100 “Yo Mai” questions to play with your friends

Are you having a dinner gathering with your friends and you don’t know what to do? The game of “I Never” is a classic for this occasion, ideal for getting to know our friends a little more while discovering their most embarrassing secrets.

Sometimes, however, we are left empty without knowing what to ask them. Fortunately, Here you will find a list of questions from Jo Mai to play with your friends.

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    100 Yo Mai questions to play in a group with your friends

    The game of “I never have” is a classic at all parties. It is very popular thanks to the ease of play, consisting only of someone saying “I have never …” and completing the sentence with a statement that others must confirm or deny by doing what has been done. agreed at the start of the game.

    For example, one of the players might say, “I have never had lasagna. To say that yes they did this action, that is to say eat lasagna, we can agree that the players drink from their cup while those who do not, simply do nothing.

    The game’s slogan is so basic that it is suitable for all ages, as long as the questions are tailored to suit the audience and the context it is aimed at. too much you need to agree on a confirmatory action, whether it’s drinking from a glass, slapping your palms or snapping your fingers.

    Below we will see several Yo Nunca questions to play with your friends, designed for an audience mainly consisting of teenagers and young adults, but also applicable to older people.

    1. I have never dropped my cell phone in the toilet

    Sometimes we use it where we shouldn’t.

    2. I have never fought with punches

    Violence is not the answer, but the urge to silence someone with a good punch is hard to control.

    3. I have never seen an entire Titanic

    The movie is 195 minutes long and we all know Rose could have made room for Jack at the table.

    4. I never gave up Mentos on Coca-Cola / Pepsi

    A Molotov cocktail with candy.

    5. I have never recorded a video of me singing or dancing

    The talent it must be left registered.

    6. I have never sat in the shower and cried after a breakup

    The shower drops hide our tears.

    7. I have never stolen from a store

    Flight is lousy, hope you don’t do it again.

    8. I never spent hours watching funny videos on YouTube

    Kitty’s videos on the platform can distract us from our tasks very easily.

    9. I never thought a cartoon character was attractive.

    Everyone has had a crush on an anime before.

    10. I have never tried to see how many candies fit in my mouth

    Marshmallows, jelly bears, candy… everything is worth it. But beware, then come drownings.

    11. I have never met someone famous

    Celebrities are beings from this planet, with some we will have to meet at some point.

    12. I have never harassed an ex-boyfriend / girlfriend on social media

    It’s a little toxic to do that, but we want to know who replaced us and if he won with the new one.

    13. I have never been jealous of my friends

    We rejoice in the achievements of our friends, but better if they were our own.

    14. I have never been locked in a room

    There are classmates and friends who think they are very funny.

    15. I have never been so scared when I left the house the night I ran back

    Fear at night can make us walk faster.

    16. I have never cleaned my room by putting everything in the closet

    A quick way to tidy up the room.

    17. I have never been afraid of clowns

    Some clowns paint their faces in a really disturbing way.

    18. I have never been told I have bad breath

    Maybe you’ve eaten something that doesn’t have the best smell, let’s say.

    19. I never cried during a Pixar movie

    Some of his films are very tearful.

      20. I have never had diarrhea with a friend

      And if it’s explosive diarrhea, which is felt throughout the house, you are even considering changing friends.

      21. I have never played the game of the bottle

      Funny how an empty bottle can get you to kiss new people.

      22. I never dressed like the opposite sex

      Clothes don’t have a gender or sex, so tasting a skirt as a man isn’t bad at all.

      23. I never greeted someone who thought I was someone else

      Greet with effusion someone who does not know you, who does not answer you and be completely ridiculous.

      24. I have never played with a Ouija board

      This is the fastest way to contact Napoleon’s ghost.

      25. I have never seen a whole porn movie

      Seeing one of these integers has a lot of merit.

      26. I have never been to summer camp

      Grill sausages over the campfire as spooky stories are told under a starry night. How many memories …

      27. I never blamed a friend for something I did

      Does that make us bad friends? Well, yes, because we will be deceived.

