The 9 Best Online Mindfulness Courses

Mindfulness, or Mindfulness, is a set of techniques and practices inspired by meditation and based on focusing attention on the present moment.

This therapeutic modality has been used in recent decades by psychology professionals to improve emotional management in the face of phenomena such as dexterity, anxiety or intrusive thoughts, and is currently a resource in great demand both by professionals and individuals who wish to integrate Full Care into their daily life.

With the increasing demand for knowledge about this technique and expert instructors, today we can find more and more courses that teach the benefits of mindfulness online or remotely. here we will see a selection of these online mindfulness courses.

    Most Recommended Online Mindfulness Classes

    If you want to know which are the best mindfulness courses in online mode, check out the selection presented in the following lines.

    1. 8 Week Live Program: Mindfulness at Work (Fastracktorefocus)

    The 8 Weeks Live: Mindfulness at Work program by Fastracktorefocus is one of the most recommended for those who want to apply the principles of mindfulness to their projects individually and for professionals and companies who want to improve their performance in the workplace. and overcome mental block at work.

    the lesson is divided into 8 live sessions, one per week starting November 4, taught by coach Neus Rodríguez and provides the ability to access recordings from each session once they end.

    The aim of the course is to teach the technique of mindfulness to each of the participants so that they can integrate it into their daily life and improve their well-being at work, as well as increase their productivity, learn to manage the stress, focus and clarity of mind and achieve better regulation of emotions in decision making.

    • You can find more information about Fastracktorefocus and its contact details on this page.

    2. Mindfulness course

    The Awakening Center for Meditation and Psychotherapy offers a series of online mindfulness courses for people of all ages who want to learn about this discipline and train in different meditation modalities to improve any type of problem in their life.

    The professionals at this center have several years of experience integrating psychotherapy with mindfulness and meditation, and each of the courses offered by the Despertessis center is the result of this multidisciplinary knowledge.

    The courses offered by the Awake Center are: Transform your mind, awaken your heart; El Jong. Seven point mental training; Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and Compassion-Based Resilience Training (CBRT).

    Each of these courses is offered online and some of them have the presence of teachers belonging to the Tibetan Buddhist tradition of Dag Shang Kagyu temple.

    • If you want to know more, go to this page.

    3. Mindfulness for Health Course MBPM-Online Breathworks Breathworks Life (Psikonet Space)

    Espai Psikonet offers the Mindfulness for Health MBPM-Online course from Breath Life Breathworks, Which is aimed at people who wish to learn how to deal with an undesirable situation (chronic pain or illness, anxiety or stress) by applying effective tools such as mindfulness and who also wish to learn to recognize and manage their emotions.

    This program applies the most comprehensive and up-to-date perspective and upon completion, any participant will be able to distinguish between primary and secondary suffering; acquire own resources to manage primary suffering and eliminate secondary suffering; learn to manage emotions and sensations; eliminate negative habits and improve quality of life.

    The course is priced at 280 euros (250 euros before December 24) and includes 8 weekly online sessions of 2.5 hours each. A free screening will take place on December 21 at 7 p.m.

    • Discover this course via Espai Psikonet.

    4. Online Course on Mindfulness and Well-Being (Crehana)

    The online course portal Crehana offers this course for people with no previous experience who want to step into the world of mindfulness and learn the basic precepts and tools to improve attention, self-awareness, regulation and emotional intelligence and also reduce stress and anxiety.

    The course content is both theoretical and practical and is aimed both at people who wish to improve personally and professionally.

    5. MBSR online course (esMindfulness)

    This 8-week online mindfulness course offered by the esMindfulness Institute begins in February 2021 and is based on the content of the classic mindfulness-based stress reduction program, From the University of Massachusetts, Doctor Jon Kabat-Zinn.

    It is a true intensive training program with which everyone will learn the essential basics of mindfulness and also apply it in their daily life to regulate their emotions, reduce stress, focus their attention and obtain a variety of additional benefits. .

    The course consists of guided meditation sessions, personal interviews with the instructor, individual or group activities and theoretical sessions, all thanks to the permanent monitoring of the instructors and the constant availability of tutorial videos.

    6. Higher Diploma in Mindfulness and Emotion Management (CSEU La Salle)

    The Advanced Diploma in Mindfulness and Emotional Management is a La Salle University Center diploma, offered online by the European Institute of Positive Psychology.

    This course has a total duration of 3 months and is suitable for professionals, teachers or psychologists who want to become experts in mindfulness and apply this technique on a professional or personal level.

    Some of the learning offered by the course relates to different techniques for managing stress, anxiety and negative emotions, learning meditation techniques and improving general well-being.

    7. Certified Mindfulness Course (Udemy)

    The Certified Mindfulness Course offered by Udemy is an online training program that consists of theoretical and practical content for those who wish to deepen the knowledge of this technique of relaxation and self-awareness. applicable to privacy.

    Course objectives include a thorough knowledge of the theoretical and practical foundations of mindfulness and how to explain them, as well as learning the simplest mindfulness exercises, and knowing and how to apply them in different situations.

    8. MBA + Master in Coaching, Emotional Management and Mindfulness (European Business School)

    The Double Master in Business Administration and Management and Master in Coaching, Emotional Management and Mindfulness from the European Business School of Barcelona is one of the most ambitious training programs to obtain the necessary knowledge online to apply the techniques of Mindfulness to the company.

    The Master has theoretical and practical content, focused on using mindfulness when dealing with issues such as stress at work and burnout syndrome.

      9. Mindfulness, Meditation and Mindfulness: Basic Principles and Practices (IASE)

      The IASE Institute teaches this 30-hour online course, with which each student will learn the technique of mindfulness in a holistic way, as well as other relaxation techniques to achieve healthy benefits in their daily life.

      This institute has a professional history of almost 20 years of history and collaborates with different organizations around the world.

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