6 curious faults of the human body

A lot is said about the claims that the human body is perfectly designed, whether our species endures it all, or adapts to all physical and mental demands, changing times and varying rhythms of life to which society is not. not submitted.

In fact, it is partly true that we have turned out to be a very resilient animal species, capable of spreading all over the planet and living in the most difficult situations. however, there are also flaws in the human body.

There are weaknesses in our physical condition that we are probably all unaware of (perspiration, intense body odor) and which we consider to be something “natural”. In addition, we are in a time of constant development of drugs, fabrics and furniture that do not harm our body.

    Defects of the human body

    Some expert biologists and researchers in evolutionary biology expressly show us that the human body has more errors than one might imagine. Certain reactions of the human body highlight these deficiencies, mechanisms which are precisely activated to regulate physical or mental disorders.

    In this article, we will go over some of these most important imperfections in the human body and explain what they consist of.

    1. Sweat a lot

    To make a good explanation, we will compare ourselves to our sister species, mammals, because they also have sweat glands to regulate their body temperature, but they have less in quantity which makes them less vulnerable depending on the situation.

    The human body, on the other hand, sweats excessively and that it becomes dehydrated extremely easily, No explicit need to do a lot of sport. An example is when we sweat from nerves or anxiety. The brain sends out exaggerated tension signals which cause the glands to fire.

    2. The eyelids

    Here we find another of the great flaws of the human body and its design, especially in a limb that is crucial for our existence. These are the eyelids. This fleshy part that covers the eyes to protect them from dryness, germs and other harmful elements in sight, is partly responsible for various vision problems.

    It turns out that our eyelids are as fragile as the skin of an apple. Being so thin, they do not adequately or effectively protect our eyes, as is the case with other living things such as the hippo or the crocodile.

      3. The appendix

      The appendix is ​​part of the large intestine located at the junction of the large intestine. Although in some animal species it has a function, like marsupials like the koala, in humans this part of the digestive system only serves one thing: to become infected. This caused the presence of this failure of the human body it cost the lives of many people.

      4. On the skin …

      The skin is another of the great defects of the human body, if not the most damaged. According to pharmaceutical studies, 75% of the pathologies of the human body are suffered at the level of the skin. Psoriasis, irritations, burns, cuts or acne, are often caused by the delicacy of the thin layer that protects our interior.

      A derivative of these problems is the low fat content it contains, as well as the fine texture that it is made of. If we do not resort to sunscreens in the summer, moisturizers in the winter, and pills for certain infections, the human body would be unable to resolve them. Perhaps this is a consequence of the use of clothing over hundreds of thousands of years.

      5. Autoimmune diseases

      All autoimmune diseases of our species are in some way a failure of the human body, since they exist for genetic imperfections related to cell function who should be in charge of our protection.

      6. The way of childbirth

      In our species there are many deaths by birth, and until a few decades ago they were even more common. This is the result of bipedalism, because when we adjust to walking on our legs, the woman’s pelvis has tightened, Causing the conduit babies have to pass through to constrict.

      The human body and technology

      Quite the opposite of what has happened, is happening and will happen in the animal kingdom, the human body and our physical condition do not seek perfection, evolution, even more adaptation. Reptiles, monkeys, birds, and felines developed a biology that surpassed its predecessor, making them born survivors.

      On the other hand, the human being it doesn’t need to evolve biologically as much to surviveBut survives through manipulation of the environment and the creation of technology. It adapts with accessories such as clothing, the natural materials that surround us and the social activity that humanity develops. But for physical purposes there is not much we can do.

      Technology will take care of the rest. She will be the one who will fill the gaps in the human body, perfecting it through nanotechnology and robotics, as well as replacing human organs with artificial ones. Vision microchips or bionic prostheses (arms, hands) are already a reality.

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