Older siblings are smarter than younger siblings

Research conducted at the University of Oslo and the Bjerkedal Tower in Norway he concluded that there is a relationship between IQ and order in the birth of siblings from the same family nucleus, and it has been observed that older siblings are on average smarter than younger siblings.

Bigger, smarter brothers?

The study, which was published in the journal Science, argues that the average IQ of older siblings studied was slightly higher than that of younger siblings. The results revealed that the majors averaged a CI of 103’2, the second sibling got an average score of 100’4, and the third dropped to the number 99.

Does intelligence come in the genes or is it learned?

Prior to the Norwegian study, research conducted by Bernard Devlin at the School of Medicine and Psychiatry at the University of Pittsburg found that lyou are only responsible for 48% of the IQ of a person, while up to 52% of it is a consequence of antenatal care, environmental context and education received.

The research, which studied members of the Norwegian armed forces, found that birth order is not the main factor in explaining the results, as it suffices for the smarter sibling to have played the role of older sibling. , even if he was born second (or third).

As mentioned, it should be noted that this trend is only a generality based on average statistics, and there can be many exceptions younger siblings with a higher IQ than their older siblings. Intelligence is a very complex construct and there are many factors that determine how we develop our cognitive abilities.

Intelligence: a concept in constant controversy

Of course, if there is one concept that generates differences of opinion both among experts and in the general population, it is that of intelligence. There are different models to explain the causes and how people manifest this quality.

The classic approach to intelligence is that which was employed in the study presented to us. This approach attaches paramount importance to the ability of calculation and verbal reasoning, not in vain. these are also more easily measurable aspects, And for this reason, the results are standardized on a scale in which the mean is the value 100.

On the other hand, other models offer youa vision of the most holistic intelligence, Also emphasizing aspects that are difficult to measure: intra and interpersonal intelligence, bodily, musical …

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It’s not all genetic

Other studies on intelligence in siblings suggest that there is a deciding factor in explaining this greater intelligence in older siblings, and that is that the responsibility to act as guardians for their younger siblings can lead to rewards in the quality of their cognition, Thus improving their IQ.

In any case, this study provides only one approach to this interesting question, and more research will be needed.

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