Top 10 product (and food) analysis apps

As always, the market meets our needs. And the growing awareness of the importance of healthy eating has led mobile apps to incorporate services that let people know how healthy (or unhealthy) the foods we buy in supermarkets are.

The accessibility that smartphones allow has made it possible for many companies to see the potential of offering these services to anyone who wants to take care of both their own health and that of their loved ones.

This is why a lot of apps have recently started appearing that allow you to scan the barcode of certain foods and other products to see how much recommended their consumption is. They aim to make life easier for their users.

    But in a market where there is so much competition, some applications overtake others. In today’s article we present a selection of the best apps that include this scanning feature.

    What are the best apps for scanning food and products?

    Most applications of this type focus on reading bar codes of different foods found in the supermarket. Others also include the function of “reading” whole dishes or to scan other products such as cosmetics.

    In both cases, this list was prepared according to different parameters: reliability, database size, utility, performance, Ease of use, speed, scientific validity … Following these results, we offer you the 10 best food scanning applications so that you can choose the one that best meets your needs.

    May 1

    “Meyo” on the verge of completely revolutionizing the healthcare applications market in 2020. So very attentive to its (free) launch on Android and iOS on March 16, 2020. This application created by a Barcelona start-up has a budget of nearly 1 million euros and more to have the possibility of scanning whole foods and dishes, offers advice in all areas of healthy living, not just nutrition.

    Equipped with a database of thousands of products, “Meyo” rates any food in supermarkets so you know how good (or bad) it is for your health, besides giving you any kind of food. nutritional information of what you are buying or what dishes you are going to eat. Definitely an essential tool when shopping to find out what is good for you and your loved ones. And for people who want to lose weight or gain weight. Regardless of the nutritional goal. This app will help you.

    But “Meyo” is much more than that. It is a 360 ° health app, which means that it offers users the possibility to take ownership of their health in all areas of life: diet, sport, sleep, personal relationships, personal development, leisure. .. Everything that has to do with the promotion of physical and mental health is within “Meyo”.

    Based on the use of artificial intelligence with which the user has conversations, “Meyo” is able to detect what the needs of this person are based on what he says, his fears, his problems, of his aspirations … From there, the app offers us challenges to improve ourselves in the aspects of our life that we need.

    Get to know us more as individuals, increase your performance at work, sleep better, overcome phobias and fears, improve communication skills, overcome stress, relax, make leisure plans, improve our mood , meet our sexuality, overcome the loss of a loved one or a love breakup, cope with anxiety, quit smoking, stop shyness, stop compulsive habits, be more sociable …

    Because good health is not just the absence of disease. Good health is enjoying the quality of life and being happy.

    And while that may sound like a lot, the benefits don’t end there. For the first time in the history of mobile applications, “Meyo” offers its users the possibility of analyzing their genes. Via the app itself, you can request a genetic analysis kit.

    And when he knows your genes, “Meyo” offers you all kinds of diets and recommendations for exercise, sleep habits and any other aspect of life in a completely individualized way. Depending on your genes, “Meyo” will tell you exactly which foods to eat (and in what amounts) and which to moderate your intake to maximize your health. By combining this with the digitization of products, we find the best tool to monitor our nutrition.

    It also offers you meditations and breathing therapies to relax you, as well as the possibility to have all kinds of conversations with the artificial intelligence chatbot, which has lots of communication and understanding skills.

    Without forgetting the innumerable audiovisual contents created by a team of high level animators and who accompany in a very pleasant way all the challenges and activities posed by the application. All of this content is designed with expert approval and illustrates all kinds of healthy habits, as well as all the games and activities included in the app for the user to have fun while learning to stay healthy.

    No doubt “Meyo” has just stayed. A must-have app that we will be following very closely this 2020, as it combines the digitization of food and the presentation of personalized recipes with an unprecedented promotion of physical and emotional health.

    • To find out more about Meyo: “‘Meyo’, the application that will revolutionize physical and psychological health”

    2. MyRealFood

    “MyRealFood” is a nutrition app focused on the Realfooding movement, Created by influencer Carlos Ríos. The app, in addition to having the ability to scan products and determine if they are “real” or processed foods, has a large database of healthy recipes that should be included in everything. healthy diet.

    3. Yuka

    “Yuka” is an application focused on food scanning. It allows you to scan barcodes of all kinds of products and offers detailed information about their impact on our health, both negatively and positively.

    A great tool when you go to the supermarket and want to know if what you are buying is good for you and your loved ones.

    4. Large calories

    “Calorie Mama” is a fantastic application in the field of product oriented scanning. And is that with this application, a simple photo of the dish you are going to eat is enough to give you their nutritional information.

    It has a very complete database and its artificial intelligence system allows us to quickly observe how many calories this dish we are going to eat. In addition, it recognizes the different nutrients found there so that we can more easily achieve our goals: eat more balanced, lose weight, gain weight …

    5. The CoCo

    “The CoCo” is another very useful application to know the nutritional value of the foods we buy.. The app allows you to compare foods because the information of what we scan is stored in the history.

    This application also indicates the degree of processing that the products have undergone. This way you will be able to know if what you normally buy is really as healthy as it looks or if the shopping list needs to be changed.

    6. MyHealth Watcher

    Another great product scanning app is ‘MyHealth Watcher’., As it is not limited to the simple presentation of the nutritional value of foods. He also argues that each person is different and has specific needs. Therefore, the user completes a personal profile in which the presence of different diseases or allergies is taken into account so that the value of the scanned foods corresponds to your peculiarities.

    The app stands out with its simple design and physical activity recommendations, as any healthy diet must be accompanied by exercise for it to take effect. A great option if you are looking for an app that goes beyond food scanning.

    7. Food score calculator

    We have selected “Food Score Calculator” for its simplicity and ease of use. It is limited to scanning the barcode of food products, without having more advantages, but the truth is that its database is very extensive and the information and the nutritional value of the products are presented very clearly.

    If all you are looking for is quick food information and get rid of fat and saturated fat Higher calorie foods, “Food Score Calculator” may be a great option for you. Its thousands of users confirm that it has helped them a lot in losing weight and eating healthier.

    8. Vegan pocket

    If you are a vegan, “Vegan Pocket” can make your life easier., Especially if you enter this world. And does this app scan the products and quickly indicate whether they are vegan or not. This way, you don’t waste time looking at the countless ingredients that are found in all the food products sold, which are usually names that can’t be understood.

    Don’t worry, “Vegan Pocket” does it for you. And their main claim is that it doesn’t just work with food. Cosmetics and even some clothes can be scanned to see if they were made according to the moral principles of veganism. An essential application if you want to follow this lifestyle.

    9. Food advisor

    “Foodvisor” is much more than a calorie counting app. And is that in addition to this function, the application allows you to take a picture of your dish and in a few seconds tells you its nutritional value and even the quantities in which these products should be consumed. This way you can tell if you need to reduce the proportions or increase them.

    “Foodvisor” also allows you to count the calories you burn each day and gives you the ability to keep track of your goals, such as losing a few pounds. An excellent option for adopting a healthy lifestyle.

    10. Lose it

    “Lose it” is an app that counts the calories of the products you scan and this allows you, therefore, to keep track of the number of calories you consume per day. The app asks you to tell it how much weight you want to lose and it helps you with everything else.

    “Lose it” is a great tool for people who want to lose weight because it allows very controlled monitoring of what you eat, records your activity and gives you nutritional advice to make your job easier. And the app calculates how many calories you need to reach your goals.

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