The 10 best health apps

Smartphones have revolutionized our lives. Since their expansion in recent years, they have completely revolutionized the way we relate to the world and transmit and receive information.

But they have not only succeeded in eliminating the borders of the world. Smartphones are proving to have the potential to improve our lives in ways that until recently seemed unimaginable.

And are mobile apps, commonly known as apps, starting to show that the future of healthcare can lie in our pockets. Some apps have paved the way for improving people’s health, both physically and mentally.

    Because preserving health is no longer just the business of hospitals. We can all have access to advice and measures that guarantee the preservation of our health with just one click. And in today’s article, we are making a compilation of some of the apps that will completely revolutionize the concept of health that we have.

    What are the essential health applications?

    The health application market is booming, as we are increasingly aware of the incredible potential of smartphones to preserve the health of the entire population in an accessible, intimate, efficient and personalized environment.

    Among all the options that you can find to download right now, we have presented a list of the 10 best health apps, taking into account criteria of functionality, benefits, scientific support, Ease of use, etc.

    May 1

    “Meyo” is an application developed by a Barcelona start-up which is intended to mark a before and after in the world of healthcare apps as it is the most ambitious project when it comes to apps of this type. It does not focus on just one area of ​​health. It encompasses absolutely everyone.

    “Meyo” can be downloaded for free from Monday March 16, 2020 and everything indicates that it will forever revolutionize the market for health applications on Android and iOS. And is that there is no history of such a health app. It is the first to encompass absolutely all aspects of health in one application.

    After a year of development and an investment of nearly 1 million euros, “Meyo” is preparing to offer its users the first 360 ° health assistant, allowing you to optimize, manage and know your health. like never before.

    “Meyo” seeks that its users are the owners of their own health and for this, with the supervision of scientific experts and doctors, as well as a team of more than 30 people, offers countless advantages to get the best part of our health, both physically and psychologically.

    Based on the use of artificial intelligence with which the user has conversations, “Meyo” is able to detect what the needs of this person are based on what he says, his fears, his problems, of his aspirations …

    From there, the app gives us all kinds of challenges to improve in all areas of what is considered healthy living, and not just in terms of diet and exercise. Because in addition to offering thousands of different healthy recipes and offering sports routines according to your level, “Meyo” goes much further.

    Get to know us more as individuals, increase your performance at work, sleep better, overcome phobias and fears, improve your communication skills, overcome stress, relax, make leisure plans, improve our mood , get to know our sexuality, overcome the loss of a loved one or a breakup, cope with anxiety, stop smoking, stop shyness, give up compulsive habits …

    In everything you can imagine in terms of physical or emotional health, “Meyo” can help you get the most out of yourself, prevent the development of all kinds of diseases and, ultimately, enjoy an adequate quality of life..

    And while that may sound like a lot, the benefits don’t end there. For the first time in the history of mobile applications, “Meyo” offers its users the possibility of analyzing their genes. Via the application itself, a genetic analysis kit can be requested. With this information integrated into the app, you will receive health advice in the most personalized way possible.

    And does the analysis of your genes, “Meyo” offers you all kinds of diets and recommendations for exercise, sleep patterns and any other aspect of life in a completely individualized way. Depending on your genes, “Meyo” will tell you exactly which foods to eat (and in what amounts) and which to moderate your consumption to optimize your health as much as possible. Today there is no way to optimize health any further.

    But it doesn’t end there. “Meyo” also offers you meditations and respiratory therapies to relax you, as well as the possibility of having all kinds of conversations with the artificial intelligence chatbot, endowed with many skills in communication and understanding. And he speaks in a very human, close and funny way. You can talk to him about whatever you want.

    Without forgetting the innumerable audiovisual contents created by a team of high level animators and who accompany in a very pleasant way all the challenges and activities posed by the application. All of this content is designed with expert approval and illustrates all kinds of healthy habits as well as all the games and activities included in the app for the user to have fun while learning to maintain their health.

    “Meyo” also offers the possibility of scanning any food or product that is in supermarkets and gives a rating according to its state of health for your health. An indispensable tool when shopping to find out what is good for you and your loved ones.

    No doubt “Meyo” has just stayed. An essential app not only for taking care of your health in the most personalized way possible, but also for making the most of your skills and enjoying a fuller life in every way imaginable. Because health is not just about being healthy. Health benefits the quality of life.

    • To find out more about Meyo: “‘Meyo’, the application that will revolutionize physical and psychological health”


    IDoctus is an application for doctors. And is that since its launch, more than 440,000 doctors have relied on this app, designed to save time and diagnose diseases as accurately as possible.

    The app offers a huge database and enables communication between doctors, giving them quick information on symptoms and treatments associated with all kinds of illnesses. A fantastic tool for healthcare professionals looking to optimize their work.

    3. Universal doctor speaker

    One of the main problems in health care is that there are communication problems between doctors and patients. There is nothing worse than leaving a consultation with doubts generated by complex medical language. This is where this application comes in, developed to function as a sort of translator of medical information. to make it more understandable.

    In addition, it is useful for people who have certain symptoms and want to know what health problem they may have. A very good tool to break the boundaries between doctors and patients.

    4. With you

    One of the apps with the most emotional content that can be found. In “With You”, 16 women who have fought and conquered breast cancer offer a guide for women going through this situation.

    The app has a very interactive format and helps women who have been diagnosed with this disease and who are full of fears and doubts understand what each phase of the cancer process looks like. Likewise, it offers advice to relatives to know what to do in this situation.

    5. Headroom

    We are increasingly aware of the benefits of meditation for physical and emotional health. The developers of “Headspace”, aware of this situation, created an application centered on the world of meditation.

    If you want to introduce meditation into your life, this app can be a good option. And while it doesn’t offer advice on other aspects of physical or emotional health, the truth is, its catalog of meditations can help you get rid of stress and get to know yourself better.

    6. Take my pain

    This health application is intended for people who they coexist with chronic pain. And while the general population may not find much use in it, “Catch My Pain” is excellent for improving the quality of life of these people.

    The app works as a kind of “pain diary” in which the user records what hurts, how much hurts, how long it hurts, etc. This information is sent to your doctor so that when the patient has an appointment they will already have a rough idea of ​​what the person needs. Definitely a great tool for anyone with chronic pain.

    7. Social diabetes

    “Social Diabetes” is an application that significantly improves the quality of life of people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes, A chronic disease that affects more than 400 million people worldwide.

    The app gives people with diabetes the ability to track their disease very precisely, as it collects information about the carbohydrates they are consuming and tells you how much insulin should be injected. In addition, it allows the doctor and the diabetic patient to always be in communication.

    If you have or know someone who has this condition, “social diabetes” is a tool that can greatly improve your quality of life.

    8. Dermomap

    Do you just have skin problems? “Dermomap” can be your solution. And it is that this application specializes in the diagnosis of skin diseases. The user explains the problems encountered and the app searches a large database for advice on what the person can (and should not) do to resolve the problem.

    9. Cycles

    “Cycles” is an application available on iOS is for women who want to take control of their menstrual cycle in the easiest way possible. And it is that the application makes all possible facilities so that the woman keeps a perfectly ordered follow-up of everything that refers to her menstrual cycle, including the days of greatest fertility.

    10. There is

    “Ada” is an application that also offers interactive communication between the user and artificial intelligence. The app asks the user simple questions and compares the answers with those of other people to help find the best possible explanation for the symptoms.

    A very good tool to get out of doubts when we have symptoms or health problems that concern us. This app can help us to stay calm or to know if we need to go to the doctor.

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