What can you do with Meyo? 16 advantages of this app

Being in good health is not just about not being sick. Being healthy is about getting the best out of yourself, enjoying life, and enjoying each day as if it were your last.

Meyo is an app for everything and everyone. It doesn’t matter what you need or want to improve. In everything related to healthy living, whether physical or emotional, Meyo can help.

It is a different app and, without a doubt, one of the pioneers in 360 ° health promotion. And to say that Meyo is a health application is very short. In an unprecedented way, this application seeks to make users the absolute masters of their health, both physically and psychologically.

Thus, with the scientific support of a large team of high-level psychologists and doctors, Meyo offers advice, help, advice and above all motivation to become the best version of yourself in all areas of your life. ” healthy living: diet, sport, sleep, personal development, leisure, personal relationships, work and study, mood …

And, obviously, for users to improve in all of these aspects, the app has a myriad of features that are difficult to sum up in one article. But then we will try. Generally speaking we can say that whatever you need you will find it in this app.

What does Meyo offer you? Benefits Guide

Realizing that, as we said, being healthy is not only not to be sick, but to become the best version of yourself, to be happy, to enjoy life, to enjoy it daily, to improve their skills and forge strong bonds with those close to them. those, the team of professionals behind Meyo offers an app to approach health in a way that seemed impossible.

With an investment of nearly 1 million euros, the application has just been launched (free of charge) and is available on Android and iOS from the week of March 16, 2020. Its operation is based on software at the same time complex and easy to use. , artificial intelligence system that detects the user’s needs and, from there, offers you daily challenges, videos, tips, games and all types of audiovisual content, the efficiency of which to improve life of the user has been approved by psychologists and top doctors.

And because promoting physical and emotional health is so complex, the app has countless benefits. Do you want to eat healthy? Play sports? Are you reducing stress? Better sleep? Overcome a breakup? Let go of fears, insecurities and phobias? Learn to save? Better communicate what you are feeling? Stop smoking? Be more at work? Do you open up more with your friends? Do you cultivate? Whatever you need, Meyo will have something for you. I Here is an overview of everything you can do with Meyo and its health benefits..

1. Eat healthy

One of Meyo’s mainstays is food. And without healthy eating, there can be no physical health or emotional health. This is why the application offers all kinds of personalized diets according to the user’s wishes: eat healthy, lose weight, gain muscle mass, eat organic, become vegan, adhere to the Mediterranean diet, etc.

The app only asks the user to tell them their goal and the number of times they want to eat per day. From there, every week, Meyo generates healthy diets with healthy, nutritious and (no less important) rich recipes, prepared by a team of top nutritionists. The app tells you in detail how to prepare each of its hundreds of different dishes so that you can eat healthy and fall in love with the kitchen.

Plus, the app itself lets you create your shopping list automatically and gives you the option to share it for your convenience.

2. Play sports

Without a doubt, another of the great pillars of a healthy life is sport. Obviously, practicing it is essential for taking care of your body, but the benefits for mental health are even more noticeable..

Realizing this and that everyone has different tastes and is part of a different level, Meyo offers fully personalized sports plans. It doesn’t matter whether you like to play sports at home or at the gym, whether you like running or rather like yoga, whether you like to cycle or prefer to swim … It doesn’t matter if you start from a very low, normal, high or very high level.

Meyo will have the perfect training plan for you and will agree, like the food, with your goals. The app offers you daily challenges with audiovisual content that helps and guides you to do the exercises and always seeks to give you the maximum. Exercising has never been easier.

3. Rent a genetic analysis kit

In an unprecedented situation, Meyo offers users the possibility of renting a genetic analysis kit. And by analyzing the sequence of genes and entering the information into the app, can Meyo give absolutely personalized food and sports plans? In fact, there is currently no more effective way to individualize health promotion.

Based on your genes, Meyo tells you exactly what to eat and how much, recommends limiting the consumption of certain foods and even warns against the need to completely eliminate the consumption of others. And it’s all based on your genes, because we don’t all react to the same food the same way.

Thanks to this, we are able to minimize the risk of developing cardiovascular, bone, kidney, liver diseases, etc., and we also encourage the person to achieve their maximum physical and mental performance. Today there is no way to further improve health.

4. Scan the food

One of the most useful features of Meyo is that it includes the ability to scan food. The app itself has a camera that can barcode hundreds of foods (and other products like cosmetics) and quickly give you detailed information on ingredients and a score based on their value. nutritional. That is, with Meyo, you have a tool to know what is healthy (and what is not) when you go shopping.

5. Train the mind

The brain is the most important muscle in our body. And as such, we need to train them not only to be more mentally agile, to understand things better, to memorize faster, to work faster or to be more creative, but also to prevent the development of many related mental illnesses. in old age, including Alzheimer’s disease.

