50 things to do on weekends

Are you bored when the weekend arrives? Feel like you don’t know what to do, but at the same time, you know you’re wasting your only two days off?

Below we’ll take a look at 50 things to do over the weekend., Without having to spend a fortune and it can be done virtually anywhere.

    50 things you can do on the weekends

    Below, we’ll take a look at 50 things that can be done over the weekend, most of which are inexpensive and without needing to travel long distances.

    1. Exercise

    One of the main excuses for not exercising is not having time during the week, but this excuse is no longer valid on weekends.

    Saturdays and Sundays offer time and space to practice any physical activityWhether it’s going for a bike ride in the city, doing gymnastics on the beach, aerobics at home or, if it’s open, going to the gym.

    2. Visit the green spaces

    Although it sounds incredible, there are many green spaces that can be visited in a city, no matter how urbanized it may seem.

    Gardens, parks, tree-lined walks … there are many places that can allow us to connect with nature without having to leave the city. The air is generally cool in these places, as well as fragrant with herbs of all kinds found there.

    Visiting green spaces has been shown to have a positive impact on our health, as they help reduce stress levels, lower blood pressure, reduce the risk of allergies, and improve mental health.

    3. Collaborate with a foundation

    Although most people work Monday through Friday, charitable foundations don’t stop for a minute to improve the lives of others and they always need volunteers to help make the world a better place.

    In every city there are foundations that offer help in all kinds of humanitarian causes., The beneficiaries of which may be children, the elderly, people at risk of exclusion or unprotected animals.

    These types of activities are very satisfying, because they allow us to better understand how people live who have not been so lucky and to see how grateful they will be that we devote our free time to improving their lives.

    4. Go to the zoo

    Zoos are a great option to see animals that normally live far away from us. You don’t need to take a safari across Africa to see giraffes and have them at the nearest zoo.

    But it’s not just in zoos that the animals are seen and that’s it. There is always a guide or activity that they teach us how these animals live, what their situation is in the wild and what we can do to help their species.

    5. Write a blog

    How many times have we wanted to share an experience, our knowledge or our opinions with others but it made us lazy or we didn’t have the time?

    The weekend is the perfect time to devote to writing a blog on the subject that interests us.

    Since this is an activity that we can do from the comfort of our room and expose our world or knowledge as we please, it always turns out to be an enjoyable activity. Also, knowing other blogs related to our topic, we will meet people who will feed us with their own opinions and allow us to expand our world.

    6. Register for online training

    If we find our endings too boring or it makes us feel like we’re losing valuable time that we could devote to expanding our programSigning up for online training is always a great option.

    This type of training can be viewed at any time and, closely related to the previous point, can be done in the comfort of our own home.

    7. Plan the economy for the week

    A great way to invest weekend time is to plan the economy for the week, i.e. make a forecast of how much money we will spend on all kinds of items and services, Such as shopping list, rental, clothes …

    This is not only a perfect way to waste time, but it will avoid wasting the much needed money that we have earned during the week. If we know what to buy and what the price is, we will be less upset at the end of the month.

    8. make a to-do list

    Throughout the week, it becomes necessary to perform various tasks. However, we don’t always have free time to focus on everything we need to solve at the same time.

    That’s why at the end we can make a list of tasks, think deeply about what we should close and, by the way, see if we can solve any of these tasks this weekend.

    This way we organize our day a little better, avoiding the stress of having a disorganized lifestyle.

    9. Arrange the room

    It always happens that after a day’s work all we want to do in our bedroom is go to bed. Just like our bedroom looks like a lioness, with pants over there and underwear there, the last thing we want is to devote ourselves to tidying up this huge disaster.

    That’s why when the weekend comes he shows up the perfect time to end the anarchy in our bedroom. Thanks to the fact that we don’t have to work or leave home, we have no excuse to tidy up our most personal corner once and for all.

    By the way, we can do a deep cleaning of the room, looking at what clothes are no longer worth or what we don’t like, consider an overhaul, buy adornments or organize the drawers and wardrobe.

