The 11 rarest conspiracy theories: this is how we distort reality

There are people who believe that part of reality remains hidden because of conspiracies.

A conspiracy is the unlawful association between people to carry out an action contrary to the norm and usually in a brutal and harmful way for someone. It’s a phenomenon that has been here throughout history, like the assassination of Caesar and other rulers both early and late in time. But sometimes some people tend to come up with exaggerated conspiracy theories to explain reality. From conspiracy to “conspiracy” seeing signs of conspiracy everywhere there are a few steps.

In this article we will see some of the strangest conspiracy or conspiracy theoriesAs an example of how far we can go when it comes to distorting reality to try and make sense of what we see and don’t understand.

    What is a conspiracy theory and why is it called that?

    The concept of conspiracy theory refers, in a slightly pejorative manner and generally indicating the lack of belief in them, to conspiracy theories or conspiracies that they dare to give explanations going well beyond the proven facts. These theories aim to describe one or more events that occurred or could occur as a result of the existence of an alleged conspiracy by one or more secret groups that manipulate events for generally negative ends for the rest of the population.

    Call them conspirators it comes from the association of the terms conspiracy and paranoia, Indicating that the theories discussed are hard to believe, twisted and strange. The choice of the word paranoia is not accidental. Many of the beliefs and theories included in this group have many or all of the characteristics that delusions possess: they are usually not based on demonstrable evidence, they are not shared by the rest of the population, they tend to be fixed and immutable. In fact, those who hold these beliefs often see those who criticize them as belonging to the conspiracy itself. Many of them appear out of fear, through abnormal sensory experiences or, more interestingly, out of simple political or economic interest.

    If they are seen as conspirators, it is because they distort reality in an incredible way for the majority of the population. However, despite its great extravagance, this it does not necessarily imply suffering from a mental problem, In which only a more or less systematized belief.

    While there are some pretty derogatory stereotypes about people with these types of beliefs, the truth is, there is no prototype of who creates them. Anyone of any gender, race, age, profession or social position can hold such beliefs. Those who keep them they generally have a confirmation bias, Look for and focus only on the information that supports your assumptions. We also observe that the probability of believing in one of these theories is modified by the feeling of belonging: someone who is part of a group threatened by the alleged conspiracy will be more likely to believe it.

      Totally bizarre conspiracy theories

      There are many conspiracy theories that have been developed throughout history, of very different types and on very different events. Below we will see some of the more bizarre, as an example of the distance the human being is able to believe in his own fictions in order to give order and meaning to what is happening.

      1. The Illuminati

      One of the best-known conspiracy theories is that of the Illuminati. This secret group of Bavarian origin, which really existed in the Enlightenment and was founded in 1776 as a reaction against the elites of the time, was gradually disappearing. However, conspiracy theories suggest that today this company still exists and is the organization that seeks to form a world order.

      It would be a group that decides and dominates the various events that happen in the world, having its extension in the Bilderberg club (a club that really exists and which brings together some of the most influential and powerful people in the world).

      Thus, a secret group would have survived for centuries and somehow obtained the power to decide everything that happens, above all other authority, without the opportunity to see its true power. revealed.

      2. Reptilians

      Another well-known (although much less credible) conspiracy theory is that which proposes that we are being invaded and gradually dominated by reptilian aliens. These apparently very intelligent, reptilian-looking humanoid beings from the Alpha Draconis system (although other theories would indicate that they are of terrestrial origin), would disguise themselves as humans and eventually replace elite politicians and politicians. world leaders to take power.

      It seems that all the dynamics of domination and oppression happening on the planet are not obvious enough: from this kind of plot, we have to add the figure of an extraterrestrial oligarchy to understand what is happening.

      3. Nazis on the moon

      The Nazi regime ended with the end of World War II. In their last moments or after the defeat of Germany, many Nazis tried to flee so as not to be pursued or persecuted. Some of them fled to South America or other countries where they could assume a new identity. However, there are some conspiracy theories in this regard.

      One of the most striking proposed during the World War, the Germans they would have created flying saucers based on internal combustion engines that would have allowed them to go to the Moon. These saucers, called Haunebu, would have even allowed them to establish a lunar base on which the remnants of the Nazi regime could have taken refuge, all with the approval of the world powers.

      4. HAARP as a weapon

      The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program or HAARP is a high-potential project that aims to study the ionosphere, one of the outermost layers of the atmosphere.

      However, conspiracy theories they propose that it is a program posed as a geophysical weapon with the ability to change the climate on a global scale and can cause natural disasters. In fact, some theories suggest that they have already intentionally caused alterations and natural disasters through this program, such as the earthquake in Haiti.

      It would be a weapon that would also be used to invade specific areas where economic interests exist. It is also proposed that it could cause mental disturbances in the human brain, thus allowing some control over the minds of its victims.

      This kind of conspiracy theory, in fact, is very similar to the old mythologies they tell. climate change as something that depends on an entity of its own will.

      5. Autism vaccine

      Another conspiracy theory tells us that vaccination, especially those for measles, rubella and influenza, generates or can generate in children who experience autism. It is a belief that has been refuted many times but that in many cases it is still in effect, which is why some parents do not want to vaccinate their children.

        6. Chemtrails

        This theory asserts that stelae left by airplanes due to condensation are in fact chemicals designed to generate various diseases, sterilize certain populations or force them to use drugs. Some of the doubts that arise in the face of this are why someone was going to employ such an expensive and imprecise method of chemical diffusion.

        7. Artificial creation of AIDS

        HIV is a virus that has caused many deaths throughout history and its eradication is still unknown today, although fortunately the Development of medicine has enabled people infected with this virus to lead normal lives with chronic but non-fatal disease as in the past.

        The conspiracy theory in question would refer to its emergence: HIV and AIDS had only been known for a few decades. Originally discovered in apes, it is raised that its passage to humans is due to the achievement of artificial virus modifications made intentionally by introduced into the population. The aim would be to weaken and plunder the gay, African and prostitute population who, by the time the virus first emerged, was frowned upon and persecuted by a large part of the population.

        8. The 2004 tsunami

        In 2004, we got to see how a giant tsunami hit the coasts of much of the world, including Indonesia and Japan. Some say this tsunami was actually caused, well by HAARP or by atomic detonations in the ocean. Those who believe in these theories rely on the fact that different analyzes and studies have not coincided in an attempt to locate the epicenter of the earthquake that generated this tsunami.

        9. Conspiracies to kill

        Some of the most popular conspiracy theories deal with conspiracies prepared to kill historical figures of great importance or acquaintances or acquaintances that could pose a danger to certain senior officials.

        One example is the assassination of President JF Kennedy, which, according to different theories, could have been ordered by a political rival or the Mafia, even though it was also believed that he had been eliminated by the FBI or the KGB. The fact that his killer was in turn murdered the next day reinforced the belief in these theories, which to this day remain valid for many. Another case was Marilyn Monroe, Which was found dead according to the official version of an overdose of barbiturates.

        However, it is believed that his death may have been ordered by the government due to his connections with senior politicians such as the aforementioned president. A third case, this time on British territory, was the death of Lady Di, which some theories have said could have been suppressed by the British Secret Service due to her separation from Prince Charles and her relationship with Dodi A the Fayed .

        10. Area 51 and the Roswell Affair

        Area 51 is one of the most mythical and popular areas precisely because of the conspiracy theories that flow from it. At this military base are the remains of the allegedly well-known UFO fallen at Roswell, and various experiments are said to have been carried out with its occupants. It is also believed that in this area they are made tests with alien materials and technologies.

        11. Space conspiracies: false distance and unrecognized cosmonauts

        The exploration of outer space was one of the areas in which the United States and the Soviet Union they competed hard during the cold war. In this sense, there are multiple theories and claims that things were not as they have been explained to us on both sides.

        Officially, Gagarin was the first human to travel in space. But there are theories that suggest he was simply the first to be known to have come back alive, sent the Soviet Union to other cosmonauts who, like Laika, died in his odyssey. Likewise, the United States is also involved in these theories. One of the most popular and most believing is the one which indicates that in reality man has never reached the Moon. For those who support these theories, the movement was a recording prepared by the United States and edited by Stanley Kubrick so that the United States would be the first to achieve this feat.

        Another point of view

        Conspiracy or conspiracy theories are a way of trying to explain a reality that we don’t quite understand, or to give it an interpretation of its own based on our beliefs and experiences throughout. life. In this sense, we can consider that they are trying to fulfill a certain function.

        It’s not that in all cases these are free beliefs: in many cases, people who believe them have supposed proof of what happened. Moreover, although on the outside they may seem irrational, the truth is that some of them make sense when viewed from the same point of view as those who defend them: this would not be the first murder committed in an orchestrated manner. , there have been many actual conspiracies throughout history where information has been hidden and manipulated at other times. It is also true that many people have believed things which have been criticized and which have ultimately been proven to be right.

        It should also be noted that real plots, like the assassination of Trotsky or the MK Ultra project, are sometimes taken for conspiracy theories. Also at the time, phenomena such as the Holocaust were considered to be inventions of this type of theory.

        However, it should be borne in mind that these beliefs they generally resist attempts to modify even if evidence to the contrary is presented. If it would not be impossible to change a test, at least one should consider the possibility of being wrong and not assume that the doubters are part of a conspiracy.

        It is also necessary to assess whether what is considered evidence is indeed causally related to the alleged conspiracy (which is not the case in many of these theories). Likewise, a titanic effort would be required to bring some of these conspiracies to fruition, an effort and a power that in most cases could hardly be. The interpretation of these theories also often overemphasizes unimportant details, seeing them as essential.

        In conclusion, conspiracy theories are primarily based on unproven or unverified premises or directly on some that have been proven to be wrong. Although a few are partly viable, they focus too much on specific aspects of reality to explain the world and what is happening in it, and the persistence and immutability of these beliefs although there may be evidence to the contrary this makes them of little use in enhancing the environment. They also tend to make those who don’t share them an ignorant or possible threat, not valuing other interpretations that perhaps could be closer to the truth.

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