The benefits of white noise for better sleep

Insomnia problems are a reason for frequent consultation during psychological and medical consultations. However, in some cases, some of these issues can be tackled with what is called white noise. Use this resource in the room where you are going to sleep, it promotes the possibility of staying in a state of relaxation.

White noise: a solution for sleeping

Many people have severe difficulty falling asleep. They lie down in bed, get nervous, have a glass of water, try again … and the hours go by and they still don’t sleep. The next day they feel exhausted and don’t care.

Fortunately, there are relatively simple strategies for better sleep. the white noise it is one of the favorite systems among many people who have trouble falling asleep. What exactly is white noise? It is a constant noise that prevents other sounds and noises from invading our auditory perception.

Applied that white noise at bedtime, it helps calm us down and envelop us in a soothing and warm feeling.

Discover the goodness of white noise

But what exactly is white noise? This sound integrates the entire spectrum of existing sound frequencies, In a harmonious way and without frequencies that stand out from the others. As a result, we get a soothing sound which is the perfect blend of all the existing sounds.

What is the sound of white noise?

However, it is difficult to describe a sound most people agree that white noise is very similar to that of an unregulated TV. When on a television we do not have a tuned channel, we can see that the screen displays white, gray and black colors with an effect similar to that of rain or snow. We can also hear a noise very similar to white noise, a permanent whisper that rings without stopping.

We can hear (and see) an example in this YouTube video:

White noise can also be heard in other devices when they are in operation, although in this case we would not be talking about noise as harmonious as pure white noise.

The benefits of white noise for our health

It’s not something that science has studied in depth, however many people sing about the excellences of white noise. This noise appears to have a great ability to calm and reassure humans exposed to it, especially babies. Many people use a source of white noise to relax when they go to bed at night, because they say that just hearing this whisper helps them fall asleep.

White noise camouflages the rest of the sounds and noises we live with every day. Noise from neighbors, cars crossing the street, garbage trucks, household appliances … Noise pollution is a problem especially in big cities, a problem that worsens the quality of sleep for many people.

White noise has this ability to reassure those who hear it, because it is a constant sound, similar to that of rain and wind, which has no major shocks and therefore helps us calm down.

In addition, thanks to this resource, those elements of the environment which produce sounds in a constant but relatively unexpected way are masked, so they do not disturb. In other words, white noise prevents bursts and prevents attention from focusing on a specific external element, which can lead to a state of anxiety that impairs sleep reconciliation.

White noise and tinnitus (tinnitus)

Tinnitus (also called tinnitus) is an auditory phenomenon that many people suffer from. They always hear a whistling sound in their ears (or even in “their head”) without an external source making that sound. This discomfort when you hear something that isn’t there all the time can cause other symptoms, such as anxiety and insomnia.

People who suffer from tinnitus clearly benefit from white noise. When they fall asleep there is a lot of environmental silence and tinnitus emerges, they are heard louder. This can lead to serious sleep problems. With white noise, people with tinnitus mask this perception and can therefore rest much better.

Thus, white noise makes the whole sound environment surrounding the place where you see yourself sleeping is relaxing and free from shrill, so that the attention is not focused on anything specific, nor on the sound of tinnitus.

We leave several white noise audio links for you to try out:

  • Pure white noise:
  • Sea waves:
  • White noise and background music for babies:

We hope that all of this coarse white information can help you rest better and avoid stress and insomnia issues. Sweet Dreams!

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