The 11 best apps to get in shape

The hectic pace of life today makes it difficult for some people to maintain the physical activity that they would like at all times to stay in shape. Fortunately, we can find one today a wide variety of mobile apps that work like personal trainers and that they get the best out of each of us.

These apps have been developed by professionals in fitness, as well as in the field of medicine and nutrition, and with their help anyone will be able to get in shape in a short period of time.

    The 11 most downloaded apps to get in shape

    Below we show you a selection of the 11 best apps to get in shape and exercise., In which we concisely highlight the main characteristics of each of them.

    1. Oorenji

    The new healthy nutrition app is called Oorenji. Developed by a Barcelona start-up, this application allows each user to receive suggestions on food and nutrition that are specialized and geared to their needs, according to their nutritional profile.

    There are many services offered by this new application, among the main ones can be specialized diets, the offer of special recipes for each person and daily nutritional plans adapted to the daily needs of the user.

    In addition to this, Oorenji also offers the possibility to perform genetic analysis in order to incorporate more nutritional or health information of the user, so that the feedback is even more personalized.

    • This app can be downloaded for free from the iOS and Android stores to start enjoying all the benefits that Oorenji offers to take your sports life to the highest level.

    May 2

    Meyo is a 360º personal assistant with which anyone will be able to get in shape in no time and get useful tips and information at any time to get it. This application has been developed under the supervision of doctors and professional psychologists who are experts in nutrition and offers a wide variety of personalized programs and interactive content specializing in sports, nutrition and health in general.

    The Meyo Assistant has been a real revolution in the market for health promotion applications. And is the intelligent Meyo system able to offer individualized assistance at all times taking into account the user’s needs and goals, regardless of their physical condition, age or level of sports training?

    But how can you help Meyo lose weight fast? Some of Meyo’s most notable health and weight loss benefits are the personalized diets offered by the app based on what the user wants – how many times per day that you want to eat, on the type of diet you are on. interested in.

    In addition to this, Meyo also offers a variety of fully personalized sports plans according to the user’s goals and tastes; professional programs to stop bad habits such as smoking and the ability to scan food using the app’s barcode reader, which allows you to get detailed information about the nutritional value of a food and other characteristics thereof.

    • Meyo is available for iOS and Android for free, a really useful total health app for weight loss that thousands of people are already enjoying.

    3. Adjust

    Seven is an app designed to train seven minutes a day. Its main feature is its video game format, with sample videos of each exercise where the coaches are animated characters.

    This app offers 12 different exercises, 200 in the premium version and allows connectivity with other users with whom you can compete and compare performance in each of the exercise modes.

    4. Freeletics body weight

    This app also offers personalized training plans to get you in shape, based on your fitness level and user goals. Freeletics Bodyweight is available for iOS and Android and also has a paid version where weekly instructions and over 900 exercise modes are offered.

    Furthermore, the premium version also offers videos explaining each exercise and access to other apps, such as Freeletics Nutricion, which provides information on healthy eating.

    5. Sworkit

    Sworkit is a personal trainer that allows you to practice personalized workouts depending on the time you want to devote to it, the intensity, the part of the body you want to work on and the type of training, whether aerobic, strength or stretching.

    All Sworkit exercises are professionally designed and easy to learn. The app has a 7-day trial period for the user to decide if they want to subscribe or not.

    6. 8fit

    8fit is an application available for iOS and Android which offers training sessions combined with healthy eating programs, in the paid version. Each session lasts no more than 20 minutes and most of them are high intensity.

    With the Premium version, you can access hundreds of training methods as well as nutritious recipes and eating plans. In addition, the application offers a personalized support service for professional coaches.

    7. Runtastic

    Runtastic works as a personal trainer available for iOS and Android which offers personalized exercise plans for each user according to their functionalities.

    In the free version, the app offers 7 exercise modes, while the paid version can be viewed up to 26 exercises, workout tables and 180 educational videos in which each of the routines is explained.

    8. Activity monitoring

    Activity Tracker is a step counter with which the user can adjust their weight and height to receive a more precise estimate of the kilocalories lost during the day.

    This app can be downloaded for free for iOS and Android, does not need to be activated with GPS and consumes little battery, making it a very useful tool for getting in shape and losing weight.

    9. Maintain

    Keep is an Android application that offers more than 400 exercises to get in shape. In each of them, you can adjust the person’s training level and gradually go up until you notice the results.

    Each exercise also has how-to videos with which everyone will immediately learn how to do them.

    10. Exclusive exercises

    An ideal application for people who cannot move from home or who prefer to get in shape from home. Proprietary Exercises offers how-to videos and warm-up exercises.

    This app is also available for Android and iOS and allows you to create personalized exercise plans as well as workout reminders during the week.

    11. Fitbit Coach

    Fitbit Coach is a personal trainer available for iOS and Android, as well as mobile and tablets.

    this application offers a variety of exercises ranging from 7 minutes to an hour, And with different intensity levels so you find your perfect spot and can take a firm step forward.

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