The 12 best mindfulness classes and workshops

Have you ever driven your car to work and when you got to your destination, did you realize you couldn’t remember a thing about the trip? Or did you get up in the morning and after the shower realized that you had not enjoyed this unique moment because your mind was thinking about other things (eg your job)? Most of us do!

Here are some common examples of what it’s like to live on autopilotIn other words, with the attention absorbed in our thoughts and far from being present in our own lives. In a culture like ours, which demands so much of us, which promotes individualism, consumerism, and where we sometimes seem to be objects rather than subjects, our well-being and happiness can be affected.

Mindfulness to come back to the present and connect with yourself

For decades, we have seen profound social change, and because of the pace of life in Western societies, many of us live on autopilot, stressed out, we forget to treat ourselves with compassion and to be in the here. and now. These days it’s common to ignore our expectations, and we rarely connect with who we really are, with our minds and bodies.

If you are feeling that way and want to change the way you approach life, in this article we bring you a list of mindfulness classes that can help you live a more fulfilling life. This practice can completely change your life and can help improve your emotional and psychological health..

Mindfulness is education for well-being

You’ve probably heard of mindfulness, because in recent years this ancient practice has become very popular in the West. And it’s no wonder this has happened, as the technological and socioeconomic changes that we humans have experienced over the past decades have changed the way we relate to others, to our environment, and even to ourselves. themselves.

Mindfulness is a way to educate to live better and to take responsibility for life, because it allows us to be aware of a lot of things that we sometimes do not see, just because we stop for a moment for ourselves. observe and what surrounds us. Mindfulness is will, care, acceptance, compassion, the present, the non-judgmental state of mind, and well-being. It is a way of interpreting the world which at the same time allows us to gain in quality of life and helps us to reconnect with ourselves in the midst of this hectic world.

Benefits of mindfulness

Through the development of mindfulness, we are able to adopt certain positive attitudes towards our mental state and our emotions, and although mindfulness is not something new, a lot of research has been done in recent years to determine what its benefits are.

Here are a few:

  • Reduces stress

  • Fights and prevents anxiety

  • It helps you sleep better

  • Increase concentration

  • It encourages creativity

  • Develops self-knowledge and emotional management

  • Improves interpersonal relationships

In short, mindfulness builds personal strengths and becomes a much more adaptive coping style, which helps self-regulate behaviors and get to know yourself better.

Most Recommended Mindfulness Classes and Workshops

If you want to experience the practice of mindfulness firsthand, below is a list of the best mindfulness courses and workshops. They are all face to face and help you experience all of their benefits in an experiential way..

1. Client-tailored mindfulness course (Psicotools)

The Psicotools psychology center, located in Barcelona (Barrio de Vallcarca) constantly organizes mindfulness courses and workshops tailored to the needs of each case. It can support Full Care training applied to companies, applied to schools, applied to daily life, etc.

This proposal is designed by Ferran Garcia of Palau García-Faria, an expert in mindfulness and responsible for the field of total attention and services in business. It is an option particularly suitable for companies interested in applying this set of practices to their organizational dynamics.

  • To contact Psicotools or see more information about their services, click here.

2. Mindfulness class (Awakening center)

The awakening center, Located in Madrid, offers its clients a wide variety of online courses and workshops on mindfulness, as well as other areas of psychology and meditation.

These theoretical and practical trainings are provided by psychology professionals specialized in each of their fields of intervention and some of them benefit from the collaboration of spiritual teachers of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition.

Some of the courses available at the Awakening Center are: El Jong. Seven point mental training; Transform your mind, wake up your heart; Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and Compassion-Based Resilience Training (CBRT).

  • On this page, there is more information about awakening and its courses.

3. Various courses on mindfulness and meditation (Vibrant Wellness Psychology Center)

the Vibration Wellness Psychology Center It has highly qualified psychologists who specialize in providing professional psychotherapy service, as well as the discipline of mindfulness, yoga, meditation, physiotherapy and also Pilates and nutrition.

Sessions at the center are offered in person and remotely for those who request it and at an affordable price per class, with significant discounts and offers.

In addition, the main objective of the center is to improve the health and well-being of each client, as well as to promote self-discovery and personal development.

4. Mindfulness for Health Course MBPM-Online Breathworks Breathworks Life (Psikonet Space)

The Mindfulness for Health MBPM-Online Breathing Life Breathworks course offered by Psikonet space is for people who want to learn how to manage pain, chronic illnesses, stress or other problems and ultimately improve their quality of life and well-being.

The course is priced at 280 euros (250 euros before December 24), consists of a free session on December 21 and 8 weekly online group sessions of 2.5 hours each.

At the end of the course, all participants will learn to distinguish between primary and secondary suffering; they will incorporate strategies to coexist with the primary and eliminate secondary suffering; they will learn to reduce and eliminate negative behaviors and habits and to increase their capacity for awareness and reaction in the face of adversity or situations of suffering.

  • Get more information without obligation by contacting Espai Psikonet.

