The 8 types of hugs and their function in our lives

Hugs are one of the most important rituals in our daily life.

They are one of the perfect excuses to stay in touch with another person, something that helps us strengthen the emotional bonds that bind us together and gives us little oases of privacy even in the busiest and most frequented spaces. . It may be a daily gesture that can go unnoticed, but the act of kissing strengthens the values ​​of brotherhood and fellowship. Anyway, keep in mind that not all hugs mean the same thing.

Types of hugs, with their meanings

Like what happens when we look each other in the eye, hugs influence the way our bodies produce hormones, and therefore leave a mark on the way we think and perceive things, even if only for a few. seconds or minutes.

But, as we have argued, not all hugs are the same and do not have the same meaning and functionality.. Below you can see a collection of the main types of hugs that will make it easier to decipher these expressions of affection or companionship and recognize their intention.

1.classic hug

This is one of the most recognizable and common hugs. In, both people curl up in their arms while holding on tightly and place their heads next to each other. The fact that in this type of hug both arms are used and the other person gets “stuck” in their chest, these hugs rarely last less than two seconds, making it a ritual full of intimacy. It is widely used in farewells and meetings.

2.dancing hug

It is a hug used for dancing slowly to music that can be easily associated with romance and love.. In this one, a person joins his hands behind the neck of the other while his arms hang in the space of separation which remains between the two bodies. The other person either grabs the other’s sides or clasps their hands behind the other’s back.

3. Kiss with eye contact

One of the simplest and, on the contrary, the least common types of hugs, perhaps due to its high load of intimacy. In this, the two people face and kiss, leaving a little space between them at the same time, they look each other in the eyes. If you have ever experienced this type of hug, you will surely be aware of its strong sentimental and emotional implication.

4. Embrace the camaraderie

One of the “lightest” types of hugs, in the sense that people who do hug usually don’t know too much about it.. In this one, one of the arms is used to hug the other person’s body while with the free hand it receives a gentle slap to the side. The heads fail to come together.

5. Asymmetric embrace

In this hug, one of the two people is sitting on a surface, while the other is standing. It has intimate and sexual connotations and couples usually practice it for the same reason.

6. Side embrace

A very simple type of hug: this involves wrapping the other person’s shoulders with a single spleen as we stand next to them and we are looking in the same direction. It can be used in a plethora of situations and, unlike in other cuddle classes, lets you do one more task at a time.

7.distant embrace

In this embrace both people have to lean very forward to be able to kiss each other, As their bodies are relatively far apart and there is a lot of space between their waists. It’s a hug given out of commitment, as if it’s part of a protocol, and usually alludes to a cold relationship between two people who access the hug without much desire.

8. Violent embrace

He is not given this name because it is based on aggression or the desire to hurt his neighbor, but because the situation of discomfort that is embodied in him. In this type of hug, one of the two people kisses the other, but the other does not do the same or train it with the same degree of intensity. This means that he either “falls” on the other person while supporting his weight against his chest, or he initiates certain movements of the hug ero does not complete them.

The violent hug is a sign that there is still mistrust or insecurity on the part of one of the two people.

More cuddle classes

There can be more types of hugs with different meanings. Every culture has its unwritten rules and nonverbal language can be expressed in completely disparate ways.

If you think there are other ways to kiss a person, we invite you to tell us in the comments area or on our social networks.

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