9 apps to improve your life

New technologies can help us in many aspects of our life. They make our daily purchases easier when ordering online, when choosing what to eat one day when we are with friends, and they can even become the key to improving our lives.

With the advent of smartphones too options have grown to have apps that help us be happier and to find both mental and physical well-being. We can carry these mobile apps in your pocket, allowing us to use them anytime, anywhere.

    The best apps to improve life

    There is so much variety on the market that it can sometimes be difficult to recognize which ones are the best. For this reason we have prepared an article that will help you choose and know which features have the most reliable applications.

    So be careful, because this list can help you improve your life.

    May 1

    To truly improve life, you need to take care of it in all aspects, achieving the perfect balance between body and mind. And to achieve this, one of the best tools is Meyo, An app intended to completely revolutionize the market for mobile apps designed to improve our lives.

    Meyo is a health app, but knowing that being healthy is not just not being sick, but enjoying what surrounds us and making the most of it every day of our life, this app has joins psychologists, doctors, nutritionists and other specialists to create a 360 ° assistant that guides us in all aspects of healthy living.

    To improve your life, you will need to take care of your body and keep your mind strong. That’s why Meyo offers you daily challenges, games, videos and tips to make you the best version of yourself. Eat healthier, exercise (at home, at the gym, run, cycle, swim), meditate, do yoga, sleep better, overcome stress at work, increase your mental performance, quit smoking, be more optimistic, leave fears and insecurities behind you, take care of your personal relationships, learn to save, improve your financial management, stop being shy, cultivate yourself …

    You cannot improve your life without taking care of it in all aspects, from the physical to the emotional. And to achieve this, Meyo is undoubtedly one of the best options. By leading a healthy lifestyle, developing yourself as a person, and enriching your relationships with others, your life will improve and you will be much happier. An application that we will be following very closely.

    • You can download Meyo for Android and iOS.

    1. Peaceful

    peaceful is an app that helps you connect with your breathing and therefore with the here and now. It is inspired by the principles of mindfulness, which is a philosophy and a way of relating to oneself and the environment in a more adaptive way. Scientific studies suggest that mindfulness helps fight stress and depression, among many other benefits, which we explain in the article: “Mindfulness: 8 Benefits of Mindfulness”

    With peace, it is possible to become aware of our own body and the environment around us. It teaches you coping strategies based on self-compassion and mindfulness, so that you can apply them in unpleasant situations. In addition, it has different options, among which stand out guided meditation, recording thoughts, daily challenges, Mood tracking.

    2. Mindfulness at the gym

    Following the principles of the previous application, a good alternative to improve well-being is “Gym Mindfulness”, a workout that allows you to improve your quality of life. It is a mental training that offers different tools for mindfulness practices, which, as discussed in the previous point, has many advantages.

    With this app you can adopt a non-judgmental mindset while managing your emotions and thoughts more effectively, based on observation and compassionate attitude. With 20 minutes of daily practice, your emotional balance can improve dramatically.

    3. Intimate

    An application developed by expert meditators, which provides access to hundreds of free meditations to find inner peace. It is an application which can be used for free; However, it is also possible to hire a paid service, which costs € 10 per month, and offers many options to enjoy a fuller life. 10 minutes a day is enough to enjoy better emotional health.

    4. Mynetdiary

    This app is essential for having a healthy life because it allows you to control your food wherever and whenever you want. It’s a food diary that counts calories and you can carry it anywhere in your pocket. It is an option that has a positive impact on the health of the body, but also on the mind, since there is a link between what we eat and our mood.

      5. Encouragement

      One of the disorders that most affects the population today is pathological anxiety. And while anxiety is adaptive and can be very helpful, when it appears in situations where it is not needed, it can create a great deal of discomfort. Acquiring the tools to learn to manage this phenomenon is a good choice to regain your mental health and feel better. Thanks to Moods, it is possible to follow negative thought and behavior patterns to be able to remedy this unpleasant situation.

      6. My fitness friend

      If diet affects the way we feel, so does exercising or not exercising. My fitness stick is a good alternative for those who exercise and want to eat healthy, Because it’s one of the best calorie counters on the market.

      It’s also a great diet monitor so you know what to eat at all times. It also provides information about the foods you eat so that you know the micronutrients and macronutrients you are ingesting. One of the most useful apps on the market.

      7. Fitness HD

      This app is a perfect complement to the previous app, as it allows you to combine diet and physical activity, which has a positive impact on emotional and psychological health. With this app you can improve your life because it is a calorie counter which also has hundreds of exercise routines and a pedometer so you can get in shape effectively. Enjoying a healthy body is enjoying a healthy mind. This app allows you to share your progress on your social networks.

      8. Happier

      Happier helps you improve your life and be happier. In fact, this is one of the most prestigious apps for feeling good, because according to a study published in the famous “Time” magazine, it was considered one of the best wellness apps of 2013. Like the other applications on this list, it is based on the principles of mindfulness and meditation is one of the options offered by this tool. In addition, it offers inspiring and motivating phrases to start the day on the right foot.

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