Fulfill your New Years Resolutions in 2015

What do we all think of after the traditional twelve grapes? New year new life. And we fill this new life every 365 days with new goals and others that we renew after the bells as one more tradition. How many times have we considered improving the number? How many change habits or acquire new, more “recommended” ones?

But not all of them consist of sacrifices; there are also those who propose to realize this “whim” that for one reason or another we do not quite agree: take a trip, change the TV for “one of these pages”, repair the kitchen. . These are goals that arise as such because they arise from a needBut this often out of conviction that this is not the time that we end up postponing.

Why not consider this 2015 to finally make it a reality? This must be our main goal. What are the economic issues between the two? Let’s not fall into this self-belief what we’re talking about, the question is, do we deserve to give ourselves this “whim”, and after 365 days of hard work the answer should be a yes.

“Not all goals have to be sacrifice-oriented. The ‘whims’ should also be part of the annual approach.”

That Christmas dropped every trace of euros on the account? Increase this disbursement for a medium-term period: For summer vacation, for example, the best time to go to work or go on vacation, with six months apart to plan everything or opt for express solutions like online cash loans: they will allow you to ” have the cash to tackle that project you deserve without further delay and without complex clauses or excessive interest hindering your decision to achieve the exciting goal.

Goals that never change

On the other hand, to return to “classic” uses, do not torture yourself if you do not want to repeat the formula in 2016 You want to register for the gym but you are allergic to tracksuits? Try first with simpler formulas that don’t compromise you up front how to go for a run in the park. Look for the little details that motivate you to go with a friend you barely have time to see during the week or take advantage of the sales to acquire that sports equipment that has captured your attention so much but never thought to give it away. the least usefulness.

You think quitting smoking is utopia? Why not combine it with another goal that serves as a reward? Try, by means of a piggy bank, to deposit the daily expense which would suppose that you continue with this defect, and you do not invest this money in the recording of Gym, But on this trip, you always wanted. In this way, the motivation is twofold: to improve health and fulfill that parked trip goal.

In short, the challenge is to avoid the accumulation of projects year after year, but above all that they do not involve an additional effort to add to the already hard January coast, February, March etc. Obviously, willpower is the key, but also enjoying what we do. And you What goal will you accomplish yes or yes this year?

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