38 absurd and meaningless questions (with a tricky or non-obvious answer)

We humans are naturally curious and we never cease to be amazed by what surrounds us. This desire to know and to know leads us to ask ourselves questions.

However, there are questions which are absurd and which make no sense. Either because they are made in an ironic or sarcastic tone, or because their answer seems too obvious to even ask such a question.

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    A list of absurd questions

    Then you can find a list of absurd questions and meaningless questions. However, if you take a closer look, you might be able to find an answer to one of them.

    1. Why is our planet called “Earth” with three quarters of the water?

    This question may sound absurd, but it really isn’t. The origin of this name is that there was a time, when this name was adopted, when humanity did not yet know that the Earth was a planet. In most languages, the name planet means the earth beneath your feet.

    2. Why if you blow a dog on its nose it gets angry and if we take it as a passenger in the car with the window down, it puts its head in the wind?

    Interestingly, theyour dogs usually stick their heads out of the car window, Probably looking for a cool place or to be able to smell various things.

    3. Why should a person be right when given? If you already have it. In that case, it should be given when you don’t have it, right?

    A reflection that makes no sense. Of course, when they’re right, they do us good.

    4. Why do we run fast in the rain, if it is also raining in front?

    We usually run when it rains to avoid getting wet. Running is actually a good idea, as the time we spend in the water is reduced.

    5. Why is Goofy able to stand on his own two feet and Pluto gets on all fours? Aren’t they both dogs?

    An absurd reflection on these Disney characters.

    6. How do I know how many lives my cat has left?

    Cats, like humans, have only one life. What is happening is that there is a popular saying that symbolically states that they have seven lives. This is said because cats are very agile and can jump and fall from great heights.

    7. Why is there no mouse flavored cat food?

    It’s a pretty absurd question, but maybe they would like it.

    8. Where is the other half of the Middle East?

    A name that refers to its location is not called that because there is another half.

    9. Why does Tarzan have hair but didn’t grow a beard a bit during all his years lost in the jungle?

    In fact, there is something certain about this question. Although it could also be barbamec.

    10. Do children love childhood as much as adults with adultery?

    A question which has no meaning, but which plays on words.

    11. Why did the Flintstones celebrate Christmas if they lived before Christ?

    Because they are cartoons. Of course, it doesn’t make much sense for them to celebrate Christmas.

    12. Why do we need to avoid dangers? But if people don’t even want it as gifts …

    Drawing can mean two things: dodge or argue. This question changes the meaning of the word to make it funny.

    13. Why do we press the buttons on the TV remote control so hard when we know that the batteries have run out?

    The answer to this question is surely due to the frustration that the remote control does not work.

    14. Why do we say “drink” to the drink, even before drinking?

    For the same reason, we call food “eating”, even before we eat it.

    15. If ordinary is synonymous with vulgar, why does extraordinary not mean very vulgar?

    A sophisticated way to find connections between words.

    16. If a lawyer goes crazy, does he lose his mind?

    An ironic phrase that can be funny because lawyers defend the rights of their clients in lawsuits.

    17. How well do bald people wash their faces?

    In other words, where is the boundary of the face if there is no hair to differentiate it.

    18. Why is no one able to realize that Clark Kent is Superman? Can glasses and a rickshaw change a person so much?

    It is curious that after wearing Superman glasses, no one finds his likeness or suspects that they are part of the family.

    19. Why is “separate” written all together and “all together” written separately?

    The language sometimes has curiosities like that of this question.

    20. If champagne is liquid, how can it be dry?

    The term “dry” champagne has to do with the amount of sugar added to the process.. It is simply a type of champagne.

    21. Where do field agents go when, tired of their work, they decide to “get away from it all”?

    People who live in cities usually go to relax in the countryside. But when a farmer is stressed, he hardly goes to the city.

    22. The black box of planes is indestructible … why don’t they make the whole plane from the same material?

    If an airplane were made of the same material as the black box, it would weigh too much.

    23. If the water is colorless, why is the part of a towel immersed in water darker in color than the dry part?

    Because its darkness is not because it is stained, but because it is damp. When it dries, it returns to its normal color.

    24. Why is there something more in the car’s glove box than gloves?

    Because in the first cars they wore a boiler, so to touch this area it was necessary to wear gloves.

    25. Why when a person is lying down and afraid. It’s all sidelined … is the sheet metal steel or something like that?

    It is a protective instinct. Logically, sheet metal is not steel armor.

    26. Why do bathrooms usually close at gas stations? Do they bring someone in to clean them?

    So that only people who are customers can use them.

    27. Why do we have louse eyes on our feet and rooster’s feet on our eyes?

    Because the name has nothing to do with the location, but with the way they are.

    28. Is it true that divers work under pressure?

    In terms of the high pressure that divers endure in terms of breathing.

    29. If love is blind … why is lingerie so popular?

    A certain irony emerges from these words in relation to the quote “love is blind”.

    30. What do sheep count to be able to sleep? Do humans matter?

    Of course not. Sheep do not count in order to be able to sleep.

    31. Why is it good to make a woman happy, but not make a lot of people happy?

    Socially and culturally, it doesn’t make sense to indulge in more than one woman.

    32. If you were a masochist in life, wouldn’t it be a reward to go to hell and a punishment to go to heaven?

    Masochism refers to the practice in which the person takes pleasure in being overpowered. Obviously, if hell existed, it has nothing to do with masochism.

    33. If wool shrinks when wet … why don’t sheep shrivel up when it rains?

    The absurd is simply to ask this question.

    34. If prison and prison are synonymous, why are they not jailer and prisoner?

    Both roles have to do with the prison system, so the question does not make sense.

    35. If I want to buy a new boomerang, how can I get rid of the old one?

    When you intentionally throw a boomerang, it will come back in the direction of where it was thrown. This does not mean that if we want to do without it, it will keep coming back.

    36. It is said that only ten people in the world understood Einstein. If no one understands me, am I a genius?

    Einstein had a very advanced vision of the times. One of the best scientists of all time.

    37. If a person with multiple personalities decides to kill themselves, can they be considered to have taken hostages?

    An irony on two very serious subjects, such as suicide and multiple personality disorder.

    38. Why at a free bar the only thing that is never free is the bar?

    Because it refers to the fact that you don’t have to pay. That’s why the bar will always be busy.

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