    10. Wash the car or motorcycle

    During the weekend, we can take the opportunity to wash the car, motorcycle, bicycle or any other vehicle that we use.

    We can do this in our garage or, if we don’t have one, take a trip to the nearest car wash and let our car shine.

    11. Clean the kitchen

    The kitchen is a place where it is very important that there are good hygienic conditions because if there is none we run the risk that all kinds of pests seem to spoil the food and as a result we eat the food in bad condition.

    That is why when cleaning the kitchen it is especially necessary to do it thoroughly and, of course, it is always very lazy.

    Coming on weekends, when we have all the time in the world, is the best time to clean that important part of the house, in addition to making an inventory of what to think about buying to improve it: Pots, pans, cleaning products about to finish.

    It’s also a great time to pick up anything outdated and shabby that we haven’t lazily thrown away or in the hope that it’s still good. It’s not a good idea to take a risk – if it’s expired, it’s in the trash.

    12. Plan the menu for the week

    We are a lot of people who all week long when we get home the last thing we want to do is cook but ironically we feel like something juicy, very tasty.

    Since we are not about to make a pilpil cod or a garden salad because we already want to eat and these dishes take a bit of preparation time, the most tempting option is to go down to the nearest supermarket. close and grab a pizza. This, in the long run, can lead to poor eating habits, with the risk of suffering from health problems such as obesity, lack of nutrients, and skin problems such as excess grains.

    The best way to avoid this is to prepare a weekly menu., In which all the nutrients are present and in which there is a proportion healthy macronutrients, that is, fats, carbohydrates and, most importantly, protein.

    13. Buy food for next week

    Once we have designed our menu, it is ideal to buy all the food for the next week. It’s as easy as making an exhaustive shopping list and going to the nearest supermarket or market to look for them..

    It is very important that we only buy what we put on our menu, because buying unhealthy foods risks developing feeding problems in the long run if we allow ourselves to be too flexible.

    14. Cook the food of the week

    If we still have time and desire, we can cook the food for the week with the ingredients we went to buy. You only need to prepare large quantities to store them in lunch boxes and place them directly in the freezer.

    That way when we get home from a day’s work, just thaw the containers, heat them and prepare them: Eat a rich and varied healthy diet.

    15. Organize the computer

    In the same way that it is difficult to keep a room in order, the files of a computer alone form a kind of microcosm that, very rarely, one dares to put in order.

    Weekends are a great time to free up some space on our computer and select the documents we want to keep from those we want to delete forever.

    There will surely be hundreds, even thousands of images that are there, lost in the memory of our device, taking up space but without having more useful function.

    You will also find material from perfectly, decades ago, children’s work or ESO work which, of course, is no longer useful to us as adults.

    If we are the ones who love to save everything, applications such as Drive or Dropbox are ideal for cleaning up your computer, Since they give us the possibility to keep the files in the cloud, without having to delete them completely but freeing up space on the PC.

    16. Debug social networks

    We all have someone on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or whatever, we don’t care about their life at all and we don’t want him or her to know about ours. Simple solution: out of our personal life.

    During the weekend, it is highly recommended to take time and dedicate yourself to eliminating all the people who can be considered a bad influence or who it has no benefit for our lives, but whether we follow it or we follow the net.

    They might be classmates we haven’t seen in decades and frankly their lives don’t matter to us, or just outreach pages that do more than tell us fake news. . Let’s eliminate them from our lives.

    17. Sharing time with our parents

    Bad news, our parents won’t live forever. Good news, we are still in time to spend time with them.

    There are many plans that can be shared with our parents: going to lunch, having coffee together, meeting a new place together or just commenting on the TV show that they see.

    These are the moments that, mundane and fleeting as they are, will be the ones we remember when we’re not with them.

    18. Learn the city streets

    How many times have we walked the same street without ever learning his name?

