The 10 smartest people on the planet and their IQs

Who are the smartest people in the world?

A recent study chose the ten brightest thinkers in the world; the smartest people on the planet. They all belong to these geniuses in 0.5% of the population with an IQ greater than 140 points, The figure considered to mark the border between giftedness and genius.

In a previous article, we talked about the personality traits of geniuses, but today we are going to put face, last name and first name to some of them.

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People with the highest CI (IQ) on the planet

Among the elected, many familiar faces. This list made by the entity Super scholar he has selected ten subjects which will combine an IQ above 140 with a good performance in his professional life.

Various physicists in place of honor

Number one on the list is the brilliant physicist Stephen Hawking, with a IQ of 160 points. With his famous research on the origin of the universe or the theories of space-time, Hawking is considered one of the most prolific and prominent scientists of our time. sick of Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Has been severely disabled since his youth, a condition which has not prevented him from studying the subject world in depth and from giving lectures around the world.

One of the most notable cases among those chosen is that of Kim Ung-Yong1, a South Korean who, since childhood, was already reported as an extraordinary case of a child prodigy. At only 3 years old, Ung-Yong could read Korean, Japanese, English and German, entering as a guest at Hanyang University to pursue studies in physics. At the age of 16, he completed his doctorate in physics, before working for NASA. It’s incredible 210 IQ points this is one of the highest ever reported.

Other well-known names in the world of strategy and mathematics

In this top ten brilliant minds, we also find the legendary Russian chess player Gary Kasparov, with a IQ of 190, Who ushered in his tenure as king of chess at age 22, beating another magnificent: Anatoly Karpov. Paul Allen, one of the founders of Microsoft, Also appears in the list with a IQ of 170, While the famous English mathematician Andrew Wiles, who proved the solution of Fermat’s theorem, considered by many mathematicians as the most complex problem in mathematics, reports 170 IQ points.

An actor in the top 10 of the smartest

Another curious name on the list is three Emmy Award-winning actor James Woods, who recently starred in the acclaimed series. Shark. On his college entrance exams, Woods rubbed perfection in the overall mark, also getting a full score (800 out of 800 possible points) on the verbal skills test. Prior to his foray into Hollywood, Woods studied linear algebra as a student at the prestigious MIT Institute. Her IQ is 180.

More astrophysicists and researchers

The list is completed by Korean physicist Cristopher Hirata, who at the age of 16 was already working at NASA on astrophysics and future expeditions to Mars, and who reports an IQ of 225 points. Terence Tao, Australian researcher of Hong Kong ancestry in representation theory. He was also a child prodigy, and his IQ is 230 points, No more and no less, being probably the highest IQ of a person currently alive.

Chess player Judit Polgár, the only woman on the list

Closing the list of the smartest is Hungarian chess player Judit Polgár, the only woman on the list, and also the only woman who managed to be among the top 10 top-rated chess players in the world rankings, having there obtained in 1996. Finally the television scriptwriter Rick Rosner, creator of the series Chips and developer of television platforms, with a IQ of 192 points. Perhaps he is the genius with a less orthodox life, because he worked as a disco goalkeeper, actor, streaper …

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