The 10 best destinations to relax

The pace of work in modern societies can cause real health problems for many people; this is why we sometimes need to let go of responsibilities and worries for a while in order to connect with ourselves and become who we were again.

Find vacation destinations where you can relax and regain your physical and emotional well-being this is of great importance and there are currently several places in various parts of the world where this is possible.

These special destinations can be linked to myths, symbols of spirituality, or a particular religion, or they can be found in iconic landmarks that have inspired various ethnic groups for centuries. In any case, these are places where it is common for people to go to relax and regain their emotional balance.

    Relaxation destinations worth considering

    Here you will find the most recommended international destinations to relax and disconnect from everyday troubles.

    1. Travel to Egypt

    Egypt is a place which, both for the landscapes it offers and for its history and its areas of anthropological and archaeological interest, has long been one of the main destinations to meet. Deserts, oases, riparian areas and constructions of the Nile Nation they provide a space that seems to have emerged from another perfect world to change our perspective and rethink our interpretation of reality.

    There is no doubt that this country is one of the main tourist destinations in Africa, but not all people who will spend a few days in this region want to “turn” in the conventional way. For example, there are programs spiritual retreats, meditation training in an environment conducive to such activities, etc.

    In this sense, the team of coaches and instructors “Viajes que cambian Vidas” offers the possibility of going to the key points of Egypt along an 8-day itinerary fully organized and designed for people who wish to deepen the techniques of meditation and relaxation. An ideal trip for anyone who wants to get out of the routine, learn to communicate better with themselves or identify all kinds of blockages that affect their emotional balance. If you want to know more, you can contact the coach Félix Cuéllar.

    2. Hermitage of Assisi (Italy)

    The famous Hermitage of Assisi is located in the region of Umbria, in the center of the country, and its city is best known for being the cradle of the religious San Francisco de Asís and one of the most important centers of religious pilgrimage in the region.

    This hermitage is located next to a retirement home ideal for finding a place to relax for a few days of rest. Guided meditation sessions and scheduled walks through the city’s most iconic and historic sites can be enjoyed.

      3. Mount Sinai

      Mount Sinai is located in the northeast region of Egypt, and according to the Bible, this is the exact place where God gave Moses the tablets with the Ten Commandments, which is why it is considered one of the most important sacred mountains in the Christian tradition, as well as of great relevance to Judaism and Islam.

      The sacred mountains of any part of the planet are usually places where there is an atmosphere of spirituality, silence, poise and calm, which is why they are so suitable to relax for a few hours and enter into direct contact with nature.

      Mount Sinai is home to the Orthodox Monastery of St. Catherine, one of the oldest in Christendom, and guided tours are organized throughout the year.

        4. Montserrat mountain (Spain)

        In the province of Barcelona you can find the mountain of Montserrat, a rocky massif of great spiritual importance for the Christian Catholic tradition both nationally and internationally.

        This mountain has been a place of meditation and prayer for millennia, as well as a pilgrimage destination for the Catholic faithful from all over the world due to the presence of the monastery dedicated to the Virgin of Montserrat, patron saint of the region.

        In addition to its importance as a sacred mountain, Montserrat is also a tourist and relaxation destination for millions of people around the world, believers and non-believers alike.

          5. Lake Titicaca (Bolivia and Peru)

          The great lakes of the world are very favorable places to relax by contemplating its immensity, by taking advantage of the breeze, of the climate it offers us or by sailing there.

          The Titicaca it is the highest lake in the world and for several centuries it has been contemplated by different pre-Columbian civilizations that populated this region.

          It is now accessible during guided tours with which we will learn all the historical details of this great lake located in the central Andes.

          6. Vichy (France)

          The French city of Vichy is located in the central region of the country (department of Allier) and is known around the world for its hot springs and hot springs.

          This destination is visited every year by millions of people looking for a quiet place to relax and mainly by retirees who wish to enjoy the properties of the famous hot springs in the region.

          7. Mount Fuji (Japan)

          Mount Fuji is the highest peak in Japan, is located on the island of Honshu and has been one of the most iconic symbols of this country for millennia. It is currently also one of the main tourist destinations in the Japanese archipelago.

          This famous mountain has also been considered a sacred place for millennia and many visitors come here every year to seek spiritual peace, relax, or engage in activities such as mountaineering or hiking.

            8. Lake Victoria

            Lake Victoria is located in the east-central region of the African continent, is the second largest lake in the world, and is divided between the sovereign states of Uganda, Tanzania, and Kenya.

            It is one of the most visited places every year in this region and opposite you can enjoy a real spectacle of nature live in all its splendor in the heart of Africa.

            9. Pyramids of Teotihuacan (Mexico)

            It is located northeast of the Valley of Mexico one of the most important ruins in Mesoamerica: the city of Teotihuacán (City of the Gods).

            It is one of the most important sacred cities in the region and you can see a set of over 600 pyramids built in pre-Columbian times with an as yet unknown origin.

            10. Niagara Falls

            On the border between Canada and the United States, we find the imposing Niagara Falls, a waterfall of more than 51 meters formed by 3 large cataracts known worldwide.

            This place is one of the most visited in North America every year and we can find a relaxing and peaceful retreat amidst a high impact natural setting.

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