Meditation as a remedy for fanaticism

From time to time we had breakfast with the discovery, thanks to scientists from five continents, of new applications of Mindfulness and meditation for the improvement of human capacities.

Self-awareness, flow and meditation

The boom in meditation has let us know without a doubt that regular practice of these techniques helps us to concentrate, to develop the ability to self-awareness, To enter Flow State to play sports, to write (to whom we write) and a long and so on.

In reality, the applications are almost unlimited because ultimately, the practice of meditation and mindfulness allows us to “shine” our intrinsic abilities, That otherwise they would remain hidden in consciousness; we would live without knowing that they are in us. Meditation, as the Buddha would say, helps us awaken, mindfulness, as a humanistic psychologist would say, it helps us.

A possible recipe against sectarianism

In this sense, I dare say that meditating would also be a wonderful antidote to any kind of bigotry. Whether nationalist, religious or sporting fanaticism, the most radical human passions are characterized by the uncritical responsiveness of the egos of a particular group, encouraged by leadership capable of stoking their passions. Point out, this is the formula for all fanaticism: explosive egos and competent leaders in their handling. And let’s talk about the higher or lower passions, the common characteristic is always that the fanatic individual does not have equanimity.

What is equanimity? as the Royal Academy of Language says, equanimity is the ability to maintain equality and constancy of mind. It would be something like seeing the river from the shore instead of being washed away by the current. To such a concise definition, we add that to be equanimous is also to be able to temper the reactivity and automatisms of the ego, to observe oneself from the outside and to be aware of the emotions that affect us. every moment.

The more equanimous we are, the greater will be our autonomy in the reaction and, being more aware of the process, we can decide whether we prefer to step out of the non-critical mass by letting ourselves be guided by skilled manipulators. Who better than yourself to run your own life, don’t you think?

The key is not in isolation but in intellectual serenity

I do not mean by this that the ideal, the culmination of vital development is to become solitary individuals, without any signs of identity, let alone. Being equanimous, you can also be from Barça or Valencia, have political or other beliefs, profess a religion or that of beyond. The nuance is in what being fair, I will be able to question myself as a person and question my beliefs and reactions, By adapting and modifying them if necessary. The same will be true of the convictions that others arouse in me: I will be able to contemplate them without fear of losing my identity. It will not be necessary to fall into the confrontation of the sides.

Well, all of this is done outright meditate. And it is that in fact, the exercise of meditation could also be called “the practice of equanimity”. By repeatedly withdrawing attention from the mental and emotional ups and downs that chaotically occur within us and focusing on the breath (or any other object of attention), we create an isolating barrier between us and our selfish automatisms. We are beginning to have control and to exercise it.

An equanimous psyche is a balanced psyche

Likewise, as has been shown in numerous studies conducted on these techniques, by generating equanimity within ourselves, this will be reflected in our daily life. What happens inside happens outside.

So even if it’s just to wrest the power that politicians, sports, and religious leaders have over us, don’t tell me it’s not worth learning to be fairer. Needless to say, they don’t care who you are, their business is done.

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