      28. I have never been chased by a cat

      They usually run away from us, but some of them chase us because we feed them.

      29. I have never texted the wrong person

      Sending a “give it all, daddy” to your daddy is really a perfect Christmas story to share with the whole family.

      30. I have never tripped in public

      In front of everyone, it’s even more embarrassing.

      31. I have never eaten an entire box of ice cream at a time

      Spoon after spoonful sweep with the can.

      32. I have never cut my hair badly

      When you want to save a few euros and instead go to the hairdresser you do it alone at home. It runs rough.

      33. I never dated anyone in college

      Some focus on studies and some focus on students.

      34. I have never dated anyone younger than me

      As long as it is bigger, there is nothing to hide.

      35. I have never slept with someone who doubles my age

      Love does not understand ages, as long as they are both responsible adults.

      36. I never drank before I turned 18

      It’s not the healthiest thing a teenager can do.

      37. I never claimed to have a boyfriend or girlfriend

      All of our friends, we won’t pretend to be the loners in the bunch.

      38. I have never skipped a class

      If the teacher only reads slides, it’s not that we’re skipping a lot either.

      39. I have never played a play in school / university

      Sometimes we get bitten by the performance beast.

      40. I have never failed an exam

      We misspelled the day and time of the test.

      41. I have never been rejected by someone I love

      Pumpkins hurt a lot.

      42. I have never deleted my browsing history

      Having the story put “how to melt a human in acid” won’t help us when the police come.

      43. I have never cheated on an exam

      I even learned Cyrillic so I could write ribs on my desk without them catching me.

      44. I never cried in the school toilet

      Children and adolescents can sometimes be very cruel.

      45. It never occurred to me that my cell phone fell on my face

      We use mobile too much, we even talk about it before going to bed. Normal that it falls on our face …

      46. ​​I never forgot a friend’s birthday

      Why are there calendars? Well, that’s why.

      47. I have never fallen in love with a teacher

      Is that there are all the college professors that you can’t resist fantasizing with him.

      48. I have never sung in the shower

      The shower has excellent resonance so even those of us who sing worse become Pavarotti.

      49. I never doubted my sexual orientation

      Life is too short to settle for just one genre.

      50. I never told a secret that I was supposed to keep

      Sometimes it’s a little appetizing.

      51. I have never played with anyone in the university / office bathrooms

      Passion can make us make quick decisions, even if it means wrapping ourselves in a bathroom.

      52. I have never created a fake social media account

      A very good strategy for gossiping about the crush without you knowing it.

        53. I’ve never put on a duck’s head when taking a selfie

        Lips joined and tight, ready to say “corner, quack”

        54. I have never vomited in an amusement park

        A word of advice: don’t ride Russian speck with a full stomach.

        55. I never got drunk in college

        Whether you’re at a college party, right next to a teacher, and you’ve stuck yourself a huge cogorza that you don’t know whether to unsubscribe the next day.

        56. I never learned the choreography of a K-Pop dance

        Who would have thought that South Korea would overtake Japan in catchy choreography?

        57. I never woke up in a strange place.

        What did I do yesterday to be here now?

        58. I have never worn padded support / panties

        Sometimes self-esteem increases by adding a few extra cotton swabs.

        59. I have never worn lingerie

        Whether it’s branded shorts or lace socks.

        60. I never had a threesome

        Whether three are crowds does not apply to sex.

        61. I never had to call the police

        We don’t want to get anyone in trouble, but if they don’t know how to behave or hurt other people, it’s best to call the authorities.

        62. I never learned to play a musical instrument

        The recorder matters, even if it has to be a little more ambitious.

        63. I never lost the bottom of my swimsuit when I was on the beach.

        Sometimes the sea drags what it does not touch.

        64. I have never practiced public speaking in front of the mirror

        In “The Sims”, it increases charisma.

