The best mindfulness training

For decades, we have witnessed the transformation of the world and the profound social transformation that has taken place. Due to the pace of Western societies, many people live on autopilot, without stop to live the present moment nor to realize neither their own feelings nor what surrounds them. In addition, the culture in which we live immersed, encourages consumerism and materialism, moving away from ourselves and becoming subjects rather than subjects.

Considering this and knowing the discomfort (stress, anxiety, sadness) that our lifestyle can bring, it is not surprising a practice like mindfulness, which helps you live here and now To treat yourself already with compassion and to develop the observer self is to be so successful.

    Psychology and mindfulness

    In psychology, mindfulness it is applied as a therapeutic method with programs like mindfulness-based cognitive therapy, but rather it is a philosophy or mindset that can be developed if we attend a workshop or class that allows us to know its basics and learn more about it. learn to put them into practice.

    In this article we will review the best mindfulness training in Spain, and we will know the best courses and masters that we can find at home that allow us to dive into its practice.

    What is this practice?

    Mindfulness is a mental state called in Spanish Mindfulness or Mindfulness, In which we are fully aware of the present moment, without judging what is happening, simply accepting the experience as it is.

    It is a philosophy that has its roots in Buddhism, and today is also applied as a therapeutic tool for its benefits for the emotional and physical well-being of people. In fact, scientific studies have shown that this millennial practice provides positive benefits in cases of recurrent depression, anxiety, drug addiction, chronic pain, insomnia, and stress-related illnesses.

    But mindfulness is not only applied in the clinical and psychotherapeutic field, but has shown its effectiveness. in education, work, sport and justice.

    The most recommended mindfulness training

    Mindfulness is a powerful tool used daily it can greatly improve our quality of life. It is a way of educating oneself to live better, to take responsibility for life, to stop living on autopilot, to start to appreciate oneself and to better manage one’s emotions.

    When it comes to emotional management, acceptance and self-compassion are key aspects of this practice. And that doesn’t mean that we have to rejoice in feeling negative emotions, but we have to acknowledge their existence. As painful as reality is, it is always better to accept it and face it than to run away.

    Although generally Mindfulness is confused with meditation, Two closely related practices because meditation is a technique that helps develop mindfulness (however, not all meditations are good for developing mindfulness, only mindfulness meditations), there are also other methods that allow you to acquire a state of mindfulness. Through mindfulness, we can perceive life in a more adaptive way and interpret the world in a way that improves our quality of life and connects us to ourselves in the midst of this busy world.

    In view of the above, we can highlight several entities that stand out for providing quality Minfulness training.

    The Therapeutic Mindfulness course offered by the Center de Psychologie Vitalisante it is indicated for all those people who want to be trained in the knowledge of the Mindfulness of the hand of highly qualified professionals in the matter.

    The objectives of the course are the practical and experiential learning of the main knowledge of Mindfulness through the exercises of intense meditation, relational psychological work, physical contact and mental training offered by the instructors.

    Learning mindfulness and mindfulness awareness has widely proven positive effects on emotional regulation, improving self-awareness, improving interpersonal relationships, and recognizing one’s own emotions and emotional blockages. .

    The course has a total price of 100 euros and lasts 8 days.

    • You can contact the Vitaliza center at this link.

    Another of the best mindfulness training programs is the one offered by Psicotools., Psychological center located in the Barcelona district of Gràcia. This organization creates case-specific plans for delivering workshops to businesses, schools and individuals, focusing on the aspects of mindfulness that are of most interest to the client.

    To see more information on the Mindfulness courses and workshops organized by Psicotools, access the centre’s contact details by clicking here.

    How to choose mindfulness training programs

    When choosing those mindfulness training initiatives that seem more in line with our interests, we need to take into account a number of criteria that will help us get a sense of their quality.

    1. That it be based on both theory and practice

    There are several mindfulness courses offered in Spain, and many are ideal for learning to be emotionally aware and regular. Many trainings are not only theoretical, but also practical so that you can use what you learn in your daily life. They are the best, because this discipline is fundamentally applied. The mere transmission of theoretical content does not teach us how to apply it.

    2. That it is not based solely on the tradition of meditation

    Mindfulness is part of Vipassana meditation, but is not limited to this area. It was developed by deliver concrete results in specific contexts. Therefore, it must be based on research applied to mindfulness, and not just the desire to continue the millennial meditations.

    3. It must teach the importance of context

    The effectiveness of mindfulness is largely due to our ability to perform it in appropriate contexts. Therefore, mindfulness training should include teachings on how to take advantage of the environment to maximize our results.

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