    Arriving on weekends we can take a map and try to learn the streets of our city. It will provide us with entertainment, look like tourism in our own place of residence, and help us orient ourselves better.

    19. Visit good friends

    One of the biggest threats to any good friendship is loss of contact. We make an effort and try to stay with good friends that we haven’t seen in a while.

    We can visit them at their homes, bring them to our home and teach them things about our neighborhood, stay together and prepare a project together such as a trip to the future. Every excuse is good to be able to see again.

    20. Expand our contacts

    Just as it is great to reconnect with good friends, it is also great to meet new people.

    There are several ways to expand our contacts, all we need is some confidence.

    A good way to do this is to talk to the people we usually see, like the users of our gym, the customers at the bakery, the cashier in the supermarket …

    Who knows? maybe we find people close to us who share many tastes with us.

      21. Plan a movie marathon

      The films are very long and that’s why, while we always want to expand our film culture, it makes us very lazy to see them on weekdays because we have other more important things to do.

      Ultimately, that changes. We can plan to see a veritable marathon of films of the most varied genres and directors to entertainAt the same time, we enjoy a good dose of audiovisual culture.

      22. Ride on our pet

      While waiting for the engagement and so much fatigue from Monday to Friday, How many times do we see ourselves wanting to give our animal a well-deserved walk?

      Animals need to stretch their legs and it is often not enough to take them out twice a day for a bowel movement. The walks should be much longer.

      During the weekends, we can stretch out the walks, go to the countryside or change the route on weekdays so that the best friend of the human being does not get tired of so much boredom and monotony.

      23. Read

      As with the movies, there are a lot of people who are not in the mood or eager to open a book during the week.

      Arriving on the weekend is the best time to pick a random book from our personal library or pick one that we’ve been saying for years that we were going to start reading but that hasn’t been lucky yet.

      Reading is also the best way to waste time on Saturdays and Sundays. it has a lot of cognitive benefits and gets us into a state of almost meditation.

      You can also spend this time documenting yourself, either online or with physics books, on the most varied subjects: history, cooking, exercise. learn a language …

      24. Visit a public library

      If we are one of those people who have few books at home or want to read a particular book but don’t want to buy it, the cheapest option is to visit a public library.

      There, in addition to finding countless books of all kinds, we will take advantage of a truly prolific environment to be able to to enter this little world that books offer uss.

      25. Disconnecting devices

      While we don’t need to mainly turn off the mobiles and that doesn’t mean we have to go back to a proper medieval state, the weekends are all about resting and plugging in the devices and looking for them doesn’t help. not.

      If our work is Monday through Friday, why check the work mail on a weekend? Our business phone number should only be available while we are working.

      We need to disconnect from devices if we are to enjoy a well-deserved Sunday break and not be stressed out by the obligations of the rest of the week.

      26. Take a nap:

      It might sound like something to make the weekend look quirky and very obvious, but let’s be honest, when it’s nicer to take a nap: on weekdays or on a weekend?

      On the weekends, as long as we are not working, resting carefree is a better feeling than doing it when we know that once we get up we will have to do our homework.

      Take a nap day when you calm down will be much more beneficial to our health than trying to do it during the week, forcibly closing your eyes and not sleeping soundly.

      27. Know thyself

      Whether it’s meditating, reflecting or watching online tutorials to find out what we are like, all of these options are ideal for getting to know yourself better.

      A good way to do this is to take a piece of paper and put some adjectives that we attribute to ourselves. We can also ask family and close friends to try to describe us in the most objective but respectful way possible.

      If we know those aspects of the personality that we should improve on, it will be a great way to know where to start to start on the road to happiness and self-esteem.

      28. Prepare and have coffee or tea

      This may seem like a very simple and basic plan to do on the weekends, and many will surely think that what is special about brewing coffee is if it is something that many people do every morning to wake up – before going to work.

      When brewing and having a coffee or an infusion, we do not mean putting a coffee maker or putting a tea bag in a glass. hot water: we refer to take every step to be able to have a good glass of our favorite drink.