        65. I never claimed to know a stranger

        A perfect strategy in case we are disturbed by a stranger on the street, escape by showing you someone you know.

        66. I never claimed to be entertained by a joke

        Christmas dinner. Our uncle is telling a really bad joke. What do we do? Laugh and leave the engagement: juas, juas, juas, little grace …

        67. I have never been an experimental subject

        Scalp electrodes, arm cramps or pills to see what’s going on. As long as you get paid well, do the science.

        68. I have never had sex on the beach

        A little embarrassing, really. Sand can get into quite difficult places.

        69. I have never been in pajamas and slippers on the street

        It’s so comfy that you have to change if you just go out to throw the garbage.

        70. I have never played beer pong

        A college party isn’t if there aren’t six glasses and a ball table.

        71. I have never played poker at home for money / clothes

        Have fun while earning money. And if we do the striptease version, you can see more than poker faces.

        72. I have never pretended to send text messages while taking pictures of who I have in front of me

        Expand the photo file for the gossip album.

        73. I never put a worm on a hook

        Some families have fishing as a family pastime.

        74. I have never dyed my hair

        Blond, red, pink, trans-flag color something that has recently become very fashionable among young people.

        75. I never sent a suggestive photo

        Let’s call it by its name: send nodes.

        76. I have never made my mark in an innumerable field

        It is said that Prince Albert, husband of Queen Victoria of England, had one there.

        77. I never threw my drink on anyone

        For her insolence, she deserved to be bathed in alcohol.

        78. I have never bathed on the beach completely naked

        Less clothes, more natural. Swim like a fish.

        79. I have never been afraid in a mirror

        And look, I’m not ugly or anything.

        80. I have never been handcuffed

        Bed games or brawl with the police. What is your story ?

        81. I have never had an erotic dream with someone I shouldn’t

        Weird and unwanted encounters cannot fail at least at some point in our dream life.

        82. I have never been found pleasuring myself

        One of the most embarrassing situations one can go through.

        83. I never wished anyone was here today

        In every group of friends there are hidden affiliates who may one day be revealed.

        84. I never thought I was going to die

        When faced with serious illness or extreme pain, more than one must have thought it was the end of it.

        85. I never preferred to play a video game rather than have sex

        After all, in certain circumstances it can become more stimulating, depending on the other option.

        86. I never spent more than 30 euros on something I didn’t like just to impress someone

        One of the many ways you sacrifice yourself so that you can bond or make special “connections”.

        87. I never fantasized about being a famous YouTuber

        The internet world has made the illusion of being famous very easy.

        88. I have never lied about the measure to be tied

        One of the ways to “cheat” to pass certain filters.

        89. I have never disguised myself to satisfy a sexual fantasy

        Some fetishes will radically change our appearance.

        90. I have never accidentally used another person’s shower towel

        With coexistence, awkward situations can arise.

        91. I never desperately bought a gift for my partner to avoid an argument

        Not all gifts are made of excitement and the desire to pleasantly surprise.

        92. I have never spent more than five days without a shower

        Hygiene is not a priority for everyone.

        93. I have never failed an exam despite having done it by looking at the grades all the time

        There are incompetences that cannot be corrected like that, just read a few pages.

        94. I have never worn underwear inside out for a whole day

        It’s one of those kinds of mistakes that are hard to spot once we’ve made them.

        95. I never claimed to feel bad that I didn’t go to a family reunion

        One of the most used excuses.

        96. I have never chosen an elective subject just to link

        A balance of costs and benefits that is generally not fair.

        97. I never pretended that someone fell in love with me to hide that I was attracted to them

        Some strategies for avoiding being vulnerable can be quite immature.

        98. I never believed in Bigfoot

        There are even those who spend hours reading and watching videos on this topic of cryptozoology.

        99. I’ve never seen an adult movie with my parents in another room

        The limits of individual privacy can be very narrow.

        100. I never cut my hair to look like a celebrity

        Some referents speak for themselves.

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