if you want to accompany her on her errands. Don’t make the decision hot, wait a bit, calm down and make it.

      Of course, be careful and don’t get so cold that you become a procrastinator.

      7. Make the decision when you take action

      Action is the bridge between thoughts and results. So in any decision, the process doesn’t end when you think about it, But when we got into action.

      8. Trust your intuition and creative ideas.

      People think that people who make decisions in a rational and meditative way are usually not driven by instinct. Intuition is that thought, that feeling that is on an unconscious plane and gives you different vibrations depending on what you are thinking.

      On the other hand, according to studies of people who have to make decisions all the time for work, more than 49% are motivated by intuition. They themselves say that intuition is formed. As you make more and more decisions, your intuition is sharpened. And they also dare to have creative ideas. So, taking wise ideas is not at odds with being carried away by intuition.

      9. Keep silent

      It is difficult to make good decisions in our hectic daily life; side to side, in the car, surrounded by people and noise. It’s very easy to stop making decisions because you have to do things. A moment of silence is the best thing that can come to you to take decisions.

      A moment in total silence. Go to the park, the beach, or find a place where you can be alone and no one disturbs you. No wi-fi, no phone, no watch.

      It’s time to take the role from before, with the decision that you didn’t know how to take and apply some of these techniques. You don’t have to apply them all at the same time. Stick with the ones you prefer or think will work best for you.

      I can only thank you for coming this far and I hope that all of this information that I have given you will be useful to you. If you dare, I look forward to hearing from you in the comments and on the networks.

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