5. Online Acceptance and Engagement Therapy Course (Active Psychologists)

The Online Acceptance and Engagement Therapy Course Offered by Active Psychologists It is suitable for both people who want to get into the field of contextual therapies and those who already have training and knowledge about these therapies and want to learn more.

In addition to this, the course content begins and doesactically explain the theoretical bases of acceptance and commitment therapy, as well as the most complex terms; they offer role-playing videos in the practical part, on how to apply therapeutic skills and are highly accessible on the virtual campus 24 hours a day.

Over 100 people have successfully completed the Activital course in the past year and most agree to underline the proximity and professionalism of the teaching staff, as well as the personalized feedback they offer at all times and the useful tools that serve the performance and learning of each student.

  • Access more information about the course through this contact form.

6. Expert course in emotional intelligence and mindfulness (D’Art Human & Business School)

One of the best mindfulness class options can be found in the expert course in emotional intelligence and mindfulness organized by D’Art Human & Business The school, Composed of 450 hours of training in which the study is combined in an autonomous way with the participation in the courses, the realization of practical exercises and the support of a mentor who assists each student in an individual way.

Throughout this study and training program, it is possible to learn the basics of regulating emotions, detecting emotional states in oneself and others, and using mindfulness as a tool. Useful for focusing on what really matters and making our feelings work in our favor.

The D’Art Human & Business School facilities are located at 38, rue Albasanz.

  • To learn more about this course or other courses promoted by this entity, visit this page.

7. 8 Week Live Program: Mindfulness at Work (FasTrackToRefocus)

the 8 Week Live Program: Mindfulness at Work by FasTrackToRefocus is one of the best options for professionals and people of all kinds who want to overcome blockages, stress and obstacles that arise in work that prevent them from achieving their goals, all thanks to the application of the mindfulness.

The program consists of 8 live sessions in which the instructor will share the most useful techniques related to mindfulness with which each student will manage, at the end of the course, to reduce stress, increase productivity, improve self-awareness. decision and increase focus and mental clarity.

It should be added that the course lasts a total of 50 hours and offers the possibility of accessing videos and exercises of each session in case of not being able to attend it live.

  • For more information, you can access their professional profile.

8. Therapeutic mindfulness (vitalizes)

The Vitalitza Psychology Center, located in Pamplona (Carrer Irunlarrea) runs mindfulness classes to master the theoretical and practical principles of mindfulness through experiential learning.

This is a training program specially designed for professionals in the health sector, such as doctors, nurses and psychologists specializing in clinical and health care. It is possible to master different Full Care practices adapted to various therapeutic contexts to be applied with patients.

The course is led by Javier Elcarte, psychologist with over 20 years of experience in psychotherapy and neuropsychology, and co-founder of the Vitalitza center.

  • To see more information about Vitalize and its courses, click here.

9. Cepsim mindfulness course

The Cepsim Psychological Center is an organization that has several open consultations in different areas of central Madrid, and its team has developed several interesting mindfulness training programs with two variations: Course of 5 hours and others of 8 hours.

The 8-hour courses are divided into two themes. One of them works on contents related to the use of Mindfulness to reduce stress, and the other is to Mindfulness well-being, to modulate our emotions in the most varied situations thanks to this technique.

On the other hand, the 5-hour classes offer other great options to choose from: Mindfulness for Parents, Mindfulness and Work, Mindfulness and Emotional Dependence, and Mindful Eating.

  • To see Cepsim contact details and learn more about these courses, click here.

10. Mindfulness class (BarnaPsico)

The psychotherapy center BarnaPsico, Located in Barcelona, ​​runs this course based on one and a half hour courses, or around 8 hours in total, aimed at people without prior knowledge in Full Care.

This training program emphasizes the anti-stress power of Mindfuless and shows its different areas of application and utility, so that it is easy to practice independently beyond this course.

  • You can see the contact details of BarnaPsico on this page.

11. Mindfulness Expert: Managing Emotions Effectively Through Mindfulness (University of Malaga)

For a few years now, the University of Malaga has been giving an annual course in which it is possible to know and learn more about the practice of mindfulness.. The course focuses on managing emotions, so it integrates the practice of mindfulness with emotional intelligence into a new curriculum known as mental emotional intelligence.

Throughout this course, participants learn to apply this philosophy in different areas of life: work, school or at home. The training ends with a retreat during which it is possible to experience meditation in a deeper way. This course is intended for professionals in the education, health and business sectors.

12. Mindfulness training program: M-PBI (multiple centers)

For people determined to engage in the practice of Mindfulness to improve their quality of life, several specialized centers provide the opportunity to integrate mindfulness capacity into personal life with the Mindfulness Training Program (M-PBI).

Without a doubt, this is a great course for getting to know and immersing yourself in mindfulness in a practical and experiential way. The objective is that the participants acquire the basic tools to manage their emotions and be able to understand, experience and benefit from the content of the different sessions in order to be able to transpose it into their daily life.

During the several weeks of these workshops, participants learn different exercises and techniques that allow to connect with oneself, reduce anxiety, control stress and improve attention, concentration and balance. emotional.

Likewise, these courses usually offer a free 1.5-hour briefing session so that those interested can see first-hand the purpose of this millennial practice.

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