The 11 best sports apps (training, diet, running …)

We all know the benefits of exercise: controlling body weight, reducing the risk of all kinds of illnesses, and even a huge improvement in our mood. But even so, more than half of the world’s population does not exercise the minimum necessary physical activity.

Sedentary lifestyle is a real global pandemic, responsible each year for more or less directly 2 million deaths, because it is linked to cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes, obesity, hypertension …

And this can be explained in part because people tend to think that sport takes a long time in our already busy lives. In this context, mobile applications have come to show us that there is no excuse. Anyone can (and should) exercise.

    Available to everyone, regardless of level or preference, these apps promote what we all do. But the market for sports applications is huge, so in today’s article we bring you a selection of the best.

    What are the best apps for sports?

    Whatever your level or your preferences, there is definitely a sports app for you. For exercising at home, outdoors, at the gym, at the beach, at the pool … Or if you want to go for a run, cycle or do yoga or stretching. These applications have come to revolutionize the world of sport.

    Exercising has never been easier, as these apps allow you to save time, track your progress, and learn how to exercise to maximize your efficiency.

    Here are some of the best sports apps that can be found today, whether on Android or iOS.. We made the selection based on different parameters: functionality, tracking options, content, scientific support, ease of use, user-level adaptation, etc.

    1. Oorenji

    Oorenji is the new app on health, nutrition and healthy eating habits, Which will certainly revolutionize the healthy applications market.

    This application was developed by a Barcelona start-up and allows a totally individualized experience thanks to its artificial intelligence system, which takes into account each of the user’s needs to offer him the services that suit him best.

    The main services offered by Oorenji are specialized diets, daily menus adapted to the nutritional needs of daily life and the possibility of performing genetic analysis to integrate a greater volume of data into the system.

    This genetic analysis is based on a saliva sample taken at home and thanks to its laboratory analysis, it will be possible to obtain much more specific information about the user at the nutritional level, such as which foods are most recommended and which diets, they can prevent certain genetic diseases.

    • This app can be featured for free from the Android store and for iOS.

    May 2

    Meyo is on the way to become one of the benchmark sports apps, Therefore very attentive to its release (free) the week of March 16, 2020. Meyo stands out with its incredible catalog of exercises that can be practiced. From home exercises to the gym, running, swimming, cycling, yoga, meditation routines … whatever.

    The app offers users a personalized plan in which they have to perform an activity every day, including days off. Each day is clearly marked what to do and how.

    The application accompanies it with a magnificent audiovisual section, offering explanatory videos told on how to do each of its hundreds of physical exercises that it integrates into the database.

    In addition, it adapts perfectly to the level of each user. Depending on where you are starting from, it will ask you more or less. But in any case, always try to optimize your health and offer yourself the exercises that are best for you. Meyo saves you all the time from planning routines and adapts to your level, always looking for progress. The benefits are noticeable soon.

    But that’s not all, because Meyo seeks 360 ° health promotion. And sport is a very important part of health, but that’s not all. It also focuses on food, sleep, personal development, work (and study), personal relationships, and hobbies.

    Dieting, sleeping better, increasing work or school performance, overcoming stress, learning to relax, making leisure plans, giving up compulsive habits, overcoming a breakup or the death of a loved one, getting to know our sexuality, improve our mood, overcome phobias and fears, stop smoking …

    In all matters of physical and emotional health, Meyo can help. Because being in good health is not just not being sick. It is also about being happy and enjoying a good quality of life.

    And for the first time in history, an application offers the possibility to the user to analyze his genes. You can request a genetic analysis kit. The information is passed to the app and from there you get a 100% personalized eating plan. It will tell you exactly what foods you should eat (and how much) and what foods you should moderate. Today there is no way to optimize health any further.

    Meyo is not just a sports app. Sport is only part of its countless benefits. Certainly an application that we will follow very closely in 2020.

    3. Runtastic

    Runtastic is one of the quintessential sports apps. Created by Adidas, this application is the benchmark in the world of “running”. If you are already trained to go for a run, this is your app. And if you’re not, too.

    Runtastic allows you to perfectly record all your activities, tracks you and lets you observe your progress. You can measure distance, time, pace, speed, calories burned, altitude gained (or lost), and all the parameters you need to control to motivate yourself to perform at your best.

