The 7 advantages of having a pet at home

Currently, it is estimated that approximately 65% of the population lives with at least one pet at home. This high percentage makes us understand, at first glance, that having a pet is much more than feeding an animal and that it gives us more advantages than disadvantages.

In fact, in Psychology and Mind, we echoed some studies that suggest some psychological and social benefits of living with a cat. On the other hand, our friends dogs can also help us get better in some ways.

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And, indeed, we are not mistaken: lyour pets bring physical and psychological benefits to the whole family. This is why many psychologists recommend adopting an animal to treat certain personal skills, and there are even therapies in which animals are the primary resource for treating the disease.

What advantages does an animal bring us?

But could there be any obvious benefits to sharing life with a loyal animal? Let’s take a look at it throughout this article. Here are the 7 benefits of having a pet in the family home.

1. Encourage activity

Having a pet (especially if it’s a dog) can mean, for many people, a reason to go out and take several walks each day. If the main reason for these rides is the benefit of the animal, their owners also benefit from these outings. Particularly important in people who lead a sedentary lifestyle or who have little will to move.

2. It helps us exercise

Beyond several walks a day, having a pet can help do more intense exercise, Either spend time in motion throwing an object or intentionally exercise; many dog ​​owners find their pets the perfect companion for running.

3. It helps us structure our time

Human beings need routine in order to function properly and to feel secure and confident. If we have a pet, swe will be the ones to provide you with this daily routine, Which at the same time, we will structure our days too.

4. It helps us improve our sense of responsibility

To have a living being who depends on us it makes us feel useful and responsible, Characteristics particularly important in childhood. And many times these characteristics arise innately; According to the Affinity Foundation’s study of children and animals, 90% of children devote part of their time to caring for their animal; 80% would give him their favorite toy and 75% would get up early to go for a walk.

5. It helps us express our emotions

A pet is an inexhaustible source of affection, and at the same time, it teaches us to express emotions such as love, among others.

6. They facilitate socialization

Our pets can be the perfect ice-breaker for conversation when we meet people we don’t know too well, or in those awkward situations of silence. Outraged, it can be the link that allows us to meet new friends and expand our social circle.

7. Particularly important in psychological therapy

Animals are great allies for people with psychological disorders; therefore, there are many assisted therapies in which animals are the primary resource for obtaining benefits and improvements in people.

Take care and love an animal

In the face of these benefits, the countless benefits that a single pet can bring to our lives are obvious. All family members, young and old, can benefit. Animals allow us to improve our empathy, our sense of responsibility, our communication and expression skills and our relationship with the environment.

Of course, having a pet in the house comes with a lot of responsibility. We need to think carefully about which animal best suits the characteristics of our home and keep in mind that having a pet involves economic costs and constant care.

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