The 10 best meditation apps

Its countless physical and emotional health benefits have made meditation reach the world of mobile applications with great force.

Reduce stress, connect with our inner “I”, improve attention span, strengthen the immune system, work on memory, escape negative thoughts, improve sleep health, help relax the mind, reduce blood pressure …

Meditation has countless benefits for our physical and psychological health which have been scientifically confirmed.. But meditating properly requires good guidance, a lot of practice, and most importantly a knowledge of the technique.

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This is why it is very difficult to meditate (at least correctly) without a guide. In this context, applications are surely our best ally, because with one click, we have access to all kinds of guided meditation sessions. Meditating using a cell phone is the future of this discipline.

This is why many mobile applications have been launched in this market. And with so much competition, you have to know how to differentiate which ones are the best. And that’s what we’ll do in today’s article.

What are the best apps for meditation?

Below is a selection of what we consider to be the 10 best meditation apps., A selection that we have developed according to different criteria of quality, usefulness, ease of use, absence of errors and quantity of content.

All of the apps that we will see below are fantastic choices for those new to the world of meditation and those who are already familiar with it.

May 1

Meyo is an app that includes many meditation sessions. As a meditation app, it would work on its own already, but the key point and the reason we present it in the first place is that meditation is just one of its countless benefits.

Very attentive to its (free) release the week of March 16, 2020, because Meyo arrives in great shape. With the scientific backing of top doctors and psychologists, this app encourages unprecedented health promotion. It is a 360 ° health assistant, which means that, standing up for being healthy is not just not being sick, but making the most of ourselves, being happy with what surrounds us and, ultimately, enjoying each day as if it were the last, it gives us all the tools to take care and improve our physical and emotional health.

And, of course, in an app where you want to promote health at all levels, meditation cannot be missed. Therefore, with the advice of psychologists and professionals in the world of meditation, the application includes all kinds of meditation sessions offered to the user, beginners and experts, depending on the goal of meditation: better sleep, reduce stress, connect with the inside “I relax …

Whatever your need, Meyo will have plenty of guided meditation sessions for you. But, as we said, it doesn’t end there. For to complete it and to truly bear fruit, meditation must go hand in hand with the promotion of health in all aspects of life.

A healthy diet, exercises at home or at the gym, cycling and running activities, yoga sessions, tips for better sleep, exercises to improve the capacities of our mind, tips for reduce stress, ways to work more, advice on how to express ourselves better, guidelines for learning to save …

Meyo can help you with anything by setting daily challenges so that you become the best version of yourself, giving you coins every time you complete an activity (including meditation) and allowing you to see your progress. in all that is healthy living, in a very fulfilling experience.

Meyo is an app for everything and everyone. Its catalog of meditations is excellent and, in addition, it also includes advice in all other aspects of life to achieve promotion of physical and emotional health which until recently seemed unthinkable.

  • You can download it for Android and iOS.

2. Gurumind

Gurumind is a very interesting option because it offers meditations based on user needs. In addition to including guidelines and lessons for learning to meditate, it contains meditations and resources for performing relaxation exercises suitable for issues such as insomnia, anxiety, fear, bad mood, etc. .

Moreover, this application can be used for free and its interface is so simple to use that it allows meditation in just a few clicks; it’s perfect to use at the moment.

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3. Insight timer

Insight Timer is one of the quintessential meditation apps. It is intended to function as a meditation-focused social network as it allows you to participate in discussion groups with other users and share experiences and tips. The application includes over 100 meditation sessions in its free version which becomes over 5000 when you get the premium version, thus having one of the best catalogs in terms of quality and quantity.

Originally in English, the app has already been translated into more than 20 languages, including Spanish.

4. Headroom

Created by Andy Puddicombe, an English Buddhist monk, Headspace is one of the best meditation apps we can find. for Android and iOS. This app offers hundreds of excellent quality 10 minute meditations. There is no free version and it is currently still only in English, although they have announced that they are working on the translation into multiple languages. Either way, it’s still one of the best apps for meditation.

5. Calm down

As indicated by his name, Calm is an app that offers meditations which, in this case, aim to relax the mind and get the user to disconnect from all the outside “noise”. Reducing stress, disconnecting the mind, sleeping better, increasing psychological well-being, preventing anxiety … these are the main advantages offered by this application which is available in Spanish and which, although it has a version free of ‘one week, then works by monthly subscription.

6. Meditate deeply

Deep Meditate is an application that defends the balance between mind and body it can only be achieved by meditating and sleeping well. Therefore, the application offers a large catalog of meditations that pursue this goal: muscle relaxation, disconnect the mind, breathe better, relaxing sounds and music … All this contributes to reducing stress and improving our quality of sleep. Definitely a great meditation app for beginners and people already familiar with this world.

7. Intimind

Made in Spain, Intimind is an application created by a team of psychologists that offers meditations to achieve different goals: reduce stress, be more efficient at work, Strengthen personal relationships and achieve emotional balance. Depending on what the user wants, he will perform some or other sessions, which last between 10 and 20 minutes and are obviously available in Spanish.

8. Sent

Created by the Facilísimo foundation, this application is a fantastic tool for meditation and that in addition, by using it, we contribute to a good cause, since what is collected with the subscriptions goes to the financing of projects by this foundation, which encourages scientific dissemination, research and technological development to achieve a healthier, greener and more inclusive society.

The app first performs a wellness test to find out the needs of user and, once you have answered them, personalized meditation sessions are offered to you. It’s made in Spain by the Complutense University of Madrid, so it’s obviously available in Catalan.

9. Stop, breathe and think

The importance of breathing in meditation sessions is enormous. Realizing this, the creators of this app have developed meditation sessions in which the whole breathing process is controlled more than in any other app.

As the name suggests, the app says that the true benefits of meditation are achieved if we take three steps: “stop” completely what we are doing and focus on meditation, “breathe” to control our thoughts and our feelings and, finally, “thinking” about how it helps us relax the mind and realize that we are entering an absolute state of mind control. The sessions last about 10 minutes.

10. Zenfie

One of Zenfie’s main claims is that, unlike others, offers meditation sessions specially designed for children, So that they too can be introduced into this world and can benefit from the effects of meditation.

Available in Spanish, Zenfie is an application with a free 10-day version that includes many different meditations, which are selected according to what the user wants: relax the mind, sleep better, activate the body, connect with inside the “I”, overcome stress and even resolve occasional episodes of anxiety.

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