What music do smart people listen to?

Recent research links our musical tastes to college degrees.

What music do smart people listen to?

In a previous article by Psychology and the mindWe were able to know of a study linking the preference for certain musical styles with the tendency to have a certain personality profile. In the study before us today, Virgil Griffith, an American software designer and application developer, set out to study the link between people’s musical tastes and their academic performance. The conclusions of the study were included in the dossier “Music that makes you stupid“(Music that makes you stupid).

The results of this detailed scan were found after crossing the average grade students’ university entrance exams with the music they played and shared on the social network Facebook. As we can see, an unscientific methodology, but worth echoing the results found, even if it is the first step towards a new research which evaluates the relationship between these two variables: intelligence and musical preferences .

Rock for smart and reaggaeton for fools?

As the results show, young students who obtained poorer grades they were the ones who liked to listen to musical artists like ** Lil Wayne, The Used, Beyoncé or Jay – **WITH, Being the genres of Hip Hop and Reggaeton most commonly heard by these students. On the other hand, those who brilliantly passed the entrance exam were crossed with the great composer Ludwig van Beethoven.

In the highly skilled sector, groups such as U2, count crows, shins, Bob Dylan or the British Radiohea **** d. By closely following this important list of groups, Coldplay or Red Hot Chili Peppers.

The musical tastes of average students (those who did not stand out for better or worse, average students) included groups such as Pearl Jam, one down system, The mythical Australians AC / DC, Oasis or the doors. The author of the study has visually categorized all the data in a table that has been published on his website, and which we offer below.


Admittedly, the methodology of the study is questionable. First of all, the study was presented to the media as the correlation found between the variables intelligence and musical tastes, whereas really research has not rigorously measured any of them. As for the first, it should be noted that the establishment of a total symmetry between intelligence and academic performance is rather imprecise. As for the second, it is likely that what we share on Facebook is not a reliable criterion for measuring our tastes and preferences.

Additionally, it should be explained that there is clearly no scientific evidence to suggest that there is a certain type of music that makes us “smarter” or “dumber”. It’s a statistical question, a simple correlation. Further research will be necessary to see to what extent there is some sort of relationship between intelligence level and preference for a particular musical group.

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