What are the best places to meditate?

Meditation is a very healthy practice both in terms of physical well-being and emotional balance and the ability to modulate our concentration. As a result, many people around the world have made it a routine in their daily lives, allowing us to know ourselves better and enter states of relaxation and balance that allow us to focus on the present. and stop harboring unfounded fears. , obsessive thoughts, etc.

The benefits of meditation are such that from this ancestral practice a set of techniques commonly used in psychotherapy has been designed. What is now known as Mindfulness (or Mindfulness) has been shown to be effective in treating anxiety issues, preventing relapses of depression and chronic pain, among other disorders.

Of course, meditation is not a purely introspective activity: the environment in which we live influences its realization. So in this article We will review the best places where you can easily meditate.

    The most recommended places to meditate

    Although we do not have a specific place to meditate under professional supervision, given a certain number of key ideas it will be relatively easy to find a place to carry out this activity in a more or less “self-taught” way. Today we can find a wide variety of places that are within reach of most when it comes to carrying out this practice.

    1. Large parks

    Large urban parks and gardens often have a surface large enough and unobstructed to be able to meditate in complete comfort, provided you are far enough away from cars.

    And it is that, although we are in an urban environment, the contact with nature that allows parks to offer the ideal setting to relax and carry out meditation activities in a satisfying way. Don’t forget that being away from the typical noises of the city is not only influential: air quality is also essential.

    In short, parks are often the best meditation option for people living in urban settings; they can function as small transitional “retreats”. to relax for a few minutes or hours and get away from the elements that remind us of the tasks and responsibilities of daily life.

      2. The mountain

      Mountain destinations are also great places for meditation it is a space where you are in real contact with nature and with all the relaxing elements it offers. In addition, in this kind of place, there is usually an ecosystem that gives us fresh air and birdsong that can help us enter the right state of relaxation.

      The environment that we find in the mountains is also very beneficial because to get where we want it is usually necessary to make a minimum of effort, which leads us to secrete the so-called “hormones of happiness”, of which serotonin, and this makes it easier for us to get into the mood that predisposes us to meditate believing in our chances of doing well.

        3. The beach

        The beach is another classic meditation scenario that can help many people achieve the state of relaxation necessary for this activity.

        The sound of the waves is very relaxing for most people, as is the feel of the sand and the feel of the wind. in the body.

        In addition to this, the beach is one of the most recommended places to see sunrises and sunsets from any place we are, moments very conducive to meditation.

          4. Roofs

          Meditating on the roof of our house is also another option if we want to find a quiet place, far from the world and with a beautiful view.

          Although it is an activity that not everyone can afford, on the roofs of large cities one can enjoy a privileged place to meditate quietly and also offers a feature to keep in mind: It offers us an unusual point of view on an environment which in other circumstances would seem very familiar to us.which on the one hand makes us “feel at home” and, at the same time, does not bombard us with stimuli that we associate with going to work, homework, etc.

            5. At home

            At home we can also find very suitable places to meditate, such as our bedroom, the terrace or in front of the fireplace, with the sound of fire in the background. Yes Yes it is important to reserve a small space that we only use for this activity, or at least slightly modify the appearance of the room self-induce a state of calm. It can be useful to start the sessions with a small ritual (for example, lighting a candle and turning off the light) which both marks the beginning of the meditation and, on the other hand, serves to modify the place where one are used to doing other things.

            In addition, if we are lucky enough to live in a country house, we can also enjoy spaces to meditate quietly away from noise and the presence of other people.

            6. Points of view

            City lookouts also provide the perfect setting for relaxed meditation with panoramic views of the entire city or a natural landscape.

            Elevated sites with great views allow us to reach a state of relaxationwell-being and optimal balance for successful meditation.

              Do you want to go to the best places to meditate on another level?

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