The 8 best books to improve your well-being

One of the advantages of literature is that almost any idea can be incorporated into pages; whatever the thematic area, reading benefits us by offering us an unparalleled means of learning.

This is why there are books that help us improve well-being, books that allow us to go beyond theory and make changes in our habits that allow us to feel better and live healthier.

In this article we will see several wellness-enhancing books that are recommended for many types of readers: From those who want to lead a healthy diet to those who want to learn to meditate.

    Books to improve well-being: the most recommended

    In this list you will see various topics related to physical and mental well-being, with descriptions of their content and approaches.

    1. The practice of mindfulness (Jon Kabat-Zinn)

    Jon Kabat-Zinn is one of the people most involved in the development and dissemination of the practices of Mindfulness, a group of habits inspired by Vipassana meditation intended to manage attentional focus to direct it to the present moment.

    Mindfulness activities, also known as Mindfulness, aim to regulate emotions and modulate the influence that stress and discomfort have on us, and can be applied in many contexts: in business, in therapy, at work and at the office, etc. It is therefore one of the most versatile books on wellness in terms of the usefulness of its content.

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    2. Guide for parents in difficulty (Miguel Ángel Rizaldos)

    Fatherhood and motherhood are stages loaded with new emotions, but it is undeniable that they also bring us a heavy burden of responsibility. Many times even those with children feel that their life is totally devoted to giving the best for their little one and that they no longer have the time to take care of themselves.

    This book, written by a psychologist with over two decades in the field of psychotherapy, gives practical advice for raising and educating in the most appropriate and effective way possible. without wasting effort on strategies that don’t work, Offer the best to children without this leading to total wear and tear on their own quality of life and well-being.

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    3. The science of happiness (Sonja Lyubomirsky)

    Everyone talks about happiness, but knowing your true nature is very complicated. This recommended book covers this topic fully to help us. understand what it means to be happy and what are the situations associated with this welfare state.

    In addition, all of this is done from a scientific perspective that emphasizes the need to start from objective data to understand how we live life and what happens to us in everyday life.

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    4. A turtle, a hare and a mosquito: psychology to go shoot (Nacho Coller)

    One of the most recommended books to come to life with philosophy, Without falling into unnecessary dramas and above all maintaining a constructive mentality.

    The Valencian psychologist Nacho Coller combines here stories, advice and a very particular sense of humor so that readers soak up a way of perceiving the reality in which our tendency to self-sabotage is losing weight in the benefit from a “ proactive attitude and acceptance of the imperfections of life.

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    5. A course of emotions

    Fr A course of emotions, Psychologist Jesús Matos values ​​happiness but also presents an allegation in favor of negative emotions such as anxiety, fear or anguish as essential elements and characteristics of a normal and functional life.

    Throughout his career, this psychologist has acquired a vast experience of unhappiness and the transition to well-being, which has allowed him to develop a model of exploration and emotional management with which to lead a process of growth.

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    6. York ham does not exist: the guide to healthy shopping and discovering the secrets of the supermarket (Marián García)

    A perfect book for those who want to take care of what they eat by selecting only products that meet your nutritional needs. We have known for a long time that supermarkets are full of processed products that negatively impact our well-being, so the sooner we decide to receive letters about it the better.

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    7. Overcome the enemies of sleep: a practical guide to falling asleep as we have always dreamed of (Charles Morin)

    A very good option for those looking for wellness books focusing on the topic of sleep hygiene and sleep management. In its pages you will find tips and strategies to fall asleep and being able to recharge our energies during nighttime rest, which is very important given that the proper functioning of our body in general and our brain in particular depends on it.

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    8. You can heal your life

    It is one of the best-selling books in the world for those who delve into the field of improving personal well-being and personal growth in general.

    Its author, Louise L. HayIn this book, he shares the method of vital improvement based on self-transformation, improvement of self-esteem and a radical change in thinking and in the way of conceiving the world.

    His ideas have been very influential over the decades, both in society and for other authors, and have also found support in recent scientific discoveries.

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