    The app also offers challenges so that you are always motivated to go further and can contact other friends to see how you are progressing. And although it is designed for running, it is also suitable for cycling, walking, swimming, skiing … With Runtastic you can track it all.

    4. 8fit

    Do you want to work out but not sign up for a gym? 8fit is one of the best options. This sports app is one of the benchmarks in the home exercise world. It’s a personal trainer that gives you routines you can do at home, outdoors, or wherever you want, without the need for gym equipment.

    It’s a great app for people who want to exercise but don’t have a lot of time to go to the gym or run. The workouts he offers last between 5 and 20 minutes and are done with his own body weight.

    And since sport should be complemented by a healthy diet, the app also offers you all kinds of healthy recipes. 8fit is a great sports and nutrition app.

    5. Nike + running

    Nike + Running is the Nike Runtastic. This is an application designed for the “running” world. It keeps track of distance, pace, speed, calories burned, altitude, and more, and gives you personalized weekly and monthly challenges to motivate you to always perform at your best.

    This Nike app can be your perfect running companion. It has many features and at the same time is easy to use. Suitable for all levels.

    6. Nike Training Club

    Nike Training Club is a sports application fantastic. It has one of the most comprehensive exercise catalogs and you can choose between home or gym workouts. The app poses challenges for you to keep improving constantly.

    It adapts to all levels, from beginners to people in very good physical shape. Workouts last between 15 and 45 minutes and prioritize all exercises performed with body weight.

    In addition, it allows you to do the workouts performed by some of the most famous athletes in the world: Cristiano Ronaldo, Serena Williams, Alex Morgan … One of the most complete sports applications to boost muscle strength on the market.

    7. GPS moped

    Do you like cycle routes? Cyclemeter GPS is your app. It also works for runners, but it’s specially designed for cyclists. The app keeps track of your routes, whether by road or in the mountains, and stores them. In fact, there is no storage limit. You can save as many routes as you want.

    The application is linked to Google Maps to obtain information about the terrain and its slopes. It allows you to design your own training plan based on your goals and allows you to observe your progress. No matter your level. Cyclemeter will motivate you to always give your best.

    8. Fitness & Gym Workouts

    Are you registered for a gym? Don’t hesitate and download Gym Fitness & Workouts. Although you also have the option of exercising at home or outdoors, its strong point is its catalog of over 300 exercises that are performed with gym equipment.

    The app asks you to tell it how many days you go to the gym and from there you make a weekly plan. It is especially focused on people who exercise a lot, but anyone can use it. In addition, she offers diets to improve muscle synthesis and advice on the consumption of sports supplements. If you want to get the most out of your workouts, this is your app.

    9. Home exercises

    With her name, you don’t need much more explanation. This application is one of the benchmarks for home sports. It offers a lot of exercises that can be done without going to the gym and users confirm that the results will be noticed after a few days.

    The app gives you weekly routines and presents exercises that are performed with your own body weight, without the need for sports equipment. Many exercises are done with furniture that is in the house. The app allows you to train every muscle in your body and stimulate cardiovascular work. Stay in shape without leaving the house and devote a few minutes a day.

    10. Daily yoga

    One of the main applications in the world of yoga. Daily Yoga helps you familiarize yourself with this discipline and, if you are already at an advanced level, it continues to help you progress. The app consists of guided lessons that can be delivered at home.

    The app offers you more than 500 yoga, pilates and meditation sessions. Losing weight, sleeping better, overcoming stress … The applications of yoga to physical and emotional health are immense. Plus, it tracks sessions, even monitoring your heart rate if you have a device that can be linked to the app. If you want to enter the world of yoga or if you already were but don’t have the time to sign up for classes, this is definitely your app.

    11. Speedo activated

    Speedo On is the ultimate sports app for the swimming world. It doesn’t matter if you are in the pool, on the beach or if you have a low or high level. This is your app. Know the distance, speed, pace, and calories burned when swimming.

    Speedo On offers swimming training programs so you can quickly see your progress and stay motivated to perform at your best. You can follow all sessions. Thousands of swimmers have already tried it and have been amazed by its performance.

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