6 things to consider for a healthier life

Among my years of training and education in both sport and health, I am always asked, Álvaro, what is the most important thing to live a healthy life?

My answer is always the same, eat well and exercise constantly it doesn’t matter what sport you play. Immediately after, I come back to my other question: what if I am one of those who barely play sports?

Well, below I will give you some tips for living a healthy life and balanced correctly. Whether you exercise or not, these 6 tips will help you too.

    Living a healthier life: some keys to keep in mind

    To keep you in shape, there’s nothing like taking care of the two main pillars that keep us healthy: nutrition and exercise. Let’s see how to take the first steps in this direction based on these guidelines.

    1. Each organism is a world

    In my case, I am allergic to coffee, so I should always take it with something in my stomach, because if I don’t, the nausea will be uncontrollable. Likewise, it is important to understand that not everything we eat and do in our daily life should serve everyone, for this reason, do not believe in someone who tells you “look! ‘gave the apple diet, it helped me, take it! “.

    It is important to note that every body has genetics predisposed to hormone levels, Which will always be individual. Based on this, it is important to say that there are several types of body:

    • Ectomorphic: Difficulty gaining weight, people with very low fat percentages all the time but very, very thin.
    • Mesomorph: There is no greater difficulty in gaining muscle, but with all that muscle, a little extra fat is normal.
    • Endomorph: They are very easy to gain weight, but with a higher percentage of fat than before. Here I have to make a clarification, the percentage of visible fat in our body does not refer to blood cholesterol, because our body may appear thin, but our LDL OR HDL may be high, so it is important to go to a doctor. to check our blood cholesterol regularly. It’s also important to understand that metabolism can change with exercise, so exercising will help you move from endomorph to mesomorph if you want to.

    2. Look for unrefined sugars and carbohydrates

    A baked potato may have the same carbohydrates as a candy, but they will never be the same, because natural sugars are not the same as refined sugars.

    There are different types of carbohydratesBut we should always avoid those that are refined because these have to be quickly turned into sugar and this has to affect our body as a rule.

      3. There is no magic pill

      Although nutritional supplements are very good, they are not the only answer, they will help you, but do not expect magic from them or any cream, operation or potion as they will all fail and be seen. otherwise strengthen them with exercise routines.

      4. Water is life

      Water is what governs our digestion, our heart rate, among many other functions of the body, so drinking water in the right conditions will even help you lose weight.

      5. Likes onion, garlic and ginger

      These 3 elements are practically natural antibiotics which they will help to make your body still strong. In addition, ginger is used for weight loss in infusions and teas.

        6. Smile

        Studies have shown that people who sincerely smile are healthier than those who don’t, so smile, it’s free !.

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