The 10 best apps to improve habits

Joining a gym, starting a diet, quitting smoking, sleeping for hours … We have started making these promises almost every year, but everyday life leaves us little time to find the means to consolidate these goals.

In this context, the mobile telephony market has offered its users all kinds of applications aimed at simplifying all this, helping people to create and above all to establish new healthy lifestyles.

But, of all the options, which are the best? In order to find the one that best fits your profile and your needs, in today’s article we offer you a selection of the 10 best apps to improve your lifestyle.

    What are the best apps for improving habits?

    This compilation has been prepared taking into account the scientific validity of what it presents, its effectiveness, its ease of use, its adaptation to the profile of each user, the entertainment it offers, the thoroughness of visual appearance and many other factors. Here is a selection of the 10 best apps for creating and adopting healthy lifestyles..

    May 1

    Meyo is an application which, since its launch in early 2020, has completely revolutionized the market thanks to a revolutionary bet: to be an application application. In this sense, Meyo can be understood as an assistant focused on creating and establishing lifestyle habits in everything we mean by health, from caring for the body to maintaining a healthy mind.

    Meyo, which made a first round of investment of around 1 million euros, was created by a team of psychologists and other high-level professionals who have created all kinds of content to help the user improve their habits. of life while having fun obviously.

    The app offers videos, exercise routines, personalized diets, phrases (similar to psychological therapy), meditations, games, tips and even short films (some of which have won Oscars) that illustrate the topics addressed.

    Meyo, with all of this, seeks to make the user master and master of their physical and emotional health, establishing positive habits and eliminating bad ones. Eat healthy, exercise, quit smoking, sleep better, escape stress, take care of relationships with loved ones, encourage sexuality, perform better at work, lose weight, gain muscle mass, encourage responsible consumption, overcoming addictions … your progress and motivates you to continue to take care of your body and mind.

    Its first users claim that the app helps them a lot to create new healthy habits and to introduce and consolidate them in their new life and that in addition, with their design, ease of use and entertainment, it is is very entertaining. and rewarding.

    • You can download Meyo for Android and iOS.

    • To find out more: “What can you do with Meyo? 16 advantages of this application”

    2. Buckles

    Loop is one of the best apps to meet your needs and consolidate new healthy lifestyles. This app allows the user to keep detailed track of their progress, create “goals” and analyze how they are achieving them.

    The application consists of a calendar in which the user can say if he achieves his daily goals: sleep the necessary hours, meditate, play sports, eat fruit … whatever he decides. Loop motivates the user to achieve their goals and see if they really consolidate their new habits.

    3. HabitShare

    As indicated by his name, HabitShare is based on sharing with whom we decide (mainly family and friends) about our progress when creating and establishing new healthy lifestyles.

    This app allows you to design reminders to have something that “forces” you to be your best, create a calendar with the goals you have set for yourself and create a contact list (of your choice) which can be considered as evolutions and progress. With your loved ones supporting you, everything is much simpler.

    4. Habit tracking

    Habit Tracker is an application designed to create and consolidate healthy lifestyles and also to give up bad ones. The user should simply indicate the habit that he wants to introduce (or eliminate) from his life and note how often he has to comply with it, i.e. eating fruit three times a day or going to the gym twice a week, for example.

    From there, the app generates a timeline in which we manually indicate whether or not we are meeting our goals. This way it is very easy to follow the progress.

    5. Inhabit

    Habitify is an application committed to simplicity. It is a kind of journal in which we mark what habits we want to consolidate (or eliminate) in our lives and we will simply mark on the calendar whether or not we are achieving our goals.

    The application has a monitoring section in which it offers us, in the form of a graph and therefore, in a very visual way, a vision of how we are progressing.

    6. Quitzilla

    His name is perfect. Quitzilla focuses precisely on this: “to stop” bad habits, that is, to give up them. If it is not designed to consolidate new habits, it is one of the best tools if what you want is to quit smoking, spend less on clothes and whims, eat less pastries, bet less, play less video games … What to do.

    The app allows the user to track how they are going to let go of these negative habits and motivates them to continue giving the best version of themselves by offering them trophies when they achieve their goals.

    7. Todoist

    Todoist is an Android app and one of the most useful when setting calendar reminders, so it also serves to consolidate (or eliminate) specific lifestyle habits. Its strong point is that by organizing tasks well, it saves us time in achieving our goals.

    In addition, it allows you to follow your progress, that is, whether or not you comply with the pending tasks and offers users the possibility of creating projects that are shared with friends or whoever we want, so that together you are motivated to continue.

    8. Habitica

    Habitica is an application based on the concept of gamification, that is, turning something that is traditionally considered boring into a game. Duolingo is a clear example of this, which made learning a language incredibly fun and rewarding.

    This app does the same thing, but with the aim of introducing new healthy habits into our lives. The user only has to select their goals and objectives and from there the app offers games and all kinds of content so that getting what you want is easy and fun, keeping the user motivated and enriching by the experience.

    9. HabitHub

    HabitHub is another simple but effective design app that allows you to track and monitor the achievement of new healthy lifestyle habits. The app allows you to track the schedule and see, graphically, what percentage of compliance with the goals we are pursuing.

    In addition, HabitHub allows you to change the design of the different screens to customize and offers the possibility to include reminders that will help us.

    10. Google Calendar

    Strange as it may sound, the Google Calendar itself may be one of the best tools for consolidating (or eliminating) new, healthy lifestyles. And does this app have many features that we might not be familiar with but which are incredibly useful.

    You can add all kinds of reminders and notes as well as set alarms so that quitting smoking, going to the gym, dieting, meditating, etc. is much easier. This diary and diary is one of the best options for better managing our time, tracking our progress, and installing new routines in our everyday life.

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