25 stupid questions (but very difficult to answer)

Unanswered questions, of which you look at the interlocutor with the face of having seen a UFO pass. Stupid questions don’t always have an answer, as they are often born out of ignorance on the backs of whoever formulates them.

But, What are we really talking about when we refer to a stupid question? These are fundamental misconceptions, which lack a minimum of consistency.

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    Stupid questions that few people will be able to answer

    In this article, we set out to compile 25 great examples of inconsistent questions that cost horrors to be able to rethink properly.

    Sometimes we are faced with a crass pun, in other cases the approach is just oddly wrong or paradoxical.

    1. Why is “separate” written all together and “all together” written separately?

    A linguistic curiosity which ends in a paradox.

    2. If planes’ black box is indestructible, why don’t they make whole planes out of the same material?

    Probably because the material of the black boxes is very dense or very expensive. We should also ask ourselves why we call them black boxes, if they are usually orange (in an effort to become more visible in the event of a disaster).

    3. Why during “free bar” evenings, the only thing that is not free is the bar?

    Another terrible pun.

    4. If “ordinary” is synonymous with vulgar, why doesn’t “extraordinary” mean very vulgar?

    Another sophisticated language game with little philosophical background.

    5. Why are we tightening the buttons on the remote when it is not working properly?

    The smartest thing would be to change the batteries, but we’re holding on to the hope that harder pressure will finally work.

    6. Why are we more attracted to people who tend not to engage in romantic relationships?

    That might not be a stupid question … rather, it’s humans acting stupid and inconsistent. We tend to appreciate more potential romantic couples who don’t engage in the relationship, precisely because uncertainty and emotional instability makes us feel more dependent on that attention. This is how we are.

    7. Why do we place more value on things that have a higher price?

    Our judgment on the value of material goods is quite confusing, and we are usually guided by relative parameters such as price.

    8. If the champagne is liquid, what can we call it “dry”?

    The term “dry” refers only to the amount of sugar that is added to champagne during one of its manufacturing processes.

    9. Why do we wake up a few minutes before the alarm goes off?

    It’s a matter of psychological habituation. We are usually animals, and there comes a time when our brain feels that there are only a few minutes left when we wake up to make its shrill act of presence.

    10. Wouldn’t it be a reward for a masochist to go to jail or to be mistreated and tortured by the police?

    It can be so.

    11. If three out of four geniuses have no friends and I have no friends, can I officially consider myself a genius?

    A kind of mistake that can make us believe in things that are not real.

    12. If love is blind, why do attractive people find it so much easier?

    Logically, there is an important part of mating which has to do with the beauty we perceive in the other person. “Love is blind” is just a saying that can be applied in all circumstances, but not to the letter.

    13. Wouldn’t it be appropriate to stop showering and drinking water to save water and protect the environment?

    There are priorities in life and the amount of water we waste comes from other vices in our society.

    14. Why do we keep looking for a partner when our previous experiences have been disastrous?

    Because our instincts and social pressure lead us to make mistakes over and over again.

    15. Why do we call it “planet Earth” if more than 70% of the surface is water?

    There is a pretty consistent answer to this astronomical question.

    16. Why can’t a psychologist be sad?

    Can’t a doctor get sick? It’s one of those stupid questions that plagues our guild.

    17. What did the inhabitants of Lepe do to deserve to be the target of ridicule?

    The jokes of Lepe (a small town in the province of Huelva, Spain) have been laughing for many generations. It is not known where this tradition of making fun of lepeños comes from, but of course they have acquired a totally undeserved notoriety.

    18. Where do jokes come from?

    Maybe a question not as silly as the others. It is often said that jokes occur mainly in prisons, where the time to think nonsense is dilated. They are also born from the popular collection, as they are usually linguistic twists and puns.

    19. Why is it impossible to sneeze with your eyes open?

    It is a physiological curiosity. In the force of iron through the airways, the eyes close even as we try to keep them open.

    20. What color will a chameleon look like in the mirror?

    It will continue to have the same color it had just before.

    21. Why do we say that the law of gravity is “invented”?

    True, it had been there for a long time … but it is usually expressed that way because, although gravity had already had its effect in the world of physics, it had not been possible to explain the phenomenon specifically, until you reach Sir Isaac. Newton.

    22. Which came first, the egg or the chicken?

    While this seems like an unanswered question, the truth is that any biologist will clearly tell you that the egg came first.

    23. Is there a possibility, however remote, that there is someone physically like you in another part of the planet?

    Science has no clear answer.

    24. Why do people watch their cell phones so much that life goes on?

    A reflection that is perhaps not so absurd.

    25. Why do people watch TV time summaries? Isn’t it easier to look out the window?

    Meteorology also has its fans.

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