Understand the types of intelligence that exist

There are types of intelligence we should all know about by exploring who we are; Knowing this helps us grow as people.

    The keys to understanding the types of human intelligence

    This is a summary of ideas to consider in understanding the types of intelligence that exist.

    1. Deep intelligence

    People with deep intelligence They tend to internalize information about what they do, think and plan.

    This type of person is very analytical due to their way of thinking and doing things, they regularly complete tasks sequentially and procedurally, which is useful when they have a similar partner (since the two can get along very well). fit in order, organization and economy). The benefits of this feature are cumulative, as performing certain procedures can further increase your intelligence.

      2. Liquid Intelligence

      Liquid Intelligence it has to do with fluidity of thought and mental agility. Emotional intelligence goes hand in hand, it can make people more empathetic. These people are excellent at work in which they can relate to others and can work in customer service positions, as being empathetic will have a very calm temperament. People with liquid intelligence have the distinction of being able to increase their intelligence by relating to people.

      3. Causal Intelligence

      People in whom causal intelligence predominates are very analytical and do not just speak while speaking, but speak when they have to speak. In practice, they have a lot of impact, because most of the time they are silent, but when they have to say something, their voice rings out and is heard. They tend to be very argumentative, and their intelligence grows as they listen; they are excellent listeners, as they must listen carefully to perform analysis.

      4. Integral intelligence

      This type of person listens, gathers information and easily derives a conjecture from it.. People who excel in this form of intelligence are excellent for research work, especially when it comes to analyzing people’s behavior. in addition they are excellent for emptying information on paper, tablet… They are also very good in art, painting, photography… If you want to use the full potential of understanding intelligence, you must first help the person know what type of intelligence predominates there.

        5. Focal Intelligence

        In this type of intelligence, the person can only focus on one thing at a time. The minds of such people can be very effective and efficient in achieving goals; usually they are generally very disciplined and very dedicated in their work. Many would love to have this quality, and it can be developed with lots of practice and proper drills.

        6. Bifocal Intelligence

        People with bifocal intelligence they can be involved in two complex tasks at once; they can work on the computer and talk on the phone with excellent attention. This ability develops in the frontal, parietal and temporal lobes; the frontal lobe is responsible for execution, the temporal lobe is responsible for paying attention to the environment in processing spatial information, and the temporal lobe is responsible for listening. This, together, helps to be able to receive the information and to be able to process it until obtaining the solution to the problem or the challenge that it is facing; As an important quality, it is suggested to practice reading to improve your intelligence.

          7. Peripheral Intelligence

          Peripheral intelligence predominates in these people to whom it is often said “you are into everything and you are into nothing”; They don’t seem to pay attention to things, but they don’t. These people they pick up external stimuli very quicklybecause they have hypersensitivity of the 5 senses, sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell, and can almost instantly receive a large amount of information to extract conjectures from the environment around them.

          The most important thing to know the types of intelligence is to know yourself, to like yourself, to love and respect yourself, and also to improve your skills.

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