      Making coffee and herbal teas is something that, if done right, is a real ritual. Choosing the best variety, preparing the water at the right temperature, not wasting time of infusion … are fundamental aspects to be able to enjoy an exquisite potion.

      All of this takes experience, for example painting a picture or playing a sport, in addition to inducing a state similar to that of relaxation, almost trance.

      29. Leave town

      If our job requires us to go five days a week without leaving our city, the best thing we can do to free ourselves from the yoke of the work routine is to leave our city.

      You don’t have to enter a totally rustic world, Since for a change of scenery, we can simply visit another city and do some sightseeing or see a quieter and smaller municipality.

      30. Go on an excursion

      Leaving the city and spending the day walking through the woods, trails or the nearest coast is always an activity that benefits our physical and mental health, as well as allowing us to be in contact with nature and to relax. from the big city.

      That is why we can plan an excursion with our loved ones. All you have to do is prepare sandwiches, water, comfortable clothes and a tablecloth and we will have everything you need to have a wonderful day in contact with nature.

      31. Tapas day

      In all Spanish towns there are tapas bars at reasonable prices. We can see which ones are in our neighborhood or go to the one that has been recommended in magazines or by our circle of acquaintances.

      Tapas are ideal dishes to expand our palate and our gastronomic taste., Since its small size but its unique combination of ingredients allows us to discover flavors that, being in our kitchen, we would not think of combining.

      32. Afternoon board games

      Whether it’s traditional board games, such as mus, donkey, parchment, or chess, or more modern games such as U, jungle for speed, pictionary, or cards against humanity, these are all good options for you. enjoy an entertaining afternoon.

      This type of entertainment has all kinds and for all agesWhat to prepare for an afternoon of board games is not too complicated if you take into account the tastes of all the members of the group and encourage everyone to have fun.

      33. Open-air concerts

      Many cities are preparing for outdoor concerts, most of which are free.

      No matter which band or artist is playing, they are all a great option for enjoying music outdoors, as well as discovering singers we’ve never heard of and who will expand our musical culture.

      34. Sing in a karaoke

      There are many karaoke bars and a large repertoire of songs to sing along to. A good plan is to sing in one of them with several friends, especially if they have been drinking before and are a little uninhibited.

      You don’t have to sing like Celine Dion or Bruce Springsteen to go see one of them, the important thing is to have a good time while we destroy our favorite songs.

      35. Dinner with friends

      A classic but it never hurts to mention it. A good reunion with all the close friends, about to have dinner, is one of the best things one can do on a weekend. In doing so, the group of friends keeps abreast of the accomplishments of all its members.

      You can cook dinner at one of them, cook the food together, or bring everyone a self-cooked meal. There is also the possibility of going to dinner in a new restaurant, to discover a new cuisine.

      36. Planning new experiences

      Tired of doing the same? A good way to break the routine is to plan new experiences, Totally improvised but economically and according to our tastes.

      We buy a ticket to go to the theater or a concert from someone who comes to town, join a group of tourists and pretend to be one of them, take the invitation to the gym that we have never used and use – once. .

      There are a lot of new experiences that we can enjoy and without having to squeeze a lot of our brains. All of them can be something very healthy for our cortex, because breaking out of the routine and doing new things is always something that keeps our brains young.

      37. Delete at the same time

      As we said before, finches are for rest, but that doesn’t mean we have to sleep late and get up almost at lunchtime. The body needs a sleep routine and the weekend is no exception.

      This does not mean that we have to get up early at 6 a.m. forcibly. What we need to do is make an effort to avoid waking up five hours later than usual.

      We need to rest, but what we don’t have to do is throw overboard all the sleep discipline we have acquired during the week by going to work early on Saturdays and Sundays. .

        38. Be more artistic

        Paint a picture, draw, enjoy Bob Ross painting tutorials … if we are those who love art, the weekend is the time to be more artistic.

