The 12 best nutrition apps

We all know that eating well is very important for our health.. And it is that bad eating habits are a direct cause of all kinds of illnesses, both physical and mental: cardiovascular disease, obesity, strokes, depression and even cancer.

The problem is, the constant stress we live in due to work and today’s society leaves us with little time to organize and monitor our diet. This is why it is common that, despite knowing its importance, we eat what is easiest to prepare. This usually coincides with less healthy foods.

In this context, nutrition applications are booming. And do smartphones have the potential to give us all kinds of nutritional advice at the click of a button. These apps save us a lot of time in menu planning, give us healthy recipes and make us aware of the importance of eating well for our health.

    This is why in today’s article we will review the 12 best nutrition apps, based on their benefits, Its ease of use, its scientific basis, etc. These apps are meant to completely change the world of food.

    What are the essential nutritional applications?

    undoubtedly the healthcare applications market is growing exponentially, As they meet the needs of all those people who want to eat healthy but do not have enough time to plan their meals or who know how much to consume different nutrients.

    There are many such apps on Android and iOS, but below is a selection of those that in quantity and quality of content surpass the rest.

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    1. Oorenji

    One of the nutrition apps we need to consider is Oorenji, The new app for health, nutrition and healthy eating habits.

    This application allows you to configure the profile of each user, from which it will offer a variety of specialized services and advice so that each person can improve in the field of daily nutrition.

    Some of the services offered by Oorenji are personalized diets, weekly or daily nutrition plans tailored to the specific needs of the person and also a wide variety of professional recipes for each day of the week.

    In addition to this, Oorenji allows the possibility of performing a genetic analysis at home, based on an intake of saliva, which will integrate very useful information about the user to the artificial intelligence system of the application to receive further service. more personalized.

    • This app can be downloaded for free from iOS and Android stores.

    May 2

    “Meyo” is intended to revolutionize not only the world of nutrition, but that of health in general. And it is that this application developed by a Barcelona start-up over a year and with a budget of nearly 1 million euros, in addition to offering the most personalized nutritional indications on the market, aims to make users owners of their health in all its aspects. : sport, sleep, personal relationships, rest, leisure …

    It can be downloaded for free from Monday March 16, 2020 and one of its pillars is nutrition. And is that in addition to offering thousands of different healthy recipes and allowing users to organize their daily menus according to their daily needs, it encourages them to cook and consume environmentally sustainable products.

    But its main feature and what sets it apart from others is that “Meyo” offers users the ability to analyze their genes. From the app itself, they can rent a genetic analysis kit and a company will analyze its entire genome and automatically incorporate the information into the app.

    Now “Meyo” can regulate the user’s power supply in the most individualized way possible. Knowing the person’s genes, the app can recommend the consumption of certain foods (and the exact amounts) and suggest moderate consumption or even suppress the consumption of others. Unprecedented functionality.

    In this way, the application combines the most advanced knowledge of nutrition and genetics, because it has a team of experts who have allowed “Meyo” to personalize foods to the maximum. The diets she will offer you are perfectly designed to ensure optimal health, because we do not all respond to the same foods in the same way.

    Moreover, it allows you to scan all kinds of foods and products and gives a rating according to their health status. An indispensable tool when shopping and you care about both your health and that of your loved ones.

    Hence, this app allows you to get the most out of your feed. But that’s just the start, because “Meyo” isn’t just about nutrition. It encompasses absolutely all aspects of healthy living.

    Follow sports routines, get to know yourself better as an individual, improve your performance at work, sleep better, overcome phobias and fears, improve communication skills, overcome stress, relax, make plans for hobbies, improve the state of encouragement, explore our sexuality, overcome the loss of a loved one or a breakup, cope with anxiety, quit smoking, stop shyness, get rid of compulsive habits. .

    “Meyo” takes care of your physical and emotional health, because healthy living is not just about eating well.. Plus, it complements everything with animator-created audiovisual content that explains everything that has to do with your food in a very intuitive way.

    Certainly an application that we will be following very closely this year.

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    3. 4 foods

    4eat is an application developed by professional dietitians-nutritionists that provides you with a nutritional plan fully personalized according to your objectives.

    Generate a weekly meal schedule tailored to your tastes, allergies and goals, with amounts tailored to you.

    It is an application that adapts to your daily life, and for this you can choose the number of meals as well as the distribution during the day, so that you can carry out the diet according to your lifestyle. Changing meals for equivalents still meeting the requirements of the diet or shopping list in premium plans are some of the features that they also offer. Still under the motto “do not count calories”, to focus on a healthy and varied diet.

    Losing fat, gaining muscle or improving your diet are the goals available, they also include unrestricted and vegan plans. You’ll know what to eat at all times, with over 200 alternatives between meals, but always showing only what you need to eat to balance your week. 4eat goes beyond traditional diets, you can eat a variety of foods according to your tastes or the time you have available to prepare your meals. The app has internal nutritional logic created by dietitians to ensure you are meeting all of your nutrients. Your health will be assured, improving both aesthetically and your feeling of well-being.

    4. Lifesum

    Lifesum is a great nutrition app that helps users plan weekly menus. Depending on your needs and your schedules, the application offers certain recipes and diets.

    In addition, it has a calorie calculator that helps the person keep an accurate count of the calories they are consuming, to see if they are following a good diet or should reduce the consumption of certain products.

    It takes into account many parameters, including weight, exercise and even the daily steps that are taken, in order to offer diets perfectly suited to your needs.

    5. Confidence

    Don’t have time to think about the dishes? Do you always end up eating the same thing? This app can be your solution. “Noodle” is an application in which you enter the different ingredients that you have at home and it offers you different healthy recipes and originals that you can create with them.

    It contains over 1,800 different recipes and they all share healthy, easy-to-prepare features. A great tool for those who want to innovate in the kitchen and don’t have too much time.

    6. Fitia

    Don’t know what to do to lose weight? Want to gain weight but can’t? “Fitia” may be your best option. This app calculates the calories and the proportion of nutrients (protein, carbohydrate and fat) you need based on your goal.

    It has a database with thousands of different foods or offers healthy personalized nutrition plans. In addition, one of its peculiarities is that it allows intermittent fasting.

    7. Hatcook

    Don’t know what to cook? “Hatcook” can be your salvation. This app has a database of over 10,000 different recipes, which you can filter according to your needs. Plus, it lets you select them based on your cooking skill level.

    This app is one of the best tools not only for healthy eating, but also for learning how to cook and increasing your cooking skills.

    8. MyFitnessPal

    “MyFitnessPal” is a very useful application for all those who are aware of the importance of food and sport. And is that in addition to also having the possibility to scan the products, the database has recorded more than 11 million different foods, allows a recording of what you eat, has a calorie counter …

    A great tool, especially for people who want to lose weight, although anyone who wants to keep track of what they eat and know which exercise routine can benefit the most.

    9. Runtasty

    As you can guess from the name, “Runtasty” is from the creators of “Runtastic”, the popular application for recording sports training and monitoring sleep. In this case, “Runtasty” focuses on healthy eating.

    This app offers dozens of different fitness recipes, provides instructions on their health benefits, features tips and nutritional information, and includes videos of their preparation.

    10. Cookidoo

    Don’t know what to cook? “Cookidoo” is here to help you. This app offers you all kinds of recipes and allows you to plan your weekly menus with the dishes you prefer. It is created by the Thermomix company, so it allows you to link information in case you have one.

    11. Yazio

    “Yazio” is one of the best calorie counters available on Android and iOS. It allows you to control eating habits very easily, because in addition to this calorie tracking, it includes product scanning, offers progress analysis, allows you to set personal goals, etc.

    This app has proven to be very useful for everyone regardless of their goal. Lose, maintain or gain weight. It doesn’t matter what the goal is. “Yazio” can help you make it happen.

    12. VNutrition

    The perfect app for those who want to enter the world of veganism. “VNutrition”, in addition to obviously offering vegan diets, includes instructions and advice because the transition to this lifestyle allows users to record what they eat each day to raise awareness of the importance of healthy eating.

    The app is available on Android and iOS and although it is aimed particularly at vegans, it also includes the option of vegetarian diets. Either way, the app lets you know if you are meeting minimum nutritional requirements each day.

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