Why is my hair not growing? 4 possible causes and what to do

Why is my hair not growing? This is a question that afflicts us especially when we want to get a haircut that requires a certain length or a spectacular hairstyle and the length of our hair is not enough, or even after having cut it very small and you repent and you are waiting for it to grow soon but it still does not grow.

There are several reasons why hair doesn’t grow as fast as we would like it to or how it should grow. It is necessary to analyze the possible factors and put a remedy to solve this problem and enjoy long and healthy hair.

    Why is my hair not growing? Possible causes

    Here we will take a look at the most common causes why hair does not grow.

    1. Genetics

    The hair growth cycle consists of three phases: Anagen phase, which corresponds to when hair grows, catagen phase, which is the transition phase, and telogen, which corresponds to when hair falls out. This cycle is not the same in all people and usually is from birth.

    There are people in whom the growth phase lasts 2 years and others up to 7 years, and since childhood, you can perceive this difference in the time it takes for your hair to grow.

    It is time to remember and analyze whether since childhood a slow growth in hair length has been noticed. If this is the case, it is likely that it is due to genetic issues, and treatment supervised by a dermatologist could facilitate the processBut it’s good to understand that the process will always be slower than the average person. This can be one of the many reasons hair is not growing at the desired speed.

    Another reason caused by genetics is that if the hair is curly, wavy or very thin, the perception of hair growth is that it does not grow as much, While in fact, it can grow at a good rate.

    When the hair is curled, questions about why the hair does not grow as much are common; but to correct this misperception, one can resort to frequently checking the length by stretching a flake and checking until back height is reached. Surely over the months, the perception that does not grow will change.

    2. Type of food

    One of the most common reasons hair does not grow is that the diet is not adequate. Hair, like the rest of the body, it takes nutrients to grow taller and more, to be healthy.

    The reason hair does not grow due to poor nutrition is because the body absorbs nutrients that are essential for body function and vitality, and these non-urgent or non-life or death processes are “Sacrificed”. amount of vitamins and nutrients in general, the hair is one of the affected parts in the first place.

    Eating enough vegetables, fruits, protein and water is the first step to regaining healthy hair. and promote their growth. However, care must be taken to ensure that the diet is generally balanced and that the vegetables and fruits are suitable for the lifestyle and the necessary daily needs. Poor nutrition can be the main cause of non-growth of hair.

      3. Stress

      The body reacts in many ways to short or prolonged stress episodes. Anything that is generated as a result greatly influences the functioning of the body, and the scalp and therefore the hair is no exception.

      When we feel stress, it’s common for dermatitis to developSometimes it is not easily seen, but before it manifests in other areas of the body, the scalp is the one that suffers, causing a series of outbursts, as dermatitis causes excessive irritation to the leather. scalp which in turn causes inflammation of the follicles preventing normal growth. This is why one of the reasons hair does not grow is stress.

      When it comes to chronic stress, this delay in hair growth can be very obvious as you will also notice an increase in hair loss; but even in short periods of stress, this process that prevents hair growth may be noticeable.

      Faced with a stressful situation, it is advisable to use relaxation and mindfulness techniques to balance our mind and body and prevent this is a reason why hair does not grow.

      4. Age

      Another reason why hair doesn’t grow is age. Over the years, the body’s processes change, and one of the most notorious is hair growth.

      The age at which the hair can stop growing normally is variable, but from the age of 30 it can occur and until an almost imperceptible decrease which will become noticeable over the years. It is a normal process that must be accepted and help with treatments and proper nutrition, however, be aware that around the age of 50 the main cause of hair growth is aging and decreased collagen production.

      Considering this cause, it is recommended to go to a dermatologist to analyze the best treatment such as hair growth aid caused by the passage of years.

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