        Painting a picture, in an amateur fashion, can take around three hours, which is why it is not an activity that is usually done on weekdays, but when the weekend arrives it is perfect for killing time by doing something. something that will decorate the house very cheerfully.

        39. Dance!

        Whether you join a dance club, do zumba, or hit a nightclub on a Saturday night, these are great ways to have fun on the weekends. Let’s move the skeleton and the dance has been said!

        40. Plant a garden

        A very nice hobby is gardening. Whether it’s vegetables, fruits or flowering plants, we can create our own roof garden or balcony in a fun and easy way.

        In every city there are good florists, where they sell seeds, already cultivated plants, soil and quality fertilizers that will help us to have a beautiful garden that makes us happy when we come home after a hard day’s work.

        41. Visiting a hospital

        Many people have had the misfortune of having to be hospitalized for long periods, even chronic ones. This can be especially difficult for children with illnesses such as leukemia or various problems.

        A good way to selflessly devote our free time is to visit a hospital, ask local professionals if he there is a volunteer plan for children and adults admitted or if you can collaborate financially in one way or another.

        Finally, we are grateful for the work accomplished by all the professionals in the place: doctors, nurses, psychologists, surgeons and other hospital workers.

        42. Go bowling

        Bowling is a star sport in the United States, and if they enjoy it, there’s no reason we shouldn’t love it across the Atlantic.

        is an experience that not everyone has had the opportunity to doFor this reason, going bowling can be a perfect way to play sports and enjoy the company of friends while breaking the routine.

        43. Buy food for the poor and listen to their life

        Unfortunately, in all big cities, even the most progressive ones, there are a lot of homeless people. Despite the help they can provide, these are usually not enough.

        That they sleep in a box in the open does not mean that they cease to be people like the others: they have had their lives, their woes and their woes, and they deserve to be heard.

        We can buy food for the poor and listen to their life, why they ended up like this, if they have parents who know their current condition and, most importantly, what they are called.

        While it’s likely we won’t all like it, few are really happy to see that there are people out there who care.

        44. Go fishing

        one activity that puts a strain on our patience but at the same time is really relaxing is fishing.

        It will help us stay in touch with nature, We will learn about the habits of some fish and what they are like when they are still alive and cooking.

        45. Prepare a presentation of everything

        It may be the rarest item on this entire long list of weekend things to do, but it is one of the most interesting that has been done in recent years.

        It has become fashionable prepare a presentation of what it is and present it to friends. In “anything”, literally, anything, from the history of fanfiction to the linguistic evolution of the language of The Lord of the Rings.

        There are themes for everything, and anyone can have fun exhibiting any of them.

        46. ​​Collect wild fruits

        On many trails it is possible to find blackberries, strawberries and other wild fruits which we can pick up and fill our pantry for free.

        You should be careful where you go as these plants maybe belong to someone and we are entering private property but otherwise it is a very good way to stay in touch with nature while we are ours .

        Enjoying this fruit, when we come home we can bake a cake with it or any other type of candy that suits you.

        47. Clean up the neighborhood

        We can try to organize a collective household with the neighbors in our neighborhood, clean the park of any remaining packaging or pick up the scattered garbage.

        48. Scan photos

        With us we always have photos on paper that, for one reason or another, we risk losing, for example in the event of a house fire, flood or just paper.

        To avoid this, it’s a good idea to scan all the photos we find and upload them to the cloud, In order to have them in digital format well organized and to be able to crystallize the memory associated with them.

        49. Prepare a romantic dinner

        How long has it been since we have prepared something special for our partner? We take a few scented candles, lower the light intensity, put on some music and cook something juicy and aphrodisiac to surprise her.

        50. Donate blood

        Traffic accidents can happen on weekends, Operations in which blood is lost or any other type of situation in which a transfusion of the fluid that keeps us alive is necessary.

        Donating blood is always necessary, and doing it on the weekends is one of the best ways to help others, as it is nowadays when there are fewer donations.

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