The 14 keys to boosting creativity

One of the hottest aspects of personal development is creativity.

In our societies, the progressive mechanization of labor has replaced the need for unskilled labor. Workers who once performed difficult and heavy tasks have disappeared because machines, robots or technologies have emerged that could do the same job faster and more efficiently. For this reason, companies evolve and tend to demand and improve other more qualified professional profiles.

Creative profiles: more and more valued

Among the many virtues that companies claim, one of the most sought after is creativity. People with creative profiles tend to look for original solutions to specific problemsThey are able to see a little further. And it’s rewarding, and I’m not just talking about the higher chances of getting a good job (that too), but the ability of these people to create valuable artwork or business ideas that impact the society.

    Improve Your Creativity in 14 Simple Steps

    So, it is interesting that we realize the importance of being creative. That’s why I wanted to write this post alongside the brilliant marketer Maria Jordà, Explain some keys to enhance creativity and originality.

    It should be remembered that, if the creative spirit has traditionally been linked to the world of the performing arts (theater, cinema, music, etc.) and the creative arts (sculpture, painting, etc.), the truth is that it can express it in very different ways. And it’s not always shown in a positive sense: have you seen the movie “Se7en” or the first chapter of “Black Mirror”? Sometimes creativity can take frightening forms when, for example, a criminal uses his ingenuity to commit crimes. So, it should be noted that creativity is not a good thing in itself, And this can be used for very different purposes. It’s up to you to use your ingenuity in an area where you bring something of interest to the world.

    Creative mind: how to improve step by step

    After this introduction we are ready to get to know you the fourteen keys to developing creativity. Let’s get started.

    1. Take the time to think and imagine

    It seems obvious, but it should not be forgotten. You must take the time to develop creative thinking, away from obligations, tasks and sources of stress. It’s not bad that every now and then you let your imagination run wild, tackling topics that particularly interest you, or others that concern you.

    Don’t feel like you have to make logical or overly rigid reasoning about what you’re thinking, just let your mind flow, enjoy the moment, and don’t resist daydreaming.

    2. Think beyond tradition and it’s common

    Just because something is traditional doesn’t mean it’s good. In fact, many people act regularly out of laziness, without daring to value reality from other angles. If the habit has ceased to be useful, why not try to change it with a little creativity? If the traditional is just a form of stillness, maybe it’s time to innovate.

    3. Curiosity: potential

    Curiosity is, in my opinion, the basis of the creative mindset. If you are able to raise doubts about many aspects of reality, it will be easier for you to feel a genuine interest in what you are about to do. This curiosity will lead you to inform yourself and to think for yourself, generating a positive dynamic which will ultimately improve your creativity.

    • Creativity requires a thinking mind, freeing the senses and having the awareness of the artist

    – Maria Jordà (@jorda_maria) May 5, 2016

    4. The importance of games

    There are many games out there (almost all of them, in fact) that can help encourage your creativity. the game can help you find new ways to approach problems and challenges. If you have house building games, try going back to your childhood for a few minutes and trying to build a castle. It’s a great way to let your mind run free, which energizes your creative and imaginative version.

    5. Make assumptions and ask questions about the abstract possibilities.

    Most sci-fi genre writers they manage to create fantastic stories by posing hypothetical situations in which the laws of physics are more flexible than normal. If you try to imagine an ordinary situation but change one of its essential aspects that we all take for granted, you will see that reality changes dramatically and a wide range of possibilities opens up.

    6. Read fantastic stories

    In the previous point, I mentioned a genre that I personally enjoy a lot: science fiction. Science fiction stories offer parallel realities in which nothing is impossible. It is one of the quintessential creative literary genres, but it is not the only one. I would venture to say that any reading (provided it has a minimum of quality, of course) can boost your creativity. Knowledge is not a prerequisite for being creative, but it is very likely to help you improve your creativity.

    7. Give your thoughts time

    Your preconceptions and judgments about things may be more or less right, but they should not be underestimated. Ideas that evoke an aspect of reality are good raw material which needs time to develop and materialize. Give it the freedom your intuition needs, because over time it can transform or crystallize into concrete ideas.

    8. Take risks

    The creative mind is not exempt from empty jumps and circling.. It’s normal in any creative process for this to happen, and it’s also one of the ways our brain takes care of structuring ideas. Making mistakes just means you’re closer to getting a clear idea.

    9. The creative process, better in a state of fluidity

    Do you know the state of the flow? We enter this state of mind when we are so immersed and interested in the task at hand that we lose track of time and we are one hundred percent motivated. The state of flux comes to us when we are passionate about what we are doing. Therefore, our creativity will have a much greater potential if we put effort into what really motivates us. Enjoy the process and the flow will work in your favor.

    10. Don’t give up

    Let yourself be inspired by your work, as the great Pablo Picasso would say. Note that there are people who, when setting up the working frog, always expect all the elements to be perfectly aligned in their favor. This is a big mistake which only leads to inoperability.

    If you want to find inspiration and creativity, you have to take risks (back to point number eight) and keep in mind that you can only aspire to perfection if you put in many hours of effort and a genuine interest in what you set out to do.. No one is born taught, you have to go your own way. Creativity is a complex skill that you will develop over time. Patience … and luck.

    11. Think without thinking

    Let your imagination run wild, jot down whatever comes to mind, brainstorm or brainstorm. Ideas, words, colors, meaningless emotions. Try to make a common thread through each of them, that one word leads you to another. Show it in a list, then search for the meaning.

    12. Forget the taboos

    To be creative, the last thing you need is the social conditioning. Open your mind and let yourself be carried away. There is a lot to be learned from other cultures and from people who do not fit social norms. Creativity can come at the most unexpected moment.

    13. Look for trends

    It is always good to learn from others, what they are wearing or what is trendy. One idea can lead to another.

    14. Listen to and analyze your surroundings

    Ask yourself: do you need something? You answer: if I had … everything would be simpler … Or have you never imagined something that would save you from what you really hate? Sometimes just by looking around you, by analyzing your unmet needs, creativity emerges!

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