7 stores and organizations to sell your used clothes

The economic and financial crisis that erupted in 2008 and was consolidated the following year, in 2009, resulted in a change in social and consumer responsibility. The second-hand market still has little weight in Spain, and if in some neighboring countries this market is well established, we still have a long way to go in this direction … but there are reasons to be optimistic .

Every year it’s the same headache. The sales are coming, the new season, the Black Fridays and the Cyber ​​Mondays and we can’t resist our wallets to blow up the clothing stores. The problem is, what do we do with the surplus from the year or previous years? Until very recently, everything that bothered us when we saw the closet ended up in the recycling bin or we gave it to a loved one. Today, fortunately, organizations and stores selling used clothing have spread.

    The second-hand clothing market

    A 2016 study reveals that this year only 80,000 used clothes were sold on internet portals such as secundamano.es or milanuncios.com. And does the average Spanish user he wisely realized the value that was not previously given to parts already consumed. Statistical data indicates a growth of this type of market, which influences new unconventional businesses.

    It should be noted that the brands sold for used clothing are not just any brand. Given the nature and consumer clichés of Spanish society, brands are the star of this type of product. We will find an incredible cast of famous names like Carolina Herrera, Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, Diesel or sports brands like Nike or Adidas.

      The 7 most common second-hand clothing stores

      In this article, we’ll show you the physical and online stores that are the most frequented by the used clothing consumer.

      1. Milanuncios

      It is one of the most used portals for used websites. By entering the “fashion and accessories” section, we come across no less than 600,000 offers, both for men and women, as well as for babies.

      2. Second hand

      This web portal is another example of the growing demand for used clothing. In addition to offering a variety of items, we have it here the opportunity to offer our wardrobe background to our liking. The user manages the listings, prices and shipping costs, as well as free and easily.

      3. eBay

      The eBay company is less widespread in Spain in particular and in Europe in general. The American company, however, is focusing more on the engine and accessories market. in recent years it has included a fashion section which offers a wide range of offers for all tastes and users.

      4. Human

      It is a well-known chain of physical stores across the country. Cities like Barcelona, ​​Madrid and Valencia have these places which offer a wide range of different fashions and tastes, because today the “vintage” style is all the rage. In addition, the good thing about this option is that Humana is an NGO, and all of its profits go to humanitarian, recycling and environmental activities.

      5. Traces of solidarity

      Another example to consider is a collaborative trading company. It is another NGO that allocates its profits to projects against the most disadvantaged. It is a non-profit company, where all of its income is invested in social affairs.

      6. I don’t wear it anymore

      This web portal is one of the most visited by women. It has a large stock of the most varied products. Used clothing must be in perfect condition, As there is some quality control by the administrators. The coins vary from 0.50 cents to 30 euros.

      7. Secondary

      It is another of the most recognized web portals across the country. His philosophy is not to buy the clothes from the user who intends to sell them, he simply charges 50% of the value if sold. In other words, we offer them the product for nothing, they take care of the logistics, collections, complaints and announcements, and they will only pay us in cash when our product has been sold.

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