75 things you can do when you’re bored

Boredom is often seen as a passing thing, a situation in which we have nothing to do, which causes us fatigue and a negative mood.

In recent years, however, boredom has been associated with other phenomena such as stress: this is the case with drilling syndrome or boredom at work. This syndrome is manifested by three characteristics: disinterest, boredom and infra-exigency, i.e. by monotonous tasks.

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Psychology and boredom

Researchers have been interested in boredom for decades. The first studies were conducted in 1926 and were published in the British Medical Journal. Research concluded that monotonous and repetitive tasks caused boredom, which in turn was associated with mental fatigue. There were individual differences when it came to experiencing boredom. Over the next decade, several experiments were carried out in the laboratory, with the observation that boredom had a direct relationship with fatigue.

So far, the results of studies have been limited. It was not until the 1980s, when Norman D. Sundberg, brought interesting results to psychology. He realized that people who were bored the most were more likely to suffer from anxiety, aggression, depression, Addictive behaviors and had more difficulty communicating with others. These days, extroverted people are known to be more prone to boredom than introverted or creative people.

A recent article published in Perspectives on Psychological Science, reviews different contributions from different fields of psychology, such as neuropsychology and social psychology, and defines boredom as: “A negative state of wanting something, but unable to engaging in satisfying activities that are usually related to causing breakdowns in attentional neural networks.

Three factors are involved in boredom. First, the difficulty of being attentive to previous information (emotions, thoughts) or external (environmental stimuli) necessary to be able to carry out the activity. Second, be aware. And third, to think that the atmosphere is to blame, for example, is boring or there is nothing to be done.

75 things to do when you’re bored

But, What can we do when we are bored? If you are bored and want to get out of this situation, it causes you discomfort. You can use some of these tips.

1. Read a book

Reading brings you great benefits, for example, it helps you exercise your memory, learn new things, or empathize better. You probably have a book at home that you haven’t read yet.

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2. Call a friend you have lost contact with

Do you have nothing to do? so he picks up the phone and calls a friend he hasn’t spoken to for a long time.

3. Create a Skype

If you live outside your country and don’t know many people yet. Make a video call with a friend or family member.

4. Update your CV

If you don’t know what to do update your CV or CV, Either for printing or on the various job pages. If you’re not actively looking for a job, this will help keep you up to date.

5. Browse YouTube

To kill the boredom, you can browse YouTube and find videos on the net. Either to see a “youtuber” or to learn something new.

6. Watch a documentary

You can watch documentaries on the net to not only entertain, But to learn new things.

    7. Meditate

    You can take this time to meditate.

    If you don’t know how to do it, you can learn to meditate with this article: “How to Learn to Meditate, in 7 Simple Steps”

    8. Take a bubble bath

    At this time, you don’t have to do anything. Relax and take a bubble bath. You will surely feel better.

    9. Use apps to bond

    You can use this boring moment to win someone over. So you can use some of the apps available in the market. You still have an appointment.

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    10. Practice yoga

    Do yoga exercises or watch a routine on YouTube that you can follow. You will be doing your body and your mind a favor.

    11. Kitchen

    You have free time, don’t you? Why not take the opportunity to prepare a delicious dinner.

    12. Watch a movie

    You can watch if they make a movie on TV or download one you’ve always wanted to see.

    13. Come to the movies

    And why don’t you go to the movies? This is how you watch a movie and it also gives you air.

    14. Go for a walk

    You can take advantage of this boredom to go for a walk in the sea or in the mountains. So enjoy nature and discover new places

    15 … Salt flowing

    If you prefer, you can go for a run. This way, you get training not only physical, but also mental.

    16. Go out with your dog

    If you don’t want to walk alone and have a dog as a pet, take them for a walk.

    17. Take the bike

    If you prefer, you can also take the bike and go for a walk to discover new places.

    18. Order your house

    If you have free time and don’t know how to use it, order your house.

    19. Study

    Make the effort to study if you have nothing to do. Do not leave the study for the last week of the exam.

    20. Research your own vacation

    The holidays are approaching and you still don’t know where to go? Search the Internet for a destination that might be of interest.

    21. Sing

    If you like to sing along, search for a karaoke song on YouTube and sing it. Don’t you like it? And it’s worth it. You are alone.

    22. Play online games

    There are thousands of games online. Select what you like and have a fun time.

    23. Go to a bar and have a coffee

    The walk to the place will be awesome so you will be spending time away from home.

    24. Make a puzzle

    How about having fun with a puzzle? You will be busy for a while trying to complete it.

    25. Watch video clips

    Put a music channel on your TV or search for the songs you like on YouTube.

      26. Refreshes learning from the past

      You can recover the college or high school books that you have backed up and review what you have studied in your day.

      27. Do weight training without weights

      Do some strength training in your own home or garden. You don’t need to use weights.

      28. Take a nap

      Take advantage of this free time to take a nap and face the rest of the day more rested.

      29. Go down to the pool

      If the weather permits, go down to the pool and take a dip. You will refresh yourself and feel better after doing it.

      30. Shop online

      You can take the opportunity to buy something you need online. Now don’t buy compulsively.

      31. Exercise your mind

      Take this time to exercise your mind with training games cerebral. Or, just fill a letter soup

      32. Visit a tourist spot in your city

      Visit a tourist spot in your town or village. Surely you hadn’t been there before despite having it so close.

      33. Start a block

      You can create a blog where you share your experiences or talk about what you like. There are a few pages for this, for example WordPress or Blogspot

      34. Invite a friend

      You can invite a friend over for dinner, play on the console, or watch a movie.

      35. Go to the public library

      If you don’t have a book on hand and don’t want to buy one yourself, you can go to the public library and spend the afternoon there.

      36. Take the opportunity to do something you need

      Take the opportunity to do something you already need whether it’s going to the bank, making a call, or signing up to the gym.

      37. Send a letter to an important person in your life

      Personal letters are in danger of extinction with new technologies. Take the time to write a letter by hand and post it. You will surprise the person who receives it.

      38. Take some pictures

      If you take a walk, take the opportunity to take some photos of the landscape or the places you visit.

      39. Find your high school friends on Facebook

      You can spend time remembering those good times from the past and trying to contact old classmates or friends.

      40. Learn how to prepare your favorite cocktail

      You enjoy this cocktail so good when you go out with a friend. Because you don’t use that bored moment to figure out how to do it.

      41. Do the laundry

      It’s no fun, but take advantage now that you can do the laundry to keep the clothes clean.

      42. Write your own novel

      Are you bored? So unleash your creativity and write your own story or novel. No one else needs to read it.

      43. Go out and buy a gift for your family

      A family member’s birthday is approaching or Christmas is just around the corner. Take the opportunity to go to the store and buy gifts.

      44, practice your hobby

      If you like surfing, horseback riding or painting, now is the time to enjoy the day.

      45. Dance

      Make the most of your music and let your body guide you. Dance, dance and dance.

      46. ​​Write a poem

      Take a notebook and write a poem with that person in mind that you love so much.

      47. Repair your garden

      Since you are bored, take the opportunity to leave the beautiful garden.

      48. Go visit a friend by surprise

      You don’t need to call your friend. Just stand on your front door and give her a surprise.

      49. Go bowling

      Maybe you can take advantage and invite him to the bowling alley. I’m sure he’ll thank you.

      50. Play with your hairstyle

      Try out new hairstyles and spend the afternoon looking at the one that works best for you.

      51. Order your room

      Now you have no excuse for having your messy bedroom. Take this time to keep the room clean and organized.

      52. Prepare a monologue and practice

      Preparing for monologues is one of the most stimulating activities to do. In many cases, you don’t even have to be near a computer to search for material, just tell a story and practice out loud.

      53. Get out in a natural space and exercise

      Nature is full of resources with which we can exercise outdoors. In addition, the air will be cleaner than in the vast majority of gyms.

      54. Practice drawing

      Start drawing and seeing the progress made is very motivating, Especially if you are starting from scratch.

      55. He remains with an old friendship

      Any excuse is good to see each other again.

      54. Practice drawing

      Start drawing and seeing the progress made is very motivating, Especially if you are starting from scratch.

      55. He remains with an old friendship

      Any excuse is good to see each other again.

      56. Learn to make origami

      This hobby is as stimulating and creative as it is simple, because in order to exercise in it you only need sheets of paper and a flat surface.

      57. Learn languages

      A great way to exercise your mind while learning such a useful skill as being able to talk to more people and expanding your resume.

      58. Create video essays

      Thanks to the Internet it becomes easier to create home audiovisual pieces in which we express our ideas from image and sound.

      59. Registering for an online course

      Another great way to use your free time to learn is to sign up for an online course on the wide variety of networks available.

      60. Go out to see animals

      If you combine this hobby with photography, you can have some spectacular pictures.

      61. Learn more about the story

      The best thing about learning the story is that basing it on narrative lines makes it easier to remember.

      62. Listening to audiobooks

      A great way to entertain or learn without having to look at a particular place.

      63. Register for a language exchange

      Practice in a foreign language at the same time, having a real interaction with someone is very stimulating.

      64. Attend a volunteer

      Many people will appreciate the time you can devote to them.

      65. Recycle

      There are many creative ways to repurpose already worn or overused materials and give them another use.

      66. Grow something

      Following the growth of a plantation can be very motivating.

      67. Go out and meet people

      You don’t even need a fancy excuse to start a conversation.

      68. Compose music

      With a simple microphone and some computer programs, it is enough to compose experimental pieces, even if you have no experience of it.

      69. Redecorate your home

      Small changes can transform a room.

      70. Participate in forums

      Debating on these virtual platforms allows you to learn more about different topics.

      71. Enjoy lucid dreams

      While sleeping, you can learn to control your dreams by doing just about anything. This phenomenon is known as “lucid dreaming”.

      72. Learn pottery

      Creating clay figures is one of the most creative hobbies you can do without leaving home.

      73. Translate texts

      There are many works that are only available in one or a few languages. There are communities of people dedicated to selfless translation to share these texts with the world.

      74. Create videos

      Today anyone can create videos and post them on the Internet by gaining an audience. Take it to your advantage!

      75. Learn the choreography

      Beyond spontaneous dancing, you can try to surpass yourself by learning complex choreography.

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