8 hidden games on Google (and how to play and win)

If you don’t know how to make the most of your time at a time when you literally have nothing to do, here you will find a big secret that not many people know: Google Hidden Games.

    Hidden games on Google, how to find

    The internet world has its mysteries, and these hidden Google games are not easy to find for the average user who uses the search engine as a tool to locate certain information, use Google GPS, or use it as a translator.

    However, accessing these little pieces of electronic entertainment is easy: just type the names from the list into the search bar:

      1. Atari Breakout

      This game hidden in Google is specially designed for “millennials”, those individuals born between the late 80s and 90s. Even if you don’t believe it, this virtual hobby required an exclusive video game console to enjoy it.

      The game consists of move the platform that bounces the ball which will destroy the photos that the Google search engine determines as a backdrop.

      2. Google Pacman

      Who does not remember the Comecocos? This particular 2D character has become very famous all over the world. The main character eats, through a very elaborate maze, the circles that are along the path.

      The game consists of eating the balls that appear all over the branch, preventing enemies (ghosts) from crossing the path.

      3. Flight simulator

      It is perhaps the most interesting and entertaining of all, as well as the most complex. We have to type “Flight Simulator Google Earth” in the search engine and we will have it in the first option.

      You must choose a specific airport, Barcelona, ​​for example, by entering the airport code “LEBL” (any code can be easily searched). We position ourselves with the mouse on the runway, and on the “tools” tab, we click on the Enter Flight Simulator option and, to fly !.

      4. Zerg Rush

      This is Google’s most archaic hidden game of all. When we enter the name into the Google search engine, the word “we” will drop to the bottom of the screen, and we have to hunt before they disappear.

      5. Flappy Droid

      This hobby is intended especially on mobile devices running Android. The game is to play, with the icon of the android robot, the more candies appear on the screen platform.

      6. Smarty Pins

      This hidden game on Google is very entertaining and even rewarding. Through questions of art, science, religion or economics, we must have a good understanding of geography to correctly answer questions.

      Every time you do it right, you accumulate miles or kilometers – depending on the format – which will be subtracted as we make mistakes.

      7. T-Rex game

      Google’s most original hidden game of all of the above. If we open the Chrome search engine and have no connection, we see the famous inanimate dinosaur T-Rex. We have to click on the figure to start running.

      The animal will travel through a desert full of cacti which as we progress will increase the level of complexity until we need a few tricks to be able to win. In other words: cheat.

      8. Ping-Pong Atari

      Another classic that has captivated millions of players, especially in the United States in the Google search engine you must enter the full name Ping Pong Atari, And on the first page we will see the home screen.

      As in the original version, the platform is a virtual ping-pong table with an aerial camera. The game is to hold out as long as possible against our opponent, who will be the system itself.

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