The 10 best apps to control your period

Some women may have certain problems when it comes to controlling their period, either because it is particularly irregular, due to excessive pain, or for some other reason. On top of that, when it comes to getting pregnant, many women also need technological tools to keep up with the process to be successful and that there is no room for panics or complications.

Today there are many mobile apps that allow us to monitor, enroll and stay up to date with all the variables that may be present in our menstrual cycle and also receive advice and support from qualified professionals.

    The 10 most downloaded apps to control menstruation and hormonal cycles

    If you want to know what are the best menstrual monitoring apps available on the market, See selection below. Here you will find the main features of each of these applications so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

    May 1

    Meyo is the new personal assistant that will allow us to improve in all areas of health that we offer at the physical or psychological level. This application has been developed under the supervision of doctors and healthcare professionals thanks to which Meyo will offer us all kinds of advice and guidance to monitor and record a thorough follow-up of each phase of menstruation.

    The app system itself allows you to get an individualized service tailored to our specific requests with which we can interact at any time, and thanks to the chatbot system built into the app, we can share confidentially and securely. our needs, expectations and problems. of any kind.

    So Meyo is not only an assistant who will help us monitor our physical and bodily variables but will also offer us quality psychological support whenever we need it. This app is available for iOS and Android.

    2. Follow-up

    Clue is another application currently on the market and with which we will get some useful information relating to our periods, in a simple way. The system allows us to monitor menstrual cycles and discover our characteristic patterns, some of which may be periods of ovulation or the most fertile days.

    The essential characteristic of Clue is the provision of scientific information that explains each of the symptoms that we can have and the monitoring of all the phases of the cycle, as well as their effects on the skin, hair or mood changes.

    3. Cycles

    Cycles is a simple application with which we can control our menstrual cycle, Calculate and monitor the days of highest fertility and record all kinds of observations or irregularities, all in complete privacy and security.

    The main novelty offered by this application is the possibility of contacting your partner in private to plan plans according to the fertile periods and also the possibility of receiving notifications on certain phases of the cycle. If you are interested, you will find this app for any iOS device.

    4. Flo

    Flo is a complete menstrual calendar that will allow us to record a large number of variables and various symptoms that we experience during the hormonal cycle, both physical and psychological.

    The application system also allows you to predict the most fertile days of the cycle and has a pregnancy mode, where all kinds of symptoms can also be recorded during the process.

    5. Menstrual calendar and cycle

    Calendar and Menstrual Cycle is the Apple app which allows you to control menstrual cycles by recording all kinds of details and variables in each symptom, such as emotional changes, weight changes, intercourse, or other symptoms of discomfort.

    This menstrual calendar also allows us to set reminders if we take any type of medication or birth control pill.

    6. My period diary

    This app also allows us to control our menstrual cycles but with less chance of interaction and adding variables on our symptoms. also, with my menstrual diary, we can set the ovulation dates and determine the most fertile periods.

    The main feature of this tool is its simplicity and intuitive operation, so if you are interested in this type of application, do not hesitate to download it.

    7. WomanLog

    WomanLog is one of the most detailed and comprehensive apps with which we can control our menstrual cycles. The app distinguishes over 20 moods to select from and over 70 physical symptoms with which the system can build a complete and rigorous physical and psychological profile of the user.

    In addition to this, the app also allows you to record the weight, temperature and exact time of sex.

    8. Menstrual calendar – Fertility and ovulation

    This app is one of the most popular and top rated on Google Play and will allow us to record different symptoms and values ​​such as weight, gender or temperature and make predictions about the chances of pregnancy.

    The Menstrual Calendar app also lets you schedule reminders of all kinds about drugs or contraceptive methods.

    9. Rules monitoring

    Period Tracker will allow us to record all the variables related to our health from the start of our menstrual process.

    A simple and intuitive application that allows us to export our data and measurements by email to use them, for example, to present them to the gynecologist.

    10. LadyTimer

    Ladytimer is a schedule with which we can control in the best possible way all the variables related to our periods and also set reminders that we need.

    In addition to that, this tool allows us to get in touch and share experiences with other users through an internal forum.

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