The 10 Best Online Meditation Courses

The health benefits of regular meditation for people have been widely tested and studied.

This practice is used more and more around the world and can now be learned by anyone thanks to online meditation course.

    Most Recommended Online Meditation Classes

    Below are the 10 best online meditation courses, with which you can learn the basics and practical knowledge of this oriental discipline.

    1. Online meditation course (awakening)

    the Institute of meditation in arousal psychology has a team of professionals specializing in different areas of psychotherapy and also in mindfulness, meditation and dharma.

    General health psychologist Sandra García specializes in the application of therapy based on the integration of each of these disciplines and has been leading meditation groups for over 10 years, also from the Adhara Psychology Center.

    The classes available at the Awake Center are: Transform Your Mind, Awaken Your Heart; El Jong. Mental training in seven points; Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR); Compassion-Based Resilience Training (CBRT).

    These courses are offered both online and in person and some of them have the presence of spiritual masters from the Tibetan Buddhist tradition.

    2. Distance meditation (Psikonet)

    The space of psychology and mindfulness Mediums offers a specialized service in individual, couple or family psychotherapy; as well as various mindfulness courses with standardized programs based on the scientific method and retreats organized in rural areas.

    Classes at this center are offered online to people of all ages who want to learn techniques useful for reducing stress, anxiety or insomnia and improving their overall health.

    In addition, each of these courses is taught by specialized professionals and accredited by different national and international institutions.

    3. Training in meditation and yoga (Vibra Wellness)

    the center Well-being vibrates has a multidisciplinary team of professionals specializing in Meditation, Mindfulness, Yoga, Pilates and other disciplines at the service of the well-being of its clients.

    Each of the courses offered at this center are offered both in person and live online and with significant discounts and offers for those interested.

    In addition, the professionals of Vibra Bienesta offer relaxation courses for pregnant women and in the postpartum period.

    4. Online meditation course. Learn to Meditate (UDEMY)

    the platform WE CAN offers this online meditation course for all people who want to learn the basics of meditation, what are its benefits and integrate the main techniques of this discipline in their daily life.

    Some of the values ​​that are emphasized in the course are love, relaxation and gratitude, also part of the benefits that this daily practice brings, reduction of stress and anxiety, improvement of breathing, control emotional and improving overall health. .

    The course also includes a part with views on the different existing techniques and online guided meditations by qualified professionals in the field.

    5. One-on-one online or face-to-face course on stress management (stress control)

    the center Stress control offers a wide variety of online courses for businesses and individuals and this online and face-to-face stress management course is particularly suitable for people who want to learn how to relax.

    With this course, you will learn to control and reduce stress and anxiety through the technique of conscious self-relaxation and you will acquire other useful self-control tools that will allow you to take control of your life. and improve your overall health.

    6. Online Meditation Course (ESI)

    the School of Integrative Health offers this free online meditation course with which you can learn to meditate for 21 consecutive days through guided meditations taught by Professor Irina de la Flor.

    The main benefits offered by this course by learning a habit of daily meditation are an improvement in self-image, an improvement in the ability to solve problems, an increase in the ability to concentrate, and a decrease in anxiety and stress. stress.

    7. Complete online meditation course (learning)

    The online meditation course offered by Learning it includes a theoretical part and another practical part to learn the basics of meditation and which each participant can access from the virtual platform of the center.

    This comprehensive online meditation course includes 250 hours and costs € 97. In addition, each participant will receive an accreditation certification upon completion of the course.

    8. Guided meditation. Meditation instructor course (Euroinnova)

    This course Euroinnova is aimed at anyone wishing to acquire the knowledge necessary to be a meditation instructor trained in the main techniques and key knowledge of this discipline.

    This course is also offered online, is an approved degree and is priced at € 260.

    9. Respiratory Improvement Techniques Course (Edutin Academy)

    This online training program from Edutin Academy is another option to consider if you want to learn to meditate. Good breathing is one of the foundations of all good meditation and this course is suitable for people who want to learn how to perform the proper breathing exercises needed during a meditation session, as well as for physiotherapists or masseurs.

    The course consists of 26 video courses to be delivered online and also with theoretical and practical content on the platform of the center.

    10. Introduction to meditation (UDEMY)

    This course WE CAN You might be interested if you want to know the main fundamentals of meditation, its main benefits, and the basic techniques for practicing it on a regular basis.

    The course lasts one hour, it can be completed between 2 and 7 days and the price is € 14.99.

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