8 countries to start a new life from scratch

In many cases, bad past experiences or the simple desire to disconnect they make us want to go live in another country and start from scratch there.

It is common in people who feel stuck in their professional or personal life and feel the need to meet new people, other ways of thinking and other environments, but it can also be an interesting option, for example , in people who have left. through conflicts or problems involving a network of people (family conflicts, criminality, etc.) see the need to move away from their hometown so as not to be exposed to elements that remind them of bad times of the past.

    Fortunately, today there are many mobility options to be able to move to another country and start working thereWhether in local businesses, large companies with head offices and subsidiaries in various parts of the world, or in work done on the Internet.

    Countries in which to start from scratch

    These are some of the most interesting areas on the planet according to various criteria.

    1. Finland

    This country is one of the best options for people interested in living in the great outdoors without sacrificing access to top quality products and services, good communication with the rest of Europe and a corporate and educational culture that receives praise from all over the world.

    With a very low population density but well-developed communication networks, Finland is an ideal region to get lost among lush forests and huge lakes. Outraged, many of its cities have a rich cultural life which delights fans to spend free time in museums, concerts, etc.

    • HDI: 0.883 (24th country with the best HDI in the world)
    • Unemployment rate (2015): 9.4%
    • Interprofessional minimum wage: No

    2. Chile

    One of the Latin American countries with a more active labor market and a better human development index. Chile is one of the best places to go for higher education graduates while it is not as recommended for others as in this country the price of raw materials tends to be high. The possibility of going to live in Chile is also particularly interesting for its diversity of ecosystems: there are icy regions similar to the fjords of Norway to one of the most arid deserts on the planet.

    Of course, you have to keep in mind that currently the government of Chile it does not encourage the arrival of immigrantsAnd the bureaucratic process of getting more than just a tourist visa can get tricky.

    • HDI: 0.832 (42 ° country with the best HDI in the world)
    • Unemployment rate (2016): 6.8%
    • Interprofessional minimum wage: 325 €

    3. Germany

    For those in a region where Western culture is dominant and who are simply looking for a European country in which a certain level of well-being is guaranteed, Germany is a conservative option, but no less popular: the number of large companies operating in this country is almost endless.

    In addition, residents of any part of the European Union can settle in any German city without encountering administrative difficulties, or have the option of making short trips to other European countries, account given the privileged situation of this country. Of course, to get good jobs you will have to learn German, and it won’t hurt to have a high level of English.

    • HDI: 0.916 (6th country with the best HDI in the world)
    • Unemployment rate (2016): 4.2%
    • Interprofessional minimum wage: € 1,440

    4. Costa Rica

    For people with the ability to find high paying jobs, Costa Rica is a good choice: A country with a relatively stable economy, which offers a very active social life and one of the lowest crime rates in Central America.

    Particularly interesting for those interested in knowing first hand what life is like in the Caribbean. A country with a high quality of life and which can be a true paradise if, for example, you work as a self-employed person and have a medium-high salary.

    • HDI: 0.766 (69th country with the best HDI in the world)
    • Unemployment rate (2015): 9.6%
    • Interprofessional minimum wage: 433 €

    5. Australia

    Australia is such a big area that you can always find interesting things to do. In addition, it is an English speaking country, so the language barrier will not be a big problem for many migrants interested in settling there. A safe country, with interesting programs for learning English, prosperous and with fascinating nature, both for its fauna and for its landscapes and beaches.

    • HDI: 0.935 (2nd country with the best HDI in the world)
    • Unemployment rate (2016): 5’6%
    • Interprofessional minimum wage: € 1,896

    6. Nepal

    An option only recommended for people who have a startup and / or who work via the Internet due to the difficulty of finding a well-paying local job. Of course the prices are low, And the Nepalese borders contain some of the most impressive sites in the world. Living in this Asian country is betting on a radical change in our lives.

    • HDI: 0.548 (145 ° country with the best HDI in the world)
    • Unemployment (2016): 2’2%
    • Interprofessional minimum wage: 59 €

    7. New Zealand

    The country famous for being the setting for the filming of The Lord of the Rings has a lot to offer: a very rich cultural life, dreamy natural places and communities in which foreigners are very welcome, because a good part of the people living here also come from outside. Of course, here the prices are expensive and, on the other hand, it will take some getting used to driving on the left side.

    • HDI: 0.913 (9th country with the best HDI in the world)
    • Unemployment rate (2016): 5’1%
    • Interprofessional minimum wage: € 1,633

    8. Canada

    Moving to Canada is an option to consider, because it is younot the countries that most favor the arrival of migrants. It offers one of the strongest public health systems in the world, an urban life full of cultural activities and events and, of course, immense expanses of almost unexplored nature. It is not in vain that in 2011, Canada was declared the best country in which to live by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development. Of course, keep in mind that in this country the price of housing is particularly expensive.

    • HDI: 0.913 (9th country with the best HDI in the world)
    • Unemployment rate (2016): 7.1%
    • Interprofessional minimum wage: € 1,316

    Change of air: one last thought

    Not all people look for the same when looking for a country to start a new life in.But the minimum requirements generally relate to access to basic commodities, an active labor market and health care.

    This is why it is worthwhile to study the widest possible range of countries and educate yourself on these fundamental aspects of well-being: the optimal option might be found in a relatively unpopular region of the planet. factors such as access to spaces with lots of nature and fresh air, The ability to have quiet places away from the environments in which people crowd, and access to shops and leisure spaces are elements often linked to a high quality of life.

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