The 12 most recommended apps to improve your intimate life

Apps for smartphones and other devices have changed the lives of millions of people in a relatively short period of time. There are currently applications with which we can improve in all areas of our daily life and achieve all the goals we set for ourselves.

The truth is that these are more and more designed for the purpose of improving our intimate life., Whether at the emotional level, in the field of health, in the improvement of our intellectual capacities or at the level of health care for a disease or a disease in particular.

    The 12 best apps to boost your intimate life

    So, if you want to know what are the best apps with which you can enhance your intimate life, check out the article below, where you will find a summary of the main features of each one.

    May 1

    Meyo is the new personal assistant and health coach who will allow us to improve our personal, social and professional life. through support to achieve the goals set by ourselves and the system itself, which will also offer all kinds of games, challenges to improve all kinds of skills, exercise programs and interactive tests.

    The Meyo app is jointly designed by a multidisciplinary team of expert professionals that encompasses all areas of health promotion, being one of the areas Meyo focuses on: eating habits, sports routines, improving the sexual environment and couple or smoking cessation programs, among many others. other.

    In addition to this, this application offers a wide variety of activities, professional support and specific monitoring to improve both psychologically, emotionally and cognitively. Thanks to its use, we will be able to overcome our problems and achieve all the goals that we have set for ourselves, and can also use a chatbot system that offers the application and with which we will obtain treatment adapted to our personal needs.

    • You can download it for Android and iOS.

    2. Skimble personal trainer

    Skimble Personal Trainer is one of the most popular apps of its kind. With him we will receive the best instructions from professional coaches both in audio and with educational and interactive videos and photos.

    The exercises can be of different muscle groups, of varying intensities and also of different disciplines such as weights, cardio activities, yoga, etc. This application is compatible for Android and can be downloaded for free and in the premium version. A perfect application to stay in shape and not let the routine reduce our athletic abilities.

    3. Cycles

    Cycles is a menstrual calendar available for iOS, with which women can easily track their cycles, In addition to controlling the days of most cases of fertility or irregularity, among others.

    The app offers a high level of personal privacy and allows you to confidentially share data with our partner, as well as get in touch and make intimate plans with her based on menstrual cycles.

    4. Personal journal

    Personal Diary is the application with which we can save all our writings, memories, notes and experiences in the safest way possible and with every guarantee of privacy and confidentiality.

    This application will allow anyone who installs it on their device to create a personal journal, save it, protect it with a PIN code and send entries by email, among many other options.

    5. My diet coach

    My Diet Coach is another app for womenIn this case, they will be able to lose weight through professional programs specializing in motivation and constant career guidance.

    Among the many activities offered by this application, we can highlight the establishment of eating habits, exercise routines and healthy habits, while improving the motivation and intrinsic ability of the user.

    6. Eat the world

    The Eat the World app has been designed by professional chefs and offers a wide range of healthy recipes and easy to prepare for all audiences. In addition to that, it also allows to select the ingredients that we have and to get a recipe proposal with those products. Ideal for couples who want to take care of their diet!

    This is a revolutionary application in the field of cooking, which will certainly make life much easier for a wide variety of people around the world. This app is available for Android and iOS and is free to download.

    7. Universal Doctor Speaker

    Universal Doctor Speaker is an application with which doctors and patients can understand even though they speak different languages. With this tool, anyone can travel the world without worrying about not being understood.

    The app system has a wide variety of texts and phrases related to medical and health issues to promote communication. This app is only available for iOS.

    8. NeuroNación

    NeuroNation is an application that will allow us to improve various aspects of our cognition, Among which we highlight memory, attention, concentration and intelligence in general.

    This application, which has millions of users around the world, offers a wide variety and educational courses with which we will have fun improving our skills at the same time.

    9. Headroom

    The Headspace app provides a guide to improving our health through meditation. With simple advice from expert professionals, we can learn to meditate on our own and enjoy the benefits of this activity.

    The application is available for iOS and Android and offers different prices, each with differentiated benefits, ranging from 5 euros to 100 euros.

    10. Fit Brains Trainer

    With this app we will improve and exercise our brain capacity and mental agility by performing a wide variety of puzzles of different difficulty settings.

    With a follow-up of our markers in each of the exercises, we will be able to motivate ourselves to surpass ourselves day after day, thus improving our scores in each of the puzzles.

    11. Brightness

    Lumosity is an application with which we can also exercise our mind with more than 25 games related to empowering skills such as memory, attention and agility, among others.

    This application is designed by scientists who are experts in each of the subjects and with it, without a doubt, we will be able to improve our intellectual performance.

    12. Social diabetes

    Social Diabetes is the right app to improve the lives of those with diabetes type 1 or 2.

    This application allows you to follow the different daily measurements of the person, such as blood sugar or eating habits, all monitored by specialists.

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