The 10 Best Women Empowerment Apps

In today’s world, there are more and more opportunities for women to work in industries traditionally occupied by men, such as technology and mobile applications.

There are more and more apps created by and for women, Which allow you to improve your daily life or to denounce these unfair behaviors which move away from what we all understand as equality between men and women.

    The 10 Most Downloaded & Top Rated Women Empowerment Apps

    Today we take a look at the 10 apps that best represent women’s empowerment, Where you will find founders of the most innovative applications, to applications designed exclusively for women.

    May 1

    Meyo is a renowned application created by a startup from Barcelona who has developed a tool with which you can control different aspects of your life related to psychological well-being, work and your health in general, meeting the particular needs of each user in a personalized way thanks to artificial intelligence.

    Through gamification in healthy lifestyles, Meyo offers an interesting proposition for all people who wish to improve their well-being through challenges that will make us progress constantly, as well as to have a chatbot with which you can interact. to improve your progress.

    • You can download Meyo by accessing this Google Play page.

    2. Bumble

    Bumble is a dating app created by famous Whitney Wholf, Who was in his time co-founder of the app to link Tinder. However, Bumble has a feminist approach through which it is intended that women have power, thus avoiding sticky situations for women who use this app.

    In Bumble, you can send photos, but the watermark of the user who sends them appears, greatly reducing cyberbullying and inappropriate behavior from some men.

    3. Women

    An-nis is an app that offers a secure taxi service that can only be used by women, And aims to ensure that women can return home without fear or problem, especially when returning from a party or at night.

    The application was born in the face of a very complicated situation in which many women in Kenya live, who have suffered thousands of kidnappings in recent years. The drivers are other women who offer to transport other women and children.

    4. Don’t buy

    Notbuyingit is a well-known application, the main objective of which is to combat sexism in advertising and in the media. Use the content of films, advertisements or programs that appear in the media where sexist attitudes are exhibited to give visibility and awareness to the company.

    Through this app, anyone can give visibility to these sexist ads, with the aim of exposing brands or people who still behave inappropriately.

    5. Hollaback

    Hollaback is an app that works worldwide to end street harassment and online around the world. This application provides an emergency point accessible to anyone affected by a harassment situation.

    Hollaback not only aims to protect victims and persecute bullies, but also seeks to bring visibility to a problem that still exists in developed societies, looking for ways to reduce harassment situations.

    6. Women on the map

    Women on the map is an application created by women between 13 and 22 years old that aims to broaden the recognition of women’s achievements from a cultural, commercial, professional and creative point of view.

    The operation of this application is very simple, the smartphone vibrates every time a person passes a place where a woman has made a remarkable event, from musical performances led by women, to geological discoveries by experts in the field.

    7. The woman’s word

    Women’s Word is another application that aims to give visibility to all these successes, Discoveries and advances that women have made throughout history in areas such as science, technology, and economics, among other areas historically ruled by men.

    Currently, only 7.5% of historical figures in textbooks are women. The absence of women in the books is another example of the inequality that existed centuries ago, where it was men who played an active and prominent role in major sectors of society.

    8. Display

    Layar is an app that was founded in 2009 by a Dutch engineer named Clara Boonstra, Who is considered one of the most influential women in tech.

    She was one of the pioneers in developing technologies that make augmented reality possible, using camera, GPS and accelerometer triangulation to overlay layers of information and create dynamic experiences in museums, restaurants or architectural monuments.

    9. Classpass

    Classpass is an app for use in gym classes such as spinning, CrossFit or yoga, Which operates through a credit system that women and men can use in centers around the world.

    Its founder is a woman Payal Kadakia, who encountered a real problem while conducting ballet classes in New York. What he did was create a platform, like there is with restaurants, where you can attend certain classes without having to be directed to the gym.

    10. Camera +

    Camera + is an application created for iPhone which was created in 2010 by Lisa Bettany, An enterprising and renowned photographer based in Canada. Today it has millions of downloads, being one of the most popular photo editing apps in the iOS environment.

    Thanks to this application created by an enterprising young woman, today there are millions of people who can take advantage of an excellent program to edit their photographs.

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