The 20 smartest dog breeds

Many say that dogs are man’s best friend, but that doesn’t mean that all dogs are the same or serve the same purpose.

Over the centuries of breeding for the best characteristics, both physical and personality, most of the dog breeds have been developed which today are known to be used for hunting, grazing or companionship in the home.

Some of these breeds are easier to train than others, and it has a lot to do with their ability to learn. We will see what are the smartest dog breeds, And its characteristics.

    The 20 smartest dog breeds

    Below we’ll take a look at which are the smartest dog breeds, at least at most.

    1. Belgian Malinois Shepherd

    It is a dog that is sometimes used in law enforcement, Especially in search and rescue missions.

    He has an exceptional athletic complexion, but his personality and learning abilities make him particularly practical for families.

    2. Weimar arm

    With light gray fur and blue eyes, this dog is originally from the German city of Weimar he is very easily trainable thanks to his great intelligence. Its use in hunting dates back centuries.

    3. Breton spaniel

    This dog is ideal for sport. Is from French Brittany and its recognition as an official race did not arrive until 1907.

    Breton spaniels stay loyal and smart, Besides having one of the best smells of all dogs.

    4. German shorthaired arm

    They were originally bred as hunting dogs. They are animals that do whatever is asked of them, or whatever their owners do, whatever comes first.

    They are very affectionate and versatile, To be able to find prey and to carry them with elegance, as well as to be courageous, to be able to face beasts like wild boars.

    5. Keeshond

    Also called Wolfspitz, until the beginning of the last century, this dog was very observant. Pay attention to almost any stimulus you detect, Especially if it’s something out of the ordinary. That is why they are ideal for the family residence and the betrayal of thieves.

    6. Schipperke

    They are dogs that they love to explore. They are very active and that’s why it is not a very good idea to leave them alone at home without proper prior training or without something to entertain them.

    Their curiosity will lead them to look at everything they can explore around the house, which can sometimes disturb their owners.

    7. Tervuren belga

    He is agile, active and one of his very good protectors. Like a working dog who is has long been used to care for herds and warn of threats from the terrainor, like wolves and other livestock predators.

    8. English Springer Spaniel

    The English Springer is affectionate and calm, in addition to being a good observer and guardian, with a great ability to adapt to new tasks and learn tricks easily.

    9. Miniature Schnauzer

    The traditional Schnauzer it was used in Europe on the battlefield. This variety is a bit smaller, but ideal for sporting events.

    They run and run, and they run again. They love to devote their energy to all kinds of activities, which can be channeled through training.

    10. Pembroke Welsh Corgi

    Whatever they lack in size, they make up for with loyalty. Corgis are often used as sentinel dogs, Since they are very good at protecting families.

    Of course, they need to be constantly busy, because they are very restless and alert dogs, as well as a somewhat complicated temperament, which will require training, although training is an easy task thanks to its great ease of learning.

    11. Australian Shepherd

    He is also called Australian bover and as long as he has enough space he will be happy. This breed has a fairly recent origin, being at the beginning of the last century when it began to breed.

      12. Rottweiler

      It is used in the military and is believed to date back to ancient Rome. His intelligence makes him an easily trainable dog, which is great for teaching him how to take care of his owners as he already feels obligated to innately protect them, despite his appearance.

      13. Butterfly

      As its name suggests, it is native to French-speaking regions, particularly northern France and Wallonia, Belgium. Papillon means “butterfly” in French, and refers to the shape so characteristic of this dog’s ears.

      It is an excellent companion dog, having a sensitive and attentive character., In addition to being easily formable.

      14. Labrador Retriever

      Very manageable by nature, retriever breeders are known to be true swimming experts. This is why they are often used by fishermen, although they do not defend themselves badly when they are ashore by helping hunters.

      They are good guide dogs and are known as very affectionate dogs. Thanks to them, it has been integrated into multiple therapies as a stimulus to promote the patient’s emotional recovery.

      15. Shetland Sheepdog

      This dog is originally from the Shetland Islands off the coast of Scotland and was bred for field work. His character is docile.

      He has a very good ability to cope with intellectual challenges, In addition to adapting with relative agility to new activities. He never tires of learning.

      A Shetland Shepherd is also called a shadow dog because they are so loyal to their owner that they constantly pursue him and do not separate from him.

      16. Doberman Pinscher

      Dobermans are intelligent and loyal to their owner, which makes them good bodyguards., Which goes very well with his menacing appearance.

      However, and although they appear to be potentially dangerous, they are animals that can adapt to any lifestyle, especially if they are trained from puppies to interact peacefully with d ‘other dogs and people.

      17. Golden Retriever

      Very intuitive and sensitive, he is easy to train, in addition to having a fairly balanced character, which makes him a highly recommended animal. for environments with children.

      Not only are they animals of great intelligence, but they are also very adorable and. in an emergency, they are very useful for locating victims.

      18. German Shepherd

      The German Shepherd is the iconic police dog because he has a very fine sense of smell, more than a great intuition and, of course, an intelligence.

      He learns many tricks and tasks with agility and can learn to detect drugs and explosive substances.

      No wonder the typical image that comes to mind when talking about police dogs is that of Rex, the canine protagonist of the German series that bore his name.

      19. Poodles

      Although his appearance may suggest that he is too perepunyetes a dog for what tasks and that he is used to the good life at home, the poodle, which is the national dog of France, possesses extraordinary intelligence.

      They learn easily, which is why in many circuses they were used as entertainment, teaching them many tricks such as making them stand up straight and “walk” (ethically questionable practice).

      They are generally an ideal breed for breeding in cities and other urban environments. since, unlike working and working dogs, poodles are balanced and calm, in addition to being very sensitive.

      20. Border Collie

      The Border Collie is undoubtedly the smartest breed of dog, or at least one of the smartest by far.

      This breed is known to be able to improve on its own, without the need for prior training. nor examples of how something should be done to solve it. In fact, he is able to come up with challenges that other dogs might not be able to meet.

      His great obedience is intuitive. He has very good reflexes and learns very easily.

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