That is why the app not only offers recipes based on “fuel” foods to keep the brain healthy, but also games and all kinds of “brain training” type content which, as the name l ‘ indicates, stimulate the mind to work. as well as other muscles.

6. Relax

When don’t you spend time relaxing? Getting it right is just as important to our body and mind as eating right or exercising. This is why Meyo offers you meditation sessions, deep breathing techniques, soft music, yoga, and everything that psychology studies show helps the mind to relax, rest, and therefore regain strength.

7. Get to know yourself better

Personal development is vital for health, especially on an emotional level. Without knowing each other, we are lost. It is difficult for us to find our motivations, our dreams, our goals, our goals in life and it is more difficult for us to take advantage of what surrounds us and to project an image of safety and confidence in the others. Realizing this, the creators of the app introduced all kinds of challenges, including meditation sessions, which have proven to be helpful in connecting with our inner “selves”.

8. Improve personal relationships

Relationships with friends, partner or family are sometimes complicated. Misunderstandings, discussions, difficulty expressing oneself, difficulty conversing, tendency to hurt others when we speak, fights … So, and given the importance of strengthening our emotional ties to take care of our mind and therefore of the body, Meyo brings the solution to that.

The application offers you guides to work on empathy, gain charisma, express yourself better, listen to others, open up and make others want to open up to you and, ultimately, any its effectiveness in Improving relationships with your loved ones is backed by psychologists who are part of the Meyo team.

9. Make leisure projects

Spending time doing what we love, finding hobbies, and enjoying our free time is essential for being happy, enjoying life, and dealing with all the issues we face. obstacles with more optimism and energy. Therefore, the app offers the user advice on finding leisure projects to do and motivates them to devote time. Because in life, not everything can be obligations. It is essential to relax and enjoy what we love to do.

10. Give up bad habits

Stop smoking, reduce alcohol consumption, overcome an addiction, stop gambling … In everything related to stopping bad habits, with or without substance use, Meyo can help you. And it is that the psychologists who are part of this team have developed challenges to help and motivate all the users who need it to give up these bad habits.

11. Talk to Meyo

Let’s not forget that a key part of the app is artificial intelligence. “Meyo” is a robot that you can talk to via text messages and not only provide scientific information, you can also talk about whatever you want. Even if you have to keep in mind that it is still in the learning phase, it is therefore necessary to speak in a simple manner, with precise and short sentences.

However, over time you will learn and be able to have smooth conversations as you have a lot of communication skills to be able to speak in a humane and humorous way. You can ask Meyo to tell you interesting things. tell jokes, let him tell you about himself, and he may even tell you things about his “private life”. But it takes time to understand how human conversations work.

12. Better sleep

Getting good rest is a key part of any healthy living. Getting the right hours to sleep, ensuring that they are of good quality, and getting deep, restful sleep is important for all aspects of your health. Poor sleep affects our physical health (making us feel tired and even more prone to disease) and our emotional health (lowering our mental performance and making us more irritable).

This is why Meyo offers all the advice, content, including meditation activities and deep breathing sessions, help and strategies to fall asleep earlier and, most importantly, allow us to have a restful sleep. . And all, of course, with efficiency guaranteed by sleep hygiene experts.

13. Improve financial management

Meyo not only helps you adopt a healthy lifestyle, but can even provide you with guidelines for taking care of and improving your financial management. It gives you all the facilities, advice, strategies and follow-ups to help you better control your spending and show you effective ways to save.

14. Overcome fears, phobias and insecurities

Social fears, mental blockages, shyness, phobias (flying, animals, objects, etc.), etc. Being afraid is a perfectly human thing, but if you feel that you are compromising your quality of life, Meyo can help.

Meyo psychologists have devised plans to detect the user’s fears and, from there, offer advice, help, guidance and action to overcome that fear or, at the very least, reduce the fear. impact it has on your normal exercise.

15. Improve communication skills

Gain charisma, express yourself better, learn to speak in public, be optimistic, avoid tics, lose the fear of conversation, bring up topics of conversation … and express yourself better, both in private and by speaking in front of several people. He can even give you tips for coping with a job interview and make you more likely to create a good image.

16. Avoid stress

We experience stress on a daily basis, whether for work, life as a couple, financial situation, problems with friends … The problem is that stress can be the gateway to more troubles. serious such as anxiety or even depression.

Therefore, and with the aim of taking care of the emotional health of the users, Meyo offers all the content necessary to reduce stress. Meditation, yoga, sports, healthy eating, tips to silence negative thoughts, strategies to organize better, guidelines to prevent the work (or academic) environment from affecting us so much, etc. Everything psychologists find effective in reducing stress can be found